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The law stipulates that all investor who plans to engage in Investment in Ethiopia, or a domestic one or a partnership of foreign and domestic investor in Ethiopian , Must obtain an investment permit and must know the investment procedures as laid out in the proclamations and regulations.

An investment permit is issued to an investor to establish a new enterprise or to expand or upgrade one that already exists. As per the Investment Proclamation No.280/2002 (as amended), a foreign investor or a domestic investor who is eligible for and wants to get incentives, is required to obtain an investment permit to invest in Ethiopia.

An Investment permit can be obtained in one of the following ownership forms:

  • Sole proprietorship;
  • Business organization incorporated in Ethiopia or abroad;
  • Public enterprises; and
  • Cooperative societies

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Required Documents[edit]

The registration requirements are as follows:

  • A copy of certificate of incorporation.
  • List of staff and their annual salaries.
  • The Directors Tax Clearance Certificates (now Electronic Tax Clearance Certificate)
  • Letter of application for registration of Business.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ethiopian Investment Agency

Tel. +251-115- 51 00 33

Tel. +251-115- 53 72 86

Fax: +251-115- 51 43 96

P.O.Box 2313, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Office of Director General

Office Tel +251-115 51 00 33

Office Tel +251-115 53 94 74

Fax: +251-115- 51 43 96

Ato Fitsum Arega,Director General

Office of Duputy Director General,Investement Operations

Office Tel:+251-115 51 00 33

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Mohammed Seyed, Deputy Director General

Office of Deputy Director General, Corporate Services

Office Tel.+251-115 15 02 23

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


W/ro. Likyelesh Abay,Deputy Director General

Information and Investment Promotion Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 15 71 91

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Aklilu W/Mariam,Director

Licensing and Registration Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 15 74 12

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Ahmednur Yusuf,Director

Investment Projects Facilitation Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 15 75 59

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Samuel Assefa,Direcor

Customs Duty Free Executing Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 51 00 33

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Mulat Kibrit,Director

Regional Investment Affairs Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 51 00 33

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


W/t Hadas Tafere,Director

Investment Projects Planning and Policy Research Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 15 79 71

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Negussie Gurmu,Director

Public Relations Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 51 97 19

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Getahun Negash,Director

Audit Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 51 96 89

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


W/ro Genet Chala,Director

Finance and Supply Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 51 96 89

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ato Solomon Asfaw,A/Director

Systems Improvement and Human Resources Directorate

Office Tel.+251-115 15 79 62

Fax: +251-115 51 43 96


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Diaspora Engagement Affairs General Directorate

P. O. Box 393 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tele +251 115 51 38 84, +251 115 51 73 45

Fax +251 115 51 43 00


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All foreign investors who plans to engage in Investment in Ethiopia,or a domestic one or a partnership of foreign and domestic investors are Eligible for the permit.


The Ethiopian tax law provides for the imposition of direct and indirect taxes.

The direct taxes are divided in to five categories: personal income tax, rental tax, withholding tax, business profit tax and other taxes. The main types of indirect taxes applicable are value added tax, custom duty, excise tax and turn over taxes.

Turn over tax, under the total value of 500,000 Birr, is paid at a rate of 2% on goods sold or services rendered (by contractors using grain mills, tractors and combine harvesters) locally and 10% on others.


Valid for 5 year

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Processing is within 30 working days

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All Companies must apply for investment permit with Ethiopian investment Agency, and be familiar with the rules relating to the filing of investment permit and how the charges is calculated.The registration to get a investment permit generally involves a few minutes.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of Taxpayer
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Business Name or Trade Name of Taxpayer
  • Status
  • Bank Details
  • Name of Bank
  • Bank branch
  • Account Number
  • proposed Type of Business

Need for the Document[edit]

The Ethiopian Investment Agency (EIA) is a government agency established in 1992 to promote private investment, primarily foreign direct investment. The overall activities of the Agency is supervised and followed up by an Investment Board, which is chaired by the Minister of Industry. The EIA is headed by a director general who is also a member of the Board and two deputy director generals.

Information which might help[edit]

3.1 Electricity Supply

The hydropower potential in Ethiopia is estimated at 45,000 MW and the potential for generating electricity from geothermal is about 5,000 MW. Ethiopia has around 1,562.2 MW of installed power generating capacity, out of which 1,382.6 MW is generated from hydropower plants. The remaining 179.6 MW comes from diesel and thermal power plants. Presently, two huge hydropower plants with generating capacity of over 2000 MW are also under construction.

3.2 Ethio Telecom

The Ethio Telecom, which is state owned, is the sole telecom service provider in the country. It provides national and international telecommunication services using Satellite, Mirco-wave Digital Radio Multi Access System (DRMAS), VSAT, UHF, VHF, Long Line and HF Radio. Hence, all kinds of telecommunication services including fixed line, mobile, internet, data transmission, etc. are available in the country and their coverage is increasing rapidly.

3.3 Water supply

A huge programme deemed to satisfy safe water demand in the towns and rural areas was implemented during the countrys first five year development plan for Accelerated and Sustained Development to end Poverty and presently the preparation of another water supply programme, which will be implemented in the second five year development plan, is being finalized.

3.4 Road transport

In 2008/09, the total road network, excluding community roads, had reached 29,257 miles, out of which 46 percent are track roads and the remaining 54 percent are rural roads with annual growth rate of 5 percent. Based on the classification of the road network, more than 12,694 miles are in the Federal network, out of which asphalt road constituted 30 percent and gravel road 70 percent. All-weather rural road, constituting 15,613 miles of the total road net work in 2008/09 grew by an average of 7% per annum in the last several years.

3.5 Air Transport

Air transport is an important part of Ethiopian transport network. Ethiopian Airlines, African World Class Airline, has gained an excellent reputation internationally in its 66 years of active services, provides both domestic and international air transport services. It has an outstanding safety records and is one of the few profitable African airlines.

Ethiopian services include both passenger and cargo transport in its international flights and domestic routes. It also provides training and maintenance services to more than a dozen other African and Middle Eastern airlines. Domestic flight services are provided through 17 destinations across the country.

Ethiopian links the country with over 50 destinations worldwide including Brussels, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Rome, Stockholm, Washington DC, Bahrain, Bangkok, Beijing, Beirut, Dubai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Jeddah, Kuwait, Mumbai, Delhi, Riyadh, Sanaa, Tel Aviv , Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Lusaka, Accra, Dakar and many more big cities in Africa. It is also expanding its international services.

Ethiopian cargo services covers over 40 cargo destinations such as Dubai, Jeddah and Luxembourg via its hubs in Addis Ababa and Liege. Ethiopian cargo operates dedicated freighter aircraft on charter and scheduled basis.

3.6 Marine Transport

Addis Ababa, the capital city, is linked by road to the port of Djibouti, at the Gulf of Aden. The port of Berbera in Somaliland and Port Sudan are other external trade routes that provide services for export-import trades of the country. Another potential port accessible to Ethiopia is Mombassa in Kenya.

In order to ensure efficient, cost effective and reliable import and export movement of cargo to and from the sea ports of neighboring countries, the government has