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West Bengal - Obtain Change in Address for Vehicles

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Apply In-Person

  1. To Change the Address of vehicle registration certificate in West Bengal the applicant has to approach the RTO office where the permit was obtained. Following link can provide you information related to the list of RTO office : Contacts Link
  2. Application forms link : Link for online application forms :Forms Link
  3. Complete the application form33A - Link to download : Form 33A
  4. Make sure that all the required documents are in hand.
  5. Please make sure that you are eligible for this procedure.
  6. Application forms can be obtained from the appropriate RTO offices that should be completed and presented with appropriate fees.
  7. Please submit the forms at the right counter. The officer at the counter will start processing your application
  8. Physical verification of vehicle for chassis number will be carried. After verifying the submitted documents, officials will make the changes respectively.
  9. The change of address will be made on the RC.

Apply Online -- West Bengal Online Change Address Vehicles

  1. Please use the link to reach online portal Parivahan : Online portal
  2. Enter the registration Number as prompted and hit “PROCEED”
  3. You will be provided with a welcome screen displaying information related to your vehicle. Please click “Proceed”.
  4. New screen will open to give options to choose. Choose “Basic Services(Transfer of Ownership, Change of Address, Hypothecation [Addition/Continuation/Termination], Duplicate RC)” to get new screen.
  5. Enter your Chassis (Last 5 digits) number and click the button next to chassis number box.
  6. In the next screen, Fill in required details and upload documents to process the online procedure.
  7. Take printout of acknowledgment and application.
  8. You can then submit this application along with bunch of required documents to the RTO officer personally to process further as per apply in person procedure

For Appointment

  1. To book appointment, please use the following link: Online link
  2. Enter the registration Number as prompted and hit “PROCEED”
  3. In the next window, select “book appointment” under “Appointment” option to get the next screen
  4. Enter the Application Number in the prompted box and hit “get user details” to process the request for getting the slot
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Required Documents[edit]

  • Link for online application forms :Forms link
  • Application form33A - Link to download the form : Form 33 A
  • Registration Certificate
  • Valid Insurance Certificate.
  • Affidavit sworn by the applicant before an Executive or First Class Judicial Magistrate or Notary public.
  • No-objection Certificate from the Financier if the vehicle is covered by Hire purchase Agreement/Hypothecation/Lease.
  • Proof of changed address. (Ration card / Voter ID / LIC Policy)
  • Payment of green tax wherever applicable.
  • Aadhaar card
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • School certificate / Birth certificate

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Public Vehicles Department
38, Beltala Road, Kolkata – 700020.
Contacts: +(91)-2474-9263 / 33-24751621 / 24751622.
Fax: 2486-0222

West Bengal State - Transport Department Contacts: Link for contact

List of all RTO Office in West Bengal

Note: There are 18 motor vehicle offices that can be found within the premises of the respective offices of the District Magistrates. There are also 7 sub-divisional motor vehicle offices located in the premises of the offices of the concerned Sub Divisional Officers.

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Owner of the vehicle is eligible


Fees related information can be obtained from the following link : Fee Link


Change of address will not affect the validity

Documents to Use[edit]

Application forms can be obtained from the following link : Application Forms

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents which would help other people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Processing Time[edit]

This procedure can be completed on the same day and the certificate can be collected on the next day.

Related Videos[edit]

West Bengal - Obtain Change In Address for Vehicles

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Every owner of Motor Vehicle shall cause the Vehicle to be Registered by a Registrating Authority in whose Jurisdiction he has residence or place of business where the vehicle is normally kept.

Required Information[edit]

  • Full name of owner of vehicle
  • Father / Husband's Name
  • Old Address
  • New Address
  • Vehicle Registration Number
  • Date and Place of Registration
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Need for the Document[edit]

  • Any change in the address of the vehicle owner has to be intimated and need to obtain a updated copy of the registration certificate.
  • This change of address is required by the government bodies to intimate the permit holder for the dues, penalties or any intimation.
  • Vehicle registration's purpose is to establish clear ownership and to tax motorist or vehicle owners. It is a requirement by the state.
  • After, one registers his / her vehicle – He / She will receive a unique number to use it in number board

Information which might help[edit]

  • One who wishes to sell his or her vehicle should make sure that the proper name transfer in RC is carried out
  • FC (for clearance) is a process meant for reviewing the condition of the vehicle by the RTO authorities

Exhibiting the Registration No.'

All letters of the Registration mark/ Number shall be in English and the figures shall be in Arabic numerals and the letters & figures shall be painted in reflecting colours and be shown :

  1. In case of transport vehicles other than those under the rent a cab scheme 1989 in black on white ground.
  2. In the case of motor vehicles temporarily registered in red on yellow ground.
  3. In the case of motor vehicles in the possession of dealer in white on a red ground.
  4. In other cases, in white on a black ground.
  5. In the case of transport vehicle under rent a cab scheme,1989, in yellow on a black ground.

The size of registration mark should not be less than :

  • For Motor Cycle or Scooters:
    • Height - 35
    • Thickness - 7
    • Space In MM - 5
  • For All Motor Vehicles:
    • Height - 65
    • Thickness - 10
    • Space In MM - 10

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

The valid registration certificate is used as a proof for the ownership of a vehicle. It can also be used for the transaction, renewal, re-registration of a particular vehicle.

External Links[edit]

Vehicle Registration System (VAHAN)
Driving License (SARATHI)

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More information which might help people.