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A car probationary license allows you to drive a car solo on the road.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age and a Victorian resident to be eligible to apply for a probationary license.
  • You will need to pass a Hazard Perception Test and Drive Test at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.

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  • There are different requirements you must meet before applying for a probationary license, depending on your age and when you obtained your learner permit:
    • if you are under the age of 21, you must have held your learner permit for at least twelve months in the period immediately before applying for a license and completed a minimum of 120 hours (including at least 10 hours at night) of driving with an experienced driver. You must have recorded these hours in an official Learner Log Book signed by you and your supervising experienced driver.
    • if you are 21 years of age or over, or obtained your learner permit before 1 July 2007, you will not be required to complete 120 hours of supervised driving or submit an official Learner Log Book
    • if you are over 21 years of age but under 25 years of age, you must have held your learner permit for at least six months in the period immediately before applying for a license.
    • if you are 25 years of age or over you must have held your learner permit for at least three months in the period immediately before applying for a license.
  • At any age, it is important that you get as much driving experience as possible, 120 hours at least, so that you become a safer driver, before you apply for your probationary license.
  • These requirements apply unless you have been granted an exemption from the learner permit minimum holding period with other conditions.

Required Information

  • Full Name
  • Home Address
  • Postal Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Email


  1. Make an appointment for your Hazard Perception Test and Drive Test. Appointment can be made through online (pay by Visa or Mastercard); by calling VicRoads on 13 11 71 (Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm, Sat 8.30am - 2pm) (pay by Visa or Mastercard) or by visiting a VicRoads Customer Service Centre (pay by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card).
  2. On the day of your test, you must bring the original evidence of identity documents.
  3. Complete an Application for a License or Learner Permit form.
    Application for a License or Learner Permit form:
  4. You will need to complete the relevant medical forms if you have a particular medical condition or take prescribed medication that may affect your ability to drive safely.
  5. You must provide a medical report and get clearance from VicRoads Medical Review before you can be issued with a license. If you are not sure whether you need to supply a medical report please call VicRoads Medical Review on 9854 2407.
  6. Pass the Hazard Perception Test and Drive Test at a VicRoads Customer Service Centre.
  7. After you pass the tests, you will get your probationary car license.

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Required Documents

Identity Evidence Documents

Category A

One of the following documents must be current or expired by no more than two years:

  • Australian photo drivers license or permit photo card
  • Victorian Marine license photo card
  • Victorian Firearm license photo card
  • Victorian Security Guard/Crowd Controller photo card
  • Australian passport
  • An overseas passport. (If expired by no more than two years it is acceptable if accompanied by a current Australian visa (e.g. permanent residency or a temporary visa)
  • document of identity issued by the Passport Office (usually issued to travelers to Norfolk Island)
  • Australian police force officer photo identity card
  • Consular photo identity card issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Full Australian birth certificate or change of name registration issued by the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. (Note: Birth extracts and Commemorative birth certificates are not accepted)
  • Australian naturalisation or citizenship certificate, or a Document for Travel to Australia or a Visa Evidence Card or after 1/04/2013 an ImmiCard, issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or the Passport Office (read note 1)
  • NSW Photo Card (issued by NSW RMS after 14 December 2008)
  • Birth card (issued by NSW RTA (now RMS) prior to August 2008)
  • Current photo image held by VicRoads regardless of date the photo was captured, provided the identity has previously been confirmed.
  • A Community Detention Letter of Introduction issued by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship or the Passport Office is sufficient proof for both residence and identity.
  • Resolution of Status (RoS) visa (previously known as Temporary Protection Visa (TPV)/Temporary Humanitarian Visa (THV)

Category B

One of these documents:

  • state or federal government employee photo ID card
  • Medicare card
  • Department of Veteran's Affairs card
  • Pensioner Concession card
  • current entitlement card issued by the Commonwealth
  • student identity card
  • any Australian or overseas credit card or account card from a bank, building society or credit union
  • Working with Children Check card
  • Australian Proof of Age card
  • Australian Keypass card
  • Australian Defense Force photo identity card (excluding civilian staff).

OR One of these documents that is current or no more than one year old (internet printed statements are acceptable):

  • passbook or bank account statement showing the institutions letterhead or stamp
  • telephone, gas or electricity bill showing the institutions letterhead or with a stamp
  • Letters from ATO, Centrelink, Bank and Medicare showing institutions letterhead or stamp.

OR One of these documents that is current or no more than two years old:

  • water rates, council rates or land evaluation notice
  • electoral enrollment card or other evidence of enrollment
  • armed services discharge papers
  • current Victorian Driving Authority photo identity card.

Victorian Residence Evidence Documents

You will need one of the following documents if your Victorian residential address is not shown or is different on your Category A or Category B evidence documents:

  • contract of sale, lease, or rental document that shows your current address
  • current renewal notice for a driver license or vehicle registration
  • Australian Taxation Office Assessment (last or current financial year).

If you still cannot establish evidence of your Victorian residence, you must provide a referee statement which must:

  • be signed by a Victorian driver license holder who has known you for 12 months or more, and
  • the referee's name, license number and signature.

This statement is made on the learner permit or license application form.

Change of Name Evidence Documents

You will need one of the following documents if your name is different on the Category A and Category B evidence documents:

  • marriage certificate issued by a Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages in Australia
  • divorce papers (showing the name being reverted to)
  • deed Poll (issued before November 1986 in Victoria)
  • change of Name Certificate (issued after November 1986 in Victoria)


Current Fees

  • Appointment - $15.90
  • Hazard Perception Test - $15.90
  • Driving Test - $38.60
  • Probationary license card: 3 years - $70; 4 years - $93.40
  • Total cost: 3 years - $140.40 ; 4 years - $163.80

Fees from July 1 2013


The probationary license is valid for 3 or 4 years or until you obtain a full driver license.

Documents to Use

Please attach documents which can be used by people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Sample Documents

Please attach sample completed documents which would help other people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Processing Time

Please explain the processing your application.    

Office Locations & Contacts

Customer Service Centres:

  • VicRoads Customer Service Centre opening hours are: 8.30am - 4.30pm Monday to Friday
  • Telephone number for all customer service centres: 13 11 71
  • Telephone Centre Operating Hours: 8:30am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 8:30am - 2pm on Saturday

Administrative Offices

  • Telephone number for all administration offices : 13 11 71 (operating hours: 8:30am to 5pm Monday - Friday)

Other Location and Contact Information:

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Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help

Enter other informations which might help

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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