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Ethiopia is well known to hunt- lovers because it's very rich in endemic species like (Mountain Nyala, Southem Greater Kudu, Menelik's Bushbuck. Foreign tourists to engage in hunting activity should first obtain hunting permit from Ethiopian Wildlife Development and Conservation Authority (Article 6 sub article 3 of Ethiopian Wildlife Development and Conservation Authority Establishment Proclamation No. 575/2008)


  • All Foreigners and Resident of Ethiopia with a hunting pass or license are Eligible.
  • Foreigner tourist must have a tourist visa

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  • The person applying for hunting permit in Ethiopia must apply in Person.
  • The applicant must apply for gun owner's licence in Ethiopia before involving in a hunting process.
  • The applicant must obtain a hunting pass.

Required Information

  1. The hunting licence,
  2. The hunting equipment
  3. Information on special safari vehicles,
  4. The deluxe tents,
  5. Information on foods and drinks while in Hunting
  6. The transports and transfers during the hunting period,
  7. Information on reception services at arrival and departure at the Addis Ababa Airport as well as all taxes for the Government explorers going with the hunters group.
  8. packing and shipment of the trophies.


Accordingly, A foreigner wishing to apply for a hunting permit in Ethiopia shall submit his or her application at least six months before the date of beginning of the hunt according to government rules of procedure .

  • And an advance paid of 40% of the fees on the animals intended for hunting.
  • All the requested documents like passport , hunting licence, rifle details, shall be prepared and delivered to the organizer.

The hunting guest on arrival at the Airport is required to complete customs-clearing procedures regarding the hunting equipment Details.
Then he/she (the hunter) will be transferred to the hunting area.
All hunters may remain in the hunting area only for as long as necessary, as pre-agreed, to hunt a given species .
As per an internationally accepted hunting rule, the hunter is required to pay for all the hunting days planned, irrespective of the amount of days necessary to get the prey or achieve hunting success .

At the end of the agreed hunting period, the guest will be transferred to the hotel, irrespective of the success obtained .
As guarantor, staff shall accompany the hunter to trusted taxidermists in order for the /guest /client to arrange all the details for successful trophy –shipping to its final destination.

Any shipping detail must be decided before leaving the country.

Before departure, the customer needs to ascertain the authorization to import the species intended for hunting.

Accordingly to Ethiopian Hunting rules and regulation, hunting license is categorized in three ways you can apply for:

  • Foreign Tourist Hunting License:
  • Resident Hunter License:
    • This is issued by the appropriate regional body (most probably by regional bureau of Agriculture) to resident foreign hunters or Ethiopians for hunting wildlife species specified in regulation and is valid for a period of 15 days.
  • Snipe Hunting License:
    • Snipe hunting license is issued by the appropriate regional body to a foreign tourist or resident hunter. Also provides for two types of snipe species (Great snipe and common snipe) allowed to be hunted by foreign tourist or resident hunters. This is categorized as indicated in this link

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Required Documents

  1. A valid passport ,
  2. hunting licence,
  3. rifle details,
  4. hunting pass
  5. hunting equipments Details.


The price ranges from the minimum of 100 USD for Baboon,

Anibus to the maximum of 15,000 USD for Nyala, Mountain.

You can access the list of wildlife to be allowed for hunting, including the respective unit price for each type of wildlife species. on this link


  • The hunting plan varies depending on the selected species, which will in turn determine the choice of the hunting area and how uncomfortable this is to reach. A very detailed table exists , which is applicable as a frame of reference during the planning phase as indicated above in the procedure.
  • Hunting of single species on plain land generally last at least 21 days.
  • Hunting of Lions and Leopards on plain land usually takes 21 days
  • Mountain- hunting of Mountain Nyala and other Mountain species requires 21days.
  • Mountain - and Plain- land Hunting of Mountain Nyala and other plain -land species takes 24 days.
  • Plain land - and mountain hunting of Mountain Nyala , Lions and Leopards requires 30days.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

Processing takes six months to one year.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Culture and Tourism

PO Box 1364, Addis

Ababa, Ethiopia

Tel: 00251115527582

Tel: 00251115512889

If not in Ethiopia, visit any embassy or consulate office of Ethiopia in your country of residence Applicants from any state from US Travisa - Los Angeles 6222 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 210 Los Angeles, CA 90048 Tel: (323) 932-7300 Fax: (323) 784-3818

Travisa - Washington, DC 1731 21st. St. NW Washington, DC 20009 Tel: (202) 463-6166 Fax: (202) 293-1112

Applicants from Connecticut, New Jersey and New York Travisa - New York 290 5th Avenue, 4th Floor New York, NY 10001 Tel: (212) 613-2223 Fax: (212) 613-2287

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Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
Attach videos using the following tag <&video type="website">video ID|width|height<&/video&> from external websites.
Please remove the "&" inside the tags during implementation.
Website = allocine, blip, dailymotion, facebook, gametrailers, googlevideo, html5, metacafe, myspace, revver, 
sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
width = 560, height = 340, Video ID = Can be obtained from the URL of webpage where the video is displayed.
e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help


Same countries forbid the import of stuffed trophies in order to counter the unauthorized hunting of protected species.

"If you intend to bring a video camera with you on your hunting experience in Ethiopia and it labeled as a 3 CCD, HD (High Definition), HDV, DV Cam, Betacam, Super Betacam or Mini DV, it is considered professional equipment' and you will need a permit. Without a permit, the camera will be confiscated in customs. "The procedure to get video camera permits is very complicated and involves several Ethiopian Ministries. Basically, the Ethiopian Embassy in D.C. (, or your resident country, has to write The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Addis. The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs then writes to the Ministry of Communications to tell them to give you a permit. How long this will take, no one can say because it's a new procedure.

" Since video cameras are considered necessary equipment on many hunts these days.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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