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The Djibouti law does not permit dual citizenship however, Djibouti citizenship can be acquired in the following ways:-

1.Djibouti citizenship can be obtained by birth: In this case, a child born in Djibouti to unknown parents or to parents whose parents citizenship is not know acquire Djibouti citizenship upon birth;

2.Citizenship is also obtained by descent: here a child whose father is a citizen of Djibouti without considering the place (country) he / she is born or a child born to a Djibouti mother whose fathers citizenship is not know acquires Djibouti citizenship;

3.Further Djibouti citizenship can be acquired by registration: This usually occurs when a foreign national marries a citizen of Djibouti. In this case, the foreigner applies for citizenship after two (2) years of marriage and upon renouncing original citizenship; the application is submitted to the citizenship department.

4.Also citizenship is acquires by naturalization: He a foreign who meets requirements applies for Djibouti citizenship. The foreigner must be in the country at the time of submitting application, eighteen (18) years and above and must have stayed in the country for a period of at least at least 10 years;


Required Documents[edit]

1.Identification documents for the applicant

2.Birth Certificate

3.Proof of nationality of parents for citizenship by descent (Birth certificates / passports / national identity card)

4.Marriage Certificate (Citizenship by Marriage)

5.Police clearance certificate

6.Health certificate

7.Proof of fulfillment of residence requirement (Applicants for naturalization) for instance copies of utility bills

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Citizenship Department

Ministry for the Interior & Decentralization

Djibouti. Tel: +253 352542,

E-mail: [email protected]


  • Dual citizenship no one is eligible as it is not recognized in the country;
  • Citizenship an applicants for Djiboutian citizenship must be at least eighteen (18) years and staying in the country at the time of applying


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Djibouti citizenship may be renounced voluntarily or may be revoked involuntarily if the holder acts contrary to the laws of the country;

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1.An applicant must be a person of sound mind;

2.Birth with in Djibouti boundaries does not mean automatically acquiring Djibouti citizenship;

3.Applicants for citizenship by registration or naturalization must meet the residential and age requirements;

4.Applicants for citizenship by naturalization must be of good character and of good health;

5.At the time of applying for citizenship, an applicant must be in the country;

Required Information[edit]

1.Name and address of applicant

2.Sex, Age and Marital status of applicant

3.Original Nationality of Applicant

4.Type of citizenship an applicant wishes to acquire

Need for the Document[edit]

Dual citizenship refers to the act of holding citizenship in and of two countries. It refers to holding citizenship of one country alongside citizenship of another country. Issuance of citizenship in Djibouti is by the citizenship department under the ministry of interior. Dual citizenship in Djibouti is not allowed therefore a person with a foreign citizenship must renounce his / her original citizenship in order to acquire Djiboutian citizenship.

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

1.Holding citizenship authorizes the holder to stay in the country with no limitations;

2.Citizenship allows a person to enjoy citizenship rights and benefits in the given countries;

3.Naturalization encourages investment;

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