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Egypt, which has seen a massive downturn in tourism due to political unrest since the 2011 revolution,the government decided to introduced a new tax the Airport Tax.

Egypt crisis has taken a disastrous toll on the economy, starving the country of income and much needed foreign currency which forced the government to introduce a $25 Airport Tax.The cost, which is being added on to flight ticket prices and doesn't need to be paid when leaving the country, is being passed on from airlines to holidaymakers, who already pay £15 to enter Egypt.

All Travelers in Egypt are required to pay airport tax.


All foreigners or entity that pass and also those who carry out a taxable transaction on the airport are eligible to pay Airport Tax.

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Must appear in person to pay the airport Tax.

1. An applicant must be leaving Egypt to another country;

2.An applicant must be buying a ticket;

3.Failure to submit airport tax returns in a given period of time shall lead to penalties;

4.All companies sending products outside Egypt are required to pay Airport taxes on an actual basis;

5.The Tax must be submitted in person or through a tax agent;

6.If an agent is contacted, ensure that he / she is authorized to rendered the desired services in the country;

Required Information

1. Name and address of applicant

2.Nature of business

3.Details of bankers

4.Companies in the primary market filing monthly Airport Tax Returns will in addition provide the following information:-

5.Type of offer;

6.Services rendered; and

7.Amount of value of Airport tax payable.

8.Companies in the secondary market filing monthly Returns will in addition provide the following information:-

9.Number and value of transactions per month on the airport;

10.Commission received;

11.Amount of tax deducted at source;


1.You will start by registering as a taxpayers at a nearby tax office at the Airport of departure:-

  • Tourist Card is included in the price of your holiday and will be sent to you prior to your departure.However if you are departing within the next 72 hours you must collect the Tourist card (airport Tax) from the airport on departure.
  • In this case, you go to a nearby tax office and obtain an application for registration form and fill it in completely;fee is US$25 at approved bank kiosks within airport arrival halls, before reaching immigration counters,
  • Accompanied with proof of identity, submit the filled form to the tax office;
  • Upon submission of documents, your passport photo and finger prints shall be captured by the tax officers;
  • Upon verification of submitted details, a taxpayer’s identification number (TIN) is issued to you;

2.Thereafter you can proceed with paying the Airport tax either as you purchase the ticket or pay it separently at the tax officer at the airport under the self Assessment system.

  • You can either pay the airport tax in person or you can contact an authorized tax agent to file returns on your behalf.
  • You / your agent should start the filing process by computing the tax liabilities required at the airport; in this case, you shall be required to make sure that an assessment of taxes payable is done, and then you make payment for the tax(es) due in any designated bank or at the Tax office at the airport or add the cost on the Air ticket.
  • Thereafter obtain the appropriate return form for the Airport Tax you wish to file, fill it completely and submit it with an assessment notice and evidence of payment to the tax authority;
  • When the tax authority receives documents, they are assessed to ensure that each and every detail has been filled in the form;

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Required Documents

  • Evidence of direct payment of the whole tax due into a bank designated for the payment of tax;
  • Tax Invoices
  • Payment Slips
  • Companies filing monthly Airport tax Returns must also provide
  • Audited financial statements;
  • Capital allowances computation;
  • Detailed statement of profits from each transaction
  • Audited financial statements and tax computations (nonresident companies)


Departure tax: $25 payable at the airport

Single entry Airport Tax costing £15 are required for those coming from London.


Valid for one return journey.

Documents to Use

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Processing Time

Instant at the airport or when buying ticket.

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Finance

Mr. Hany Kadry img

Address Nasr City

Phone no. 23428886 - 23428010 - 23428830

Fax 26861680 - 2686181

Fax: ++2(0)2 26861861

Email Address:



Egyptian Tax Authority


Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Finance Towers, Nasr City.

Extension of Ramsis Street,

Abbassiya, Cairo

Tel: +20 2 2342 8886;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8010;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8032;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8830;

Tel: +20 2 2342 8840



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