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  • When you reach 19 years it is required by the Law in Egypt to, proceed to the civil registration office that issues the National ID card and follow the instructions to obtain a Military Service Card "Betaka 6 Gond," free of charge.
  • But this is usually after you have undergone the military training which is compulsory to all male Egyptian.
  • For minor military candidates, go to the Militia Service of the City Cairo accompanied by either of his parent with whom he resides or by a third person who has parental authority over the candidate, along with all the required documents.
  • it is important to Make sure that all the information included in the Military Service Card is identical to your National ID card.
Follow the steps below to identify your Military Service Status
  • Deferring your Military Service
  • Obtain a "Namouzag 2/3 Gond" from your Military Service Area.
  • Submit it along with your Military Service Card to the Military and Visa Services Unit,
  • The "Military and Visa Service" Unit will process your Military Service Status.
Military Service Exemption

Students who have the right to get an exemption from the military service (final, temporary, or being dual national ) will have to process the exemption in person and then submit the original exemption certificate to the "Military and Visa Service Unit" office.

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Required Documents[edit]

All military candidates:

  • A National ID card
  • Provided with the request form
  • Accompanied necessarily by one of the parent with whom he resides (provided also with ID card) or of a third person exercising the parental authority (provided also with ID card and with a document indicating his parental authority).

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Interior affairs

Major General Major General Mohamed Ahmed Ibrahim Mohamed Mostafa.

Address El Sheikh Rihan St.Cairo , Postal Code 11641

Phone no. 27948300 - 27959111 - 27952300

Fax 27960682



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All male Egyptian citizen starting at the age of 19 are compulsory to under go military training.


The certificate is issued free of Charge.


Certificate is valid for a long time

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Processing Time[edit]

The certificate is issued immediately upon application.

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  • You must appear in Person at the military service unit in Cairo.
  • It is compulsory for all male Egyptian to undergo military training.
  • You must process the certificate of exception if you are not to undergo military training.

Required Information[edit]

  • National identity Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Recent passport photos
  • Application form

Need for the Document[edit]

According to the Egyptian Military Service Law No. 127, Article (8), enacted in 1980, all undergraduate Egyptian male students must identify their Military Service status within 30 days of their 19th birthday.

According to the Egyptian Military Service Law No. 127, Article (45), enacted in 1980, all graduate Egyptian male students must submit a photocopy of their military service certificates or forms.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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