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With the introduction of advanced technologies in Ethiopia which have developed a fast paced life, Many Ethiopian try every possible way to stay connected with others through internet connection.

If you need to connect to internet services while in Ethiopia you need to contact Ethio Telecom.ln this case, you will start by identifying a bank partnering with the internet serving agency / body in your area;

Land line process.

This land line mothod of internet you are required to Dial-up with a landline which is at 50-52 KBS. For the most part service is satisfactory with sporadic connection cuts.

For dial-up service there is an installation fee of 156 birr. The monthly fee is 60 birr, which includes 900 minutes of service. Note that it is not possible to pay for internet service for more than one month at a time so you will have to pay your bill directly at Ethio Telecom Corporation every month. (not sure if it continues after April 2013).

The CDMA(2000) 1X data only (50-70Kb/s) is only recommended if you need an internet connection to only download messages. It requires a modem or special telephone (if you want to combine it with having a telephone) from a computer/phone store and a SIM card from Ethio Telecom.

EDVO Internet Method.

This is a wiress method Connection which was introduced End of 2009 by Ethio Telecom and this is the easiest package to obtain. It offers a speed up to 3.1 MBs and you pay per bite and at the time of this update (June 2012) there are 3 packages

  • 1G for 300 ETB/month,
  • 2G for 500 ETB/month and
  • 4G for 700 ETB/month.

Setting up ED-VO requires a modem (flash is the local term and it looks like a USB stick) that can be bought from a computer/phone store.

The shops mentioned below have helped ICS parents with complete solutions (i.e. they went to Ethio telecom and made the thing running).

All the shops seem to sell the same modems, Chinese, simple and they work on Windows and at some places one finds modems that also support Linux and Mac. For EV-DO in Ethiopia, you should get a modem that supports Rev A of the standard.

just expect Rev B modems to work for you but this has not been tested. The ZTE modem sold in Addis is Rev A.


that many EV-DO modems in the US are sold along with a data package from Verizon, Sprint and other service providers. They will not work in Ethiopia as they are locked to the telecoms companys network. You must find an unlocked modem. This is also true for CDMA 2000 modems.

The modem can come without software or the software can be built in. It is advisable to bring your laptop to the shop so that the shopkeeper can install necessary devices if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.

  • C-solution (0912-777-7777 or 0913-777-7777; located in Adams Pavilion, Pushkin Square)
  • "SamiMobile" (011-920-8831) and
  • "Complete PC Solutions" (Nete Bayabil: 0911-607-198 or Addis Kidan: 0911-149-230).

For the ED-VO service there is a one-of subscription fee of ETB 230 and the charge for usage beyond the limit of the package is 0.35/MB. Subscription goes without a SIM card and one still needs a photocopy of a passport or an Ethiopian ID and a passport size photograph for an EDVO subscription.

  • Normally the ED-VO software should auto-install the first time you plug in on your computer and staff at Ethio Telecom or the above mentioned shops are helpful if you want them to help set up your account. These are the usual dial up settings:
  • Number: #777
  • user name: etc
  • password: etc
  • [If you do not want to use the application that came with the modem, just set up the network connection as a dial up connection in Windows. *Click on the network icon in the bottom right of your screen, click on connect to a network and you should see a dial up connection. *Double click on the dial up connection, click on connect and then fill in the dialing information as above. Good luck.]
  • Your monthly payment is with help of scratch cards for mobile telephony that are sold everywhere in town.

Normally these are worth 10, 15, 25, 50 or 100 ETB but there also scratch for 500 ETB.

  • The later ones are more difficult to find.

You call 903 for ED-VO and it is advisable to top up your account on the last day of the month, as the first day of the month the number is difficult to reach as many are trying to reach it.

  • Filling the account for EV-DO is much like filling the account for a telephone.
  • Follow the following steps:
  • 1.Dial 903.
  • 2.Enter 2 for English
  • 3.Enter 1# to charge the account
  • 4.Enter the telephone number on your receipt followed by #, eg 118501234#
  • 5.Enter both lines of the PIN number on your scratch card, 16 digits, followed by #
  • 6.Repeat steps 3,4 & 5 until you have the required Birr in your account (in fact you start with a negative saldo and need to top up untill your account is positive again.) Now you are ready to connect.

If you are going away for a month and do not want to pay ED-VO for that month, consider stopping the account and paying a reconnection fee of ETB 115 upon return. In order to do so you need to go to an Ethio Telecom office.

ADSL internet package.

Recently Ethio Telecom introduced three ADSL service packages ranging from 2GB to 6GB monthly usage for a monthly charge of 400 to 700 birr (0.23 ETB/MB for above bundle usage) and a subscription fee of 400 birr for each service.

This is presented as true broadband. In order to get this at your home, it is best if your house has already a landline but if not the Ethio telecom technicians can look for alternatives ways. As these are post-paid packages you need the agreement of your house owner in order to get this service installed. If this is not the case, you can also try to get your company or organization to arrange this service.

Skype internet package.

The Ethiopian parliament accepted a law apparently making the use of VoIP (like Skype) illegal. Downloading Skype software has been impossible in Ethiopia. At the time of this update (June 2013) the law has not yet been published so we do not know the exact contents as regards Skype. There Reports in the press that are saying, for example, that Skype is allowed for authorized calls, without further specifications. Our advice is to be aware of limitations that may exist.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • You will n

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Both Individuals and Corporate bodies who make use of the internet provided by the various Agencies in Ethiopia.


1. Always clear your internet bills to avoid disconnections;

2.Choose the most easier and appropriate mode of payment for you to clear your internet bill;

3.Ensure that payment is made at the right place to avoid fraud;

4.Ensure that you receive a receipt for any payments made regardless of the form of payment.

Required Information[edit]

1. Name and contact address of the customer

2.Property reference number of the customer

3.Amount of money to be paid

4.Physical location of customer

Need for the Document[edit]

Living outside of the city of Addis Ababa does have its setbacks. For one, the internet connection can be sketchy.There are still yet lots of remote areas that are not reached by a land based internet connection provider in Ethiopia.

Wires and cables are not linked to the far off towns of Ethiopia. Dial-up internet connection is available for usage by someone who lives far away from the city limits. But then again, dial-up is synonymous to virtually no internet connection

There is no use connecting to the internet and waiting ages to download important documents, music files, or even play games. The most reasonable solution is to switch to an efficient Satellite VoIP broadband internet connection.

As a starter, getting a good internet host is important. The easiest way to get internet connected is going through a reseller or internet supplier.You can opt to use a VOIP, because with this type of internet the need for another telephone line or using an existing one is eliminated. The Satellite VoIP also gets rid of the issues regarding peak times for internet access because in this satellite system, you are not sharing the same internet connection with your neighbors.

One of the many advantages of a VOIP broadband installation is that you will be able to experience the benefits of several, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) services.

which include communicating with with family and friends wherever they may be without the burden of paying costly long distance toll charges.

Some Internets connection in Ethiopia are a nightmare, with frequent down times which can putt the users out of business for long spells of time.

Until you get an internet connection established at home, you might want to use one of the many internet cafes around town. internet service in Ethiopia is provided by Ethio Telecom and has its good and bad days. It has improved considerably the last few years.

The Ethiopian government decided to transform the telecommunication infrastructure and services to world class standard, considering them as a key lever in the development of Ethiopia. Thus, ethio telecom is born from this ambition in order to bring about a paradigm shift in the development of the telecom sector to support the steady growth of country.

Ethio telecom is an integrated telecommunications solutions provider operating in Ethiopia. They offer internet , data, VAS, International and voice services.

According to Ethio-Telecom, incidents related to the cutting of fiber optics lines in different places across the nation has become a prevailing problem for the corporation, preventing it to provide quality services to customers. The corporation is trying to use various means to mitigate the problem including installing additional fiber optics and micro wave links.

Currently, there are 4 known types of internet services: landline, CDMA, EDVO and ADSL in Ethiopia.