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  • Obtain a certificate from an authorized bank
  • Submit documents to the Department of Companies and obtain invoice
  • Notarize companys contract
  • Obtain the notification of incorporation
  • Register for taxes
  • Register employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance

Verify the availability of your proposed business name by checking with the Commercial Registry. To do this, you must go to the office of the Commercial Registry in the Egyptian capital of Cairo.

Obtain a bank certificate from an authorized Egyptian bank. Depending on the bank, the cost is anywhere between 200 to 500 Egyptian pounds (EGP), the equivalent of $35.28 to $88.20 U.S. dollars (USD) as of June 2010. Within a day or two of payment, the bank will issue a certificate of payment which must eventually be notarized.
You need all necessary business documents by submitting the following documents requirements to the Department of Companies :

  1. You will need an original certificate of non confusion,
  2. You will need an original bank certificate,
  3. You will need a copy of the powers of attorney issued by the business owner to a legal representative,
  4. you will need a copy of the owners proof of identification,
  5. you will need security clearances for any foreign investors,
  6. you will need an original certificate indicating that the companys auditor is listed in the Registry of Accountants and Auditors,
  7. you will also need a notarized copy of the Articles of Association.
  • This process is free of charge and will take approximately one to two working days .
  • Obtain a notification of certificate incorporation document once the Department of Companies approves all business documents and forms.
  • The business will also receive formal approval and recognition from the Chamber of Commerce in Egypt and will be formally included in its business registry data records.
  • You must Register for tax income by visiting a One Stop Shop (OSS) and filling out the appropriate forms as instructed by an OSS employee.
  • The business will receive a tax card within one to two business working days.
  • The procedure is free of charge.
  • Register the names of all employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance.
  • To process this, submit the businesss lease agreement to the National Authority of social insurance ,
    • Present a businesss tax card
    • Present the employees identification card
    • Present a copy of his or her birth certificate,
    • Present a copy of the employees
    • Present a business owners graduation certificate.
  • This process is free of charge and will be completed in two days.

It requires 6 procedures, takes 7 days! Egypt, Arab Rep. is ranked 24 overall for starting a business.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Your identity document like driver's license, passport, etc
  • Proof of physical address and postal address, with contact numbers.
  • Proof of employment

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Industry and Trade

Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour img

Address 2 Latin America St. Garden City .Cairo

Phone no. 27921193 - 27921194

Fax 27940554

E-mail N/A


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All individual above 18 years of age wishing to open up a business in Egypt. For a business to be eligible for a business certificate it should either be medium or large scale employing not less than 20 people


  • To Register the company with the Department of Companies in Egypt you must submitting the Articles of Association.

Additionally, as of 2010, you must pay the following processing fees:

  • You will need to pay a notary public fee which will amount to 0.25% of the businesss capital,
  • You will need to pay an establishment fee equal to 0.1% of your capital in business ,
  • You will need to pay a service charge which amounts to 0.1% of capital,
  • You will need to pay a commercial syndicate fee of 125 EGP or 250 EGP ($22.05 or $44.50 USD), depending on the capital share.
  • You will need to pay an additional fees include a publication fee of 150 EGP to register a limited liability company in Arabic (approximately $26.46 USD) or 300 EGP to register a limited liability company in Arabic and English (approximately $52.92 USD),
  • You will need to pay Chamber of Commerce fees equal to 0.2% of business capital,
  • You will need to pay a commercial registration fee of 51 EGP ($9 USD) and finally, 29 EGP (approximately $5.12 USD) to receive an operation certificate.


The document is valid for period of 10 years for foreigners then you renew while for the citizen of Egypt it is for along time as along as the company remain in Existence.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

To process a business certificate in Egypt it takes less than 7 days

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  • Entrepreneurs must reserve a company name at the General Authority for Free Zones and Investment (GAFI) one-stop shop in Egypt
  • You should have a certificate from an Authorized Bank of Alexandria branch.
  • The founder must submits the company documents
  • You should pay Fees for company establishment.
  • You must register for taxes

Required Information[edit]

  • You need a certificate from an authorized bank.
  • You need information on documents to the Department of Companies and how to obtain invoice
  • Notarize companys contract information
  • Obtain the notification of incorporation
  • Registration for taxes
  • Registration of employees with the National Authority of Social Insurance

Need for the Document[edit]

Egypt being in the middle of the African continent and the Middle East gives it a cooperative advantage of being a gateway between the regions. This makes Egyptian economy to be one of the strongest in Africa and the Middle East. Egypt government require a minimum of 1000 to 50,000 Egyptian pounds capital required to start a business, and halved the time and cost of start-up. It eased the bureaucracy that builders face in getting construction permits.

Information which might help[edit]

As an investor if you Fail to register your employees for Social Security purposes will result in the business facing eventual punishment and heavy penalty.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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