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A certificate of occupancy is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying a building's compliance with applicable building codes and other laws, and indicating it to be in a condition suitable for occupancy.

The purpose of obtaining a certificate of occupancy is to prove that, according to the law, the house or building is in liveable condition. Generally, such a certificate is necessary to be able to occupy the structure for everyday use, as well as to be able to sign a contract to sell the space and close on a mortgage for the space.


All agencies caring out building activities in Egypt are eligible.

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To process all instruments evidencing ownership and possession of real estate in the state. A newly constructed building shall not be put to use before it has been inspected for compliance with the Proclamation and a certificate of occupancy has been issued. building officer may provide occupancy permit for partially completed building provided safety is ensured. To keep in custody all real estate instruments, records, and their management.

Required Information

1.Land Information (to be obtained upon an application to the Office of the Surveyor General and payment of LE5,000.

2. Application Form ;

3. Charitable Survey Plan (2 cloth, 2 paper)

4. Duly Stamped Purchase receipt;

5. Tax Clearance (evidence of payment of current tax assessment);

6. Capital Contribution (to be calculated based on the size and location of the land);

7. Four passport photographs of Applicant;

8. Publication Fee (LE5,000);

9. Sketch of the Location – This is a graphic description of the location of the property .


The procedure for obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) in Egypt shown in this procedure below as the official process as described by the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Step I

The Applicant should purchase a form from the Land use and Administration Committee (LAC).or Obtain application form (hard copy) from the Ministry, (Land Use and Allocation Section) or any of its field offices in other provice. After filling the form submit the application pack to the Land Use Administration committee (LAC) and collect an acknowledgement slip as evidence of payment.

Complete the application form (hard copy or online) and return same accompanied with;

(i) Your root of title to the subject parcel of land
(ii) Your survey plan (3 copies required)
(iii) Your tax clearance certificate (covering the past 3 years) or evidence of being domiciled abroad where applicable;
(iv) passport photographs (3 copies required)
(v) official receipt for application fees of LE50.(Residential) land use) or LE5,000 for (Commercial land use).
(vi) Advert fees on the Egyptian Observer payable directly to the Land Use and Administration committee of the Ministry, and
(vii) Your cell phone contact and e-mail addresses where applicable.
Step II

The next step is to collect letter of offer of allocation after you have Advertised your application(in batches)this is made on the Egyptian Observer to give room for objections (if any) to the grant of Certificate of Occupancy.

  • If no objection is received within 21 days statutory waiting period,
  • Your application will be processed by the relevant departments of the Ministry;
Step III

The next step is to pay for the Allocated land in the period of not less than 90 days.On payment of the prescribed fees in your Certificate of Occupancy will be prepared and forwarded to Authority of the Municipality for endorsement.

  • On return of your Certificate of Occupancy from the Municipality, it will be sent for stamp duties stamping.
Step IV

The letter of confirmation is issued to the applicant with a plot and block Number.

Step V

The Scheme Officer will now begin to processes the application for the Certificate of Occupancy, signs off on the file and forwards the files to Executive Secretary of Land Use Administration committee. (LAC) within - 5 Days.

Step VI

The Surveyor General provides Scheme Officer with digitized survey copy and this is done in - 2 Days

Step VII

Executive Secretary to Land Use Administration committee (LAC) will then approves processing and signs a letter of allocation. Executive Secretary for Land Use Allocation Commission signs off on the file and sends the file to the Senior Special Assistant to His Excellency, Lands this done with - 2 Days


The Senior Special Assistant , Lands vets the entire file and sends it with a covering memo to the Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau (PS Lands) - 2 Days

  • Should the file have a query, the message is relayed back by notification for correction of the query.
Step IX

The Permanent Secretary Lands Bureau (PS), Lands signs off on the memo and sends the file to His Excellency with a period of - 2 Days

Step X

A new C of O is also required if the occupancy classification of a building, or portion of a building, is changed.

Any building that has been legally occupied, without a change of occupancy as defined by the building or land use codes, is assumed to have a C of O for the current use.

This review may result in a Zoning Compliance Certificate instead of a new Certificate of Occupancy.

A new C of O can only be issued following the issuance of a building permit and performance of inspections to assure compliance with the current codes governing the proposed occupancy.

The process to obtain a certificate of occupancy varies depending on the building or structure in question.

Step XI

The Deputy Registrar processes the file further, signs off and sends it to Registrar of Titles for final registration -with a period of 2 Days

  • The Registrar of Titles registers the Certificate of Occupancy, signs off and request for printing of Certificate of Occupancy - 1 Day
  • Thereafter it is registered in the Lands Registry of the Ministry and you can then sign, and collect your Certificate of Occupancy duly signed and registered.
  • It is always advisable you pay your ground rent in advance for at least one year immediately after you collect your Certificate of Occupancy.

This process adds up to a total of 21 days of processing all the required documents.

  • Make sure your survey plan is lodged in the Ministry’s Survey Archives by your registered Surveyor;
  • Make sure you or your agent is available to conduct joint Inspection of your plot with an officer on the Town Planning Department of the Ministry.
  • Make sure you pay up your premium and other charges are paid soon after receipt of your assessment letter.

if it is a Government land follow the following process

Applications are made to the Municipality through the Secretary, Land Use and Administration Committee, for a grant/approval of a parcel of land.

A. Obtain application form (hard copy) from the Ministry, (Land Use and Allocation Section) or any of its field offices in selected State in Egypt or download same from their website.
B. Complete the application from (hard copy or online) and return same accompanied with;

i. Your tax clearance certificate (covering the past 3 years) or evidence of being domiciled abroad where applicable;
ii. Passport photographs (3 copies required)

C. Your applications is considered by the LAC, who in turn will make recommendations to Municipality for his approval.
D. If approved, plot(s) will the be allocated to you, subject to payment of the prescribed fees as will be stated in your offer letter.
E. You will usually be required to pay these fees within a period of not more than 90 days failing which the offer will lapse and your plot will be re-allocated to some other deserving applicants(s).
F. If you pay with in the stipulated time limit, your Certificates of Occupancy will then be prepared and forwarded for Mayor’s signature.
G. Municipality , having signed it will be forwarded for stamping and subsequently registered same for owner’s can then sign, and collect your Certificate of Occupancy duly signed and registered.

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Required Documents

  • Formal Letter addressed to the Executive Secretary –
  • Four Passport Photographs with white background.
  • Evidence of payment of Income Tax.
  • Current Development Levy .
  • Survey Plan
  • All payment receipts of Land Charges
  • Vital Information Form


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The certificate is for long term

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Processing Time

This process adds up to a total of 21 days.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly img

Address: Ismail Abaza From El Kasr El Anei st.Cairo

Phone no. 27921442-27921441-27921440

Fax 27921423



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