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Apply In-Person:

  1. To applicant has to get a film shooting permit from the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Defence by writing an official letter them.
  2. The permit-issuing process starts when three scenarios (Actors Syndicate, Film Syndicate & Other Ministries) are sent to the Censorship Authority with the screenwriter’s copyright lease.
  3. When the scenario is judged appropriate, the Authority issues an official letter to the Ministry of Interior and a sealed scenario copy.
  4. This copy needs to be produced to the Authority again, when the film is ready to be released.
  5. The Censorship Authority, in short, has veto rights over any feature film at two stages: first, when a scenario is submitted before shooting; and second, when a film is submitted before theatrical release.
  6. Following censorship approval, the two major state-sponsored syndicates concerned with the Egyptian film industry—the Cinematic Syndicate and the Actors’ Syndicate—need to issue some letters to obtain Ministry of Interior permits.
  7. The Cinematic Syndicate produces a work sheet with all crewmembers contracted on a project, while the Actors’ Syndicate produces a letter with all contracted cast members. The work sheet and the cast sheet only include syndicated workers: non-syndicated workers need a special permit in order to be included on the sheet.
  8. This comes at the cost of a fine, and the price of the fine is determined by implicit norms. According to Mohammed Hosny, an accountant in New Century, a project with a major movie star like Ahmad el-Saka will be fined more heavily than a project with a younger cast and crew, even when the number of non-syndicated workers is identical.
  9. This is why membership in the relevant syndicate is encouraged by production companies, in order to avoid paying hefty fines.
  10. Once syndicate work sheets are complete, and once all fines are paid, the Cinematic Syndicate and the Actors’ Syndicate issue a letter to the Ministry of Interior.
  11. This letter is sent to the Ministry with the Censorship Authority’s letter, a letter listing all external shooting locations in the film, and a police declaration, where the company certifies that the film will in no way impinge on police or army functions.
  12. With these papers in hand, the Ministry of Interior issues a permit addressed to the governorates, either to Cairo, Giza, or “Other Provinces.”
  13. This permit is used, in each province, to get a second permit from the Prefecture (mudiriyat al-amn). This permit is in turn given to the police department where one is intent on shooting, with a more specific list of shooting locations and dates in the area administered by the department. The same nested process occurs in each province: the Ministry of Interior permit is used to get a Prefecture permit which, in cases of external shooting, is used to get a police department permit. In areas administered by the Border Guards or Military Intelligence, including all Egyptian coasts and the national airspace, a special permit needs to be issued by the appropriate authority.
  14. The Ministry of Antiquities, the Ministry of Islamic Endowments, or the Ministry of Tourism will also issue special permits for the sites that they administer (e.g., the Pyramids, the Sultan Hassan Mosque, the Marriott Hotel in Zamalek).
  15. These special permits are addressed to the appropriate police department, where it is sent with appropriate Ministry and Prefecture permits.
  16. Without all these permits, one is not legally allowed to shoot in external locations.


Required Documents[edit]

  • A copy of the film script along with its synopsis for feature films or synopsis for documentary films.
  • A list of equipment necessary for shooting film, in 3 copies.
  • One passport size photograph at arrival

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Office of the Minister of State for Antiquities
3 El-Adel Abu Bakr St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +20 02-2736-5645
Fax: +20 02-2735-7239

Office of the Secretary General
4D Fakhry Abdel Nour
Abbassia, Cairo
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +20 02-2684-3627
Fax: +20 02-2683-1117

Commercial and Event Permits Office
3 El-Adel Abu Bakr St.
Zamalek, Cairo
Email: [email protected]
Tel.: +20 02-2736-0468
Fax: +20 02-2735-7239
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  • Egypt has one of the least expensive shoot day costs in the Middle East. At present there are no tax incentives for foreign commercials or feature films shooting in Egypt.
  • Permits for film shooting in Egypt starts with $ 3000 a day.


6 months.

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Processing Time[edit]

  • The processing time depends upon the location.
  • Normally it takes two or three weeks to get your filming permits done for streets filming permits, which include street locations, antiquities areas, museums and river Nile.
  • But when it comes to filming under water and aerial shots, you need one month in order to get the permissions.

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Required Information[edit]

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Need for the Document[edit]

  • The process of getting permits to shoot on any location of your choice in Egypt is simple and quickly approved after the fulfillment of the legal requirements to the Egyptian Antiquities Authority, Ministry of Tourism/Culture/ Information/ Interior, National Security, and Censorship Office *Foreign Media Accreditation.
  • A foreigner wishing to shoot a feature or documentary film in Egypt is required to obtain a permit from the Ministry of Tourism/Culture/ Information/ Interior. Such permit requirement is applicable to all foreigners who come to shoot films either for profit or nonprofit purpose, with the exception of film establishments which are permanently established and licensed in Egypt.

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