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Apply In-Person:

  1. The applicant shall approach the respective PWD office or municipal office in whose jurisdiction the building is constructed.
  2. Link for contact details link AND link1 AND Panchayat contact link2 in the given page please select the hyperlink against respective state as per requirement for contact details.
  3. Please visit the respective office and consult with the designated authority about the recent updates and requirements to apply for this certificate. Please collect the application form (by paying the required application form fees - if any) or write on a plain A4 sheet as advised.
  4. Complete the application form. Attach all the required documents as per the “Required Documents” section of this page. Please follow the steps under the “How to get structural soundness certificate from the registered structural engineer” procedure below to get the structural soundness certificate from the registered structural engineer.
  5. Please submit the application form in 3 sets along with the documents and the challan for the advised amount to the designated receiving authority in person.
  6. After receiving the application, authorities will check the application, documents and the challan for the processing fee. If all are in place, the application will be accepted. For fee and charge requirements, please refer to the “Fees” section of this page.
  7. Authorities will make entries about this application in the manual record or electronically using the computer and provide a record number for reference.
  8. The authority will also sign and seal one set (photo copy of the original) of the application and return it to the applicant. This signed application is also the proof for the submission of the application.
  9. Please keep them safe for future reference.
  10. Applicant will be informed of the probable date of getting the sanction along with other timeline for mandatory activities.
  11. ”SMS” triggered update on application status will be sent to the applicant’s mobile. So, keep track of the notification from the department.
  12. This application will be processed further. The application will be examined by the respective department. If the structural soundness certificate from the registered structural engineer is not enclosed, the application will be forwarded to the concerned field engineer or the concerned engineer for inspection of the site as per respective state norms.
  13. On a scheduled date, the inspection will be conducted by the concerned engineer. During the inspection, the concerned engineers will dig the foundation of the building, check the soil conditions and stability of the walls, pillars and roof of the building to prepare a structural soundness certificate. The certificate of structural soundness will be submitted to the issuing department.
  14. The issuing authority will evaluate the application, documents and the structural soundness certificate to decide on the issuance of the structure stability certificate.
  15. The status, viz. Approval or Rejection (if any) will be conveyed to the applicant through a “SMS”.
  16. The certificate shall be delivered to the applicant either in person or by post with an acknowledgement due or as per the applicable norms within 45 days.

How to get structural soundness certificate from the registered structural engineer

  1. The applicant shall approach the registered structural engineer on record (SER). The engineers specially appointed by the respective district collector and included in the panel of private practising engineers for this purpose. The registered structural engineer (architect, engineer, structural engineer, geotechnical engineer, services engineer etc) names should have been published in the district gazette for applicant’s reference.
  2. Please pay the required charges for inspection and to get the certificate.
  3. The registered structural engineer will inspect the building to check the soil condition, stability of the walls, pillars, and roof to certify the structural soundness as per the applicable format with his or her registration number, class and address on it.


Required Documents[edit]

  • Application form.
  • A statement about the year of construction of the building and the present approximate cost of construction of the similar building
  • Applicant’s Residence proof (ration card / Passport / Aadhaar card / Driving licence)
  • Applicant’s Identity proof (ration card / Passport / Aadhaar card / Driving licence)
  • Authorization letter if the applicant is an authorized person and his/her aadhaar card
  • Challan for the prescribed amount
  • Structural soundness certificate from the registered structural engineer
  • Sanitary certificate obtained from the sanitary inspector
  • Fire “NOC” obtained from district fire officer or any other officer competent to issue the certificate
  • Lease or sale deed of the property
  • The latest property tax receipt
  • Soil Investigation report
  • Approved site Plan as a proof of age of the building
  • Any other document to prove the age of the building
  • Detail about the foundation provided
  • Structural drawings used for construction
  • Photograph of the established building
  • In case applicant is a registered developer (company), an attested copy of the certificate of registration of the company
  • ”GST” certificate
  • ”PAN” card
  • Passport size photo as per requirement
  • A self-addressed envelope with stamp affixed for the advised amount
  • Aadhaar card

  • Apart from the above documents, authorities may ask for additional information or documents. Please provide them for processing.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Public Works Department,
170, Kamala Nehru Nagar, Ganpati Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007
Phone No.: +91-2227254 / 2227114 (TF)
Contact link

Room No.-230,
Banipark, Jaipur,
Phone: 0141-2204475, 0141-2201564
Email ID: [email protected]
Contact link


  • Applicant should be a citizen of India.
  • Those who are 18 years and above are eligible to apply.
  • The owners of any high-rise building or buildings of public congregation like schools, colleges, marriage halls, hotels, hostels, cinema theatres, malls etc. are eligible to apply.


  • Please pay the charges calculated as per the cost of the building.
  • The owner of a building shall pay the required fees to the private registered engineer as per the rate fixed by the respective State government based on the cost of the building.


  • The structural stability certificate is valid for the period of maximum three years or as per the time period for which the certificate was issued.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • The total processing time will take 45 days (Once the inspection is satisfactory, the stability certificate will be issued within thirty days).
  • It is advised to follow the authority’s guideline for the processing timeline.

Related Videos[edit]

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  • In case the certificate of structural soundness issued is found to be incorrect or based on inadequate data or false data, the registration of the engineer shall be cancelled immediately and the engineer shall be debarred from taking up any works under the Government or local body.
  • If the engineer happens to be in the State government service, suitable departmental action shall be taken against him.
  • Incomplete application will be rejected.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes while filling the application form.
  • At any stage, if the document submitted by the applicant is found to be false, then the certificate issued shall be liable to be cancelled.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of the applicant
  • Complete address of the applicant
  • Revenue survey number of the building
  • Street or road
  • Division/village/taluk/district
  • Registration number of the registered engineer
  • Door number of the building
  • Year of construction
  • Approximate cost of construction as per current rate
  • Purpose for which the building is being used
  • Details of the construction of the building
  • Number of persons to be accommodated
  • Date of the application
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID
  • Aadhaar number
  • ”PAN” number
  • ”GST” registration number

Need for the Document[edit]

  • The structural stability certificate should be obtained for any high-rise building or buildings of public congregation like schools, colleges, marriage halls, hotels, cinema theatres, malls etc.
  • In case of construction or reconstruction or addition or alteration of any high rise building shall be accompanied by a structural stability certificate prepared and issued by a registered structural engineer.
  • The structural stability certificate is required as a preventive and safety measure. It is the responsibility of industrialists, owners and occupants of multi-storied buildings, commercial complexes, educational institutions etc. to follow the safety norms to ensure safer society.
  • The structural stability certificate is mandatory to get the trade certificate from the district administration.

Information which might help[edit]

  • Separate licence shall be issued for each building.
  • It is mandatory that all the buildings, be it new or old, obtain stability certificate and renew them accordingly.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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