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Recreational fishing in Finland in most cases requires a licence, except for ice fishing and angling. Some species of fish and crayfish are protected at certain periods. The spawning grounds, habitats and migratory routes of important species of fish are protected for set periods to preserve fish stocks. Fishing is also restricted in areas where the Saimaa seal is found.

A recreational fishing licence allows access to special fishing areas which are actively developed and maintained. This procedure provides you information on how you can apply for one.


Provide eligibility criteria's for going through this procedure.

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for drafting laws on fishing and hunting. All fishers must pay the annual fishing management fee to Metsähallitus. In return, they will receive a fishing licence.

Fishing licences can be purchased on the Erä website maintained by Metsähallitus. The website also contains information on fishing in State waters.

Required Information

A list which displays the kind of information which is required to complete the procedure.
1. Date of Birth.
2. City or County of Birth.


Mobile Licence

  1. You may purchase licences for most recreational fishing areas using your mobile phones:
    1. Adult mobile licence numbers:
      0600 55 1639 - 3-hour licence (effective immediately)
      0600 55 1640 - One-day licence (effective immediately
      0600 55 1641 - 1 week licence (enter starting date)
    2. Under age 18 mobile licence numbers:
      0600 55 1639 - 3-hour licence (effective immediately)
      0600 55 1640 - one-day licence (effective immediately)
      0600 55 1641 - 1 week licence (enter starting date)
  2. All licence areas have the same nationwide numbers. During the call, enter a four-digit identification number for the fishing destination which can be seen on the destination page - Link.
  3. When ordering a week permit, enter the starting date.

Other ways to purchase the licence:

  • Web store: You may also purchase a licence through Metsähallitus' web store - Link.
  • By phone: The Metsähallitus recreational fishing licences may also be purchased from the wilderness permits telephone service 020 69 2424. This service is available on weekdays 8-16.

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Required Documents

List down the documents required for successfully completing the procedure.

1. Proof of child birth from the Hospital.


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Explain the time until which the certificate/document is valid.
e.g. Birth Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time

Please explain processing time taken in obtaining the document/certificate.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
PO Box 30, FI-00023 GOVERNMENT
Tel. +358 (0)295 16 001
Fax + 358 (0)9 160 54202
E-mail to the Registry:

PL 94 (Vernissakatu 4),
01301 Vantaa, Vaihde
0205 64 100

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Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
Attach videos using the following tag <&video type="website">video ID|width|height<&/video&> from external websites.
Please remove the "&" inside the tags during implementation.
Website = allocine, blip, dailymotion, facebook, gametrailers, googlevideo, html5, metacafe, myspace, revver, 
sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
width = 560, height = 340, Video ID = Can be obtained from the URL of webpage where the video is displayed.
e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help

Enter other informations which might help

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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