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A temporary movement permit is issued to allow a person stay in the country for a limited period of time. The permit can be a residence or work permit. In Egypt formulation and implementation of policies relating to permits is done by government through the department of immigration under the Ministry of manpower and immigration.

A temporary movement permit can also be regarded as a third party insurance policy issued for the purpose of allowing an unlicensed vehicle to be driven on a roads of Egypt only for the purposes shown below.

Temporary movement permits can be obtained for the purposes of driving or towing:

  • An agricultural vehicle to a farm or agricultural property and to remain on such property;
  • An agricultural vehicle to or from the nearest place where repairs may be made;
  • An unlicensed vehicle to another Jurisdiction for licensing. The client should be advised to check the validity of the temporary movement permit in other Jurisdictions;
  • A tractor for display or demonstration to and from an agricultural or industrial field day;
  • A vehicle currently licensed in another Jurisdiction that has been purchased by a resident of another province in Egypt;
  • A vehicle to a place of repair with the intention of licensing the vehicle;
  • A vehicle for display or demonstration to the royal and country agricultural shows; and/or
  • A vehicle to a Vehicle Examination Centre for inspection.


Any foreigner who wishes to stay in Egypt for a limited period of time can apply for a temporary movement permit.

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1.Applicants must know the type of temporary movement permit that suits their needs;

2.An applicant must make sure that entry into Egypt is through designated Egyptian entry ports;

3.Always follow the Egypt immigration laws, rules and regulations and those of the entire country;

4.Do not stay in the country longer than the given permit authorizes you to;

5.Do not do activities that are not described in the issued permit

6.Police report must be obtained from country where the applicant at least twelve (12) months in the last ten years prior to submission of application;

7.An applicant must ensure that he / she has a valid passport and visa;

8.In cases of applying for work permits, there must be a local worker under training for the job as contracted foreign worker;

9.Applicants must submit medical reports that have been recently conduct at most three months prior to submission of application;

10.Ensure that all payments are made in time;

11.Applicants of the investor permit must ensure that business projects are approved and that they obtain a Foreign Investment Certificate (FIC) from the ;

Required Information

1.Names and address of Applicants

2.Age, sex and marital status


4.Country of origin

5.Purpose of visit

6.Details of host in Egypt.

7.Job details (in cases of applicants for worker permits)

8.Qualification, skills and experience of applicant (in cases of applicants for worker permits)

9.Details of local employee under training for the same job as applicant hopes to take on (in cases of applicants for worker permits)

10.Course of study and details of enrolling university (for foreign students)

11.Duration of stay in the country

12.Details of any people to travel with (spouse and dependants if any)

13.Reasons as to why local applicants were not considered suitable (in cases of applicants for worker permits)


1.An applicant who wishes to obtain a temporary movement permit must start by identifying the type of movement permit that suits his / her requirements;

2.Thereafter, an applicant must visit any nearby immigration office and check the current regulations and requirements for the temporary movement permit he / she wishes to obtain;

3.From the immigration office, obtain an application form that corresponds to the type of temporary permit to be applied for.

4.Fill the form carefully and accurately, and do not forget to insert signature and date after filling the form;

5.Prepare all required documents and attach them to the filled application form;

6.Make all necessary payments and also attach payment slip to the filled form; and

7.Submit application to the Egyptian immigration office;

8.When documents are submitted, immigration officers at the immigration department assess to decide on whether to issue required permit or not.

  • Non-Egyptian nationals are entitled to obtain a temporary 3-year residence permit in the country.
  • They can renew the permit after its validity.
  • At this stage, applications submitted for Work permit after being assessed by immigration officers are forwarded to the work permit committee (WPC) for consideration, the committee reviews submitted applications and debates on them.
  • The committee may thereafter authorize or reject issuance of worker permit.

9.When application is approved, the permit is issued to the applicant

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Required Documents

1.Certified copies of the applicant’s passport(s) (bio-data page)

2.Valid visa

3.Identification documents

4.Police report

5.Recent medical report

6.Employer request letter detailing need for the expert (short term work permit)

7.Flight itinerary / Copy of airline ticket (short term work permit)

8.A Egyptian Trade and Investment Bureau’s investment approval letter clearly stating the shareholding structure (investor permits)

9.A certified copy of Foreign Investment Certificate from the Egyptian Trade and Investment Bureau (investor permits)

10.A letter of request from the employer and a company profile (applicants for work permits)

11.Clip of local newspaper advert for the job (applicants for work permits)

12.A list of locals short listed for the job (applicants for work permits)

13.Employment Contract (applicants for a work permits)

14.Admission letter (applicants for students permits)


1.Application for permit to enter, reside and work – $477

2.Application for permit to enter, reside on assured income – $477

3.Application for other permit – $477

4.Application for students permit – $140

5.Issue of a permit – $190

6.Application to extend visitor's permit – $96

7.Application to extend or vary other permits – $477

8.Extension or variation of permit – $190

9.Short Term Permit Application – $667

10.Issue of replacement permit – $140

11.Appeal – $953

12.Search fee – $13


The permit is valid for 3 years.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

The Permit is issued on the following day if the application is submitted to a governmental department and within seven days if it is submitted to an embassy.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Manpower and Immigration

DR. Nahed ElAshry img

Address 3 Youssief Abaas St Nasr City Cairo

Phone no. 22609366 - 22609368 - 22618019

Fax 22618019



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