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  • There are no pre-printed forms available to apply for a deed poll for a change of name. Instead, Deed Poll Section will provide you with appropriate written precedents on the type of wording you should use on your deed poll. Your application must use this wording together with your own particulars and be written on deed paper (available in stationery shops or from your solicitor).
  • After you have completed your application you then have your declaration (affidavit) sworn at a Commissioner for Oaths or practising solicitors. You must then lodge your application together with the long-form of your birth certificate with Deed Poll Section. You must bring these documents back in person (you cannot post them) to the Four Courts where you will have to pay the Stamp Duty.

You do not need to instruct a solicitor or attend the High Court to execute a deed poll and you are not required to lodge (or enroll) the document in the Central Office of the High Court.

Execution of a deed poll is a relatively simple process. The person declares to have given up a former name and adopted a new name for all purposes. The deed must be printed on Deed Paper (which is available from legal stationers), signed in the former name and the new name and in the presence of a witness.

The witness must be 18 years or over, must sign the deed poll as witness and must swear an affidavit (called an affidavit of attesting witness) before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths stating that they witnessed the signing of the deed poll.

You may use our template documents of a deed poll and of an affidavit of attesting witness to execute your own deed poll.

These documents can then be used with your birth certificate and should be acceptable for most administrative procedures, thus providing an easy and inexpensive solution for most of the difficulties encountered on changing your name.

Other than a minimal fee for swearing the affidavit before the solicitor or commissioner for oaths, there is no further fee involved.

NOTE: if you are a non EU national, you will require the permission of the Minister for Justice & Equality under section 9 of the Aliens Act 1935 to change your name.


Required Documents[edit]

To enroll a deed poll in the High Court, in addition to a deed poll executed correctly in the manner set out above, the following criteria apply:

  • You must provide evidence of your previous name (e.g. a birth certificate, marriage certificate, previous name change by deed poll, Certificate of Naturalisation).
  • If you are a non-EU national, you must produce a licence to change name by deed poll, issued by the Minister for Justice & Equality pursuant to the section 9 of the Aliens Act 1935.
  • You must provide photographic proof of identification
  • You must pay 60.00 stamp duty on the deed poll
  • You must complete an [http://www.court

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

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A deed poll is an official document drawn up and completed by one party only. It is most often used to declare an intention to change ones name.

People choose to change their name for a variety of reasons. Maybe you just want to change the spelling of your name, you don't like the name your parents gave you, you want to get rid of your middle name, you want to remove any family associations, or maybe you just want a change. You can legally change your first name, middle name or surname, or any combination of those.

To execute the deed poll, you can get a solicitor to do it or you can do it yourself. You can download a template of a deed poll from the Courts Service website. The deed poll must be printed on deed paper (which is available from legal stationers). You sign the deed poll in your old name and your new name. You must sign it in the presence of a witness.

The witness must be at least 18 years of age. They must sign the deed poll as witness. They must also swear an affidavit before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths stating that they witnessed the signing of the deed poll. You can download a template of an affidavit of attesting witness from the Courts Service website.

There is a small fee for swearing the affidavit before a solicitor or commissioner for oaths.


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Changing your name after marriage

  • There is no legal or other obligation on anyone in Ireland to change their name on marriage. The fact that some people do, is purely based on tradition and culture. They may for example wish to signify they have joined a new family, etc. and therefore take the new name - but this is purely a social/cultural choice and has no legal basis.
  • How you earn your name is by use and repute. Effectively this means for most purposes, if someone wants to be known by their married name (or any other), then they just use this name and ask people to call them by it.
  • The only way to officially record the change of your name is by executing a deed poll. However, it is not necessary that you do this.
  • The use of the title 'Miss' or 'Ms.' or 'Mrs.' in Ireland are cultural ones that indicate whether a woman is single or married. There is no basis in law stating you are required to use an appropriate title whether you are married or single. As people earn their name by use and repute, a woman is free to use whichever title she wishes before her name. Therefore, she is free to call herself Mrs. (single name) if she so chooses.

Changing the surname of a child

  • The surname of a child can be changed in the Register of Births but only in certain circumstances. However, the surname of a child can also be changed by deed poll or common usage. Children aged between 14 and 17 years can execute the Deed Poll themselves but need the consent of both parents. Where a child is under the age of 14 years, one of the child's parents must execute the Deed Poll with the consent of the other parent.

Enrolment of a deed poll

  • The advantage of changing your name by deed poll is that a record of the change is kept for future identification. This can be attached to your birth certificate, is acceptable for most administrative procedures and provides an easy and inexpensive solution to most of the difficulties that can arise when you change your name.
  • You can get a solicitor to do the deed poll for you or you can do it yourself.
  • If you apply to officially change your name in Ireland, your deed poll enrolls or registers your name change with the High Court.


  • If you are doing the deed poll yourself, you will have to call in person to the Deed Poll Section, Central Office, the Four Courts (Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10am to 12.30pm). It is not possible to apply online for this service. You will need your original birth certificate (and marriage certificate if applicable), together with photo identification such as your driving licence or passport.
  • As every case involving an official name change is different, staff in Deed Poll Section will provide advice and information to you on an individual basis.

Change of name licence Under Sections 8 and 9 of the Aliens Act 1935, a foreign national aged 18 or over must get a change of name licence from the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) before executing a deed poll. You can obtain an application form for a change of name licence by writing to the Change of Name Section in the INIS.

A British citizen does not require a change of name licence but is likely to need a letter to that effect from the INIS. Sometimes an Irish citizen requires such a letter. In order to obtain the letter you will need the following:

  • Your birth certificate (long form)
  • Your passport
  • Any other documentation relating to a previous name change, such as your marriage certificate

There is more information on when a change of name licence is required on the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website

Required Information[edit]

  • Your name as listed on birth certificate or immigration or citizenship documents.
  • The full name you are applying to change to (if you are changing your name).
  • Date and place of birth
  • Marital status and details
  • Places of residence for last three months
  • Address for Correspondence

Need for the Document[edit]

Your name is the name by which you are known, or commonly use.

That name does not necessarily need to be supported by any documentary evidence though such evidence is often required for a wide range of administrative and legal matters. For most people this evidence is most commonly provided and accepted in the form of a birth certificate, which may be supported by a marriage certificate in the case of a change of name on marriage.

There is no formality prescribed by law for the change of a persons name or the assumption of another name. You may change the name you commonly use by simply adopting a new name. However, you will, most likely, experience some difficulty evidencing the change to both public and private bodies in the absence of a document referring to the change. If you require documentary confirmation of a change of name, other than on marriage, you may need to execute a document called a deed poll.

In Ireland, a deed poll is a signed declaration by a person that binds him/her to a particular course of action from the date of signing. A deed poll for a change of name contains declarations (in other words a sworn statement or affadavit) that you are abandoning the use of your old name, that you will use your new name at all times and that you require everyone to use your new name.

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