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A birth certificate is a personal document issued to an individual by the state after registration of Birth. Registration of Birth is an official recording of a new born child at administrative level of the country.In some cases, a birth certificate is automatically obtained follows birth registration, while in others cases a separate application must filed.

Issuance of birth certificates is always coordinated by authorized agencies / departments / branches of government. In Cameroon Birth registration is coordinated by village local councils.


Every child born in Cameroon and born abroad by Cameroon citizen can obtain a Birth Certificate in Cameroon

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1. Application for different children must be submitted separately;

2. Registration of a child born abroad must not exceed one (1) month after the birth;

3. Ensure that application files have all required information and documents;

4. Incomplete applications shall be rejected.

5. When application is submitted, ensure that acknowledgement of receipt is given;

6. If one parent is not a Cameroon, he / she must authorization for registration of child;

7. Documents required vary basing on where the application is submitted

Required Information

1. Child’s Name

2. Sex

3. Date of Birth of the child

4. Place of Birth

5. Parents’ name and address

6. Nationality of both parents

7. Occupation of both parents

8. Dates of Birth of both parents

9. Details of witnesses at birth (the attending physician, midwife, birth attendant or other witnesses)


In Cameroon birth certificates are obtained from authorized medical institutions (hospitals and health centers) or from local authorities.

By Medical Institution

This is issued immediately when a child is born in a medical institution. The authorities of medical institution take record of a child’s birth, his / her birth and a doctor’s birth certificate is issued immediately before parent(s) leave the institution.

Local Council Authorities

In this case parent(s) of a new born go to the local authorities and report birth. The registration officer at the council takes note of birth in a register and then he / she issues a birth certificate.

  • To obtain birth certificates for children born out of wedlock registration must be done in the civil registration office and a court declaration must be issued. In order for application to be accepted:-
    • The mother must give her consent and it must be in presence of two (2) witnesses;
    • Before issuance of birth certificate, court declaration must be signed by the father, the mother, witnesses and the civil status registrar.
    • And in cases where one of the parents is a minor, his / her consent should be given by father, mother or guardian.
    • In this case Consents can be given verbally before the civil status registrar or in writing. The written consents must be dully notarized and taken to the register.
  • Children born abroad are registered at any nearby Cameroon Embassy, Consulate Office or High Commission and a child shall be issued with a Cameroon Birth Certificate.
  • Cameroon Citizens Living in the USA can obtain a birth certificate by:-
    • Applying in-person at any nearest Cameroon embassy, consulate office or high commission. Below are the steps to be followed:-
    • Obtain Application Submission Sheet the nearest Cameroon embassy, consulate office or high commission and fill it out;
    • The applicant must secure an appointment with the registration office. In this case, he / she is informed about available appointment dates to choose the most appropriate for him / her.
    • After securing an appointment, an applicant must prepare for the appointment. He / she must confirm the date and time of appointment, prepare all requirements for obtaining the certificate; put documents together in one file and attached the filled application submission sheet on to the file.
    • When the day of appointment comes, an applicant then goes together with the complete application file to the appointment venue.
    • At submission of file, one part of the application submission sheet is given to the applicant as proof of submission of application.

Sending application via mail

  • Obtain an application submission form;
  • Get the right mailing address for the authorized issuing office (Cameroon embassy, consulate office or high commission);
  • Prepare all required documents and attach a completed application submission form;
  • Go to any mailing company and send application

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Required Documents

  • Proof f Birth (Hospital Registration Certificate or Birth Certificate from local authorities where the child’s parent(s) live)
  • Identification cards like baptism certificate and a notification issued by the village executive officers
  • A request letter to the Ambassador from parent(s) (for applicants in abroad)
  • Proof of Cameroon nationality of parent(s) (Cameroonian national identity cards, Valid Passport or Birth certificate).
  • Two (2) passport-size photographs of the child, with white background;
  • Copies of parents’ passports;
  • Proof of parents’ residency status;


Birth Certificate for a child under three (3) months – No fees paid.


Valid forever

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

One (1) to two (2) weeks

Office Locations & Contacts

1.Civil Registration Center in your local area.

2.Cameroon Embassies, High commissions or consulate offices in different countries a list of these can be viewed at

3.Minister of Justice & Keeper of the Seals

P. O Box 1000, Yaounde Cameroun

Telephone: (+237) 22 23 55 56

Fax: (+237) 22 23 55 59

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Information which might help

1. Authorized agencies for issuance of birth certificates outside Cameroon are Cameroon embassies, consulate offices or high commissions.

2. A parent was born overseas / foreigner must also present his / her overseas birth certificate or identification papers.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1. A birth certificate is visible evidence of recognition of the existence of a child as a member of society by government’s legal.

2. It gives proof of name and relationship with parents and state.

3. A birth certificate determines the nationality of a child,

4. A birth proves age;

5. Data is used in the planning processes of the country;

6. Data is also used to determine population ratios, for instance gender and age ratios;

7. People are easily identified for basic services;

8. Provides a right to live in the country and enjoy public benefits /services.

9. A birth certificate also informs of a person’s affiliation (illegitimate, recognized, adopted or legitimate child).

10. Recognition of children born out of wedlock

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