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To export from Cameroon, an exporter must do the following:-

1. Start by obtain a commerce register and a taxpayers card from the Minister of Economy and Finance

2. Go to the Ministry of Commerce and register;

3. Visit the customs office to find requirements for exportation;

4. Organize for transportation of goods to the destined country of import

5. Prepare all necessary documents and make all necessary documents;

6. Take goods destined for exportation to a Customs Office or to premises designated by the Customs Service.

7. To declare exportation through countries of the Union of Central African States CAEMIC / CAEMC, an applicant must do the following.

  • Ensure that you have enough finance for the importation operation and must be in the currency of the country of destination.
  • Get verification and order form for transit from customs

8. To become a licensed export customs broker, an applicant must follow the following steps:-

  • File an application addressing it to the Director General of Customs, the Chairman of the National Advisory Committee on Customs Brokers. Ensure that submission is acknowledged
  • National Advisory Committee then proceeds with examining application. In this case, the committee justifies all submitted documents and delivers an opinion which is cpnsigned in a report signed by all members.
  • If the opinion is favourable / application approved, a visit to the applicant installation by the general commission and this also includes study of his charges proceeds. The visits help the commission to confirm that:-
  • The applicant has an office and office materials;
  • The applicant has staff;
  • Customs documents;
  • Any other necessary materials
  • After the visits, the application is then approved and applicant notified
  • The applicant goes to the Customs office to complete D6 and D3 declarations.
  • The application then must be finally approved by the Union of Central African States CACEU / CAEMC. In this case,
  • A company makes ten (10) copies of each of the previously submitted documents and put them in a file;
  • Then submits the file to the chairman of the National Advisory Committee and to the executive secretariat of the Union of Central African States CAEMC / CAEMC for the registration;
  • Then in their next meeting, the committee and minister of the Union of Central African States then five their opinion.
  • If the opinion is favourable, then a notification to interested parties is published in the official paper of the Union of Central African States CAEMIC / CAEMC.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Tax clearance documents / certificate
  • Export licenses for restricted and prohibited goods
  • Certificate of Origin (CO)
  • Proof of financial concretization (in currency of country of destination)
  • Valid business license;
  • Contract of suretyship of ten million(10 000 000) cfa francs (brokers);
  • The curriculum vitae of the promoter(brokers);
  • Copy of the birth certificate;
  • Copy of the national identity card;
  • The police clearance certificate;
  • The proof of ten years service (brokers);

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

1.The Societe Camerounaise de Surveillance, SGS

Director of Customs Valuation

Telephone: (+237) 22-20 2541


2.Agence des Normes et de la Qualite, ANOR

National Agency for Standards and Quality

General Director Charles Botoo a Ngon

P.O Box 14996 Yaound, Cameroon


Telephone: +237) 2222-6496


3.Ministre des Finances (MINFI)

Telephone: (237)22220079

Fax: (237)22233717

4.Direction Gnrale des Douanes (DGD

Telephone: (237)22202546

Fax: (237)22203771



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Every individual or corporate entity can export goods..


  • Green ware and materials (rubber, cocoa, coffee, banana, cotton, etc.) are duty free.
  • Exports duties for other products stand at 2% of the total value of the goods.
  • It is important to note that the finance law in Cameroon has some exemptions on exports for instance:-
  • It suspends export duties on products manufactured in Cameroon,
  • Medications are exempted from customs duties and taxes, VAT payment,
  • Exempts duties on exportation of cocoa, coffee, cotton, sugar, medicinal plants, palm oil and banana.


There is no validity period as long as one meets the requirements, they can export any time.

Documents to Use[edit]

Export Declaration Forms

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

The period of exportation varies basing on the type of products to be exported and requirement in the country of import..

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1. An exporter should start by finding out if his / her business is ready to export.

2. Application letters must be on a headed paper, dated, signed and stamped;

3. Should know what exporting entails before you start;

4. Labels must be in both English and French;

5. Applicant who wish to become brokers must show commitment to join a trade union after license is granted;

6. For approval of brokers from the Union of Central African States, the company must operate for at least six (6) months;

7. A broker after approval must register with national corporative grouping with in within three (3) months.

8. If a broker fails to register with the national corporative grouping, approve may be suspended by the Director General of Customs.

9. If a broker is approved by the Union of Central African States CAEMC/CACEU, he / she must subscribe in all the customs systems.

10. Ensure that you are aware of all government regulations and clearance / custom rules and duty taxes;

11. Know all required documents before exporting and he aware of restricted and prohibited goods

12. Before exporting, a business / individual must be legally registered

13. Transporters are must not take any road with the intention of circumventing Customs Offices on land borders.

14. Customs value is that of the good at the off-take point, declared on the date of the registration of the declaration at the Customs office, plus, where applicable, the costs of transportation from the departure point to the border.

15. Exporters are exempted from Export duties and internal taxes and similar charges

16. The value of customs duties on exported products is determined by market price lists.

17. To transit goods through member countries of the Union of Central African States - CAEMC an exporter must make a declaration in customs on form D15;

18. Always use road transport while transiting goods through member countries of the Union of Central African States CAEMC; .

Required Information[edit]

1. Full name and address of importer

2. Details of goods / services exported

3. Exporter Name

4. Business Name and Address

5. Business Registration Number

6. Registered Business Address

7. Status of the company;

8. Extract from the journal of legal notices;

9. Statistical number;

10. Number of the register of trade;

11. Agreement / approval certificate (acknowledging that the business operator is an exporter)

Need for the Document[edit]

Exporting good refers to selling goods to the outside market out of boundaries of a given country from another. Cameroon allows exportation of all types goods.

Information which might help[edit]

In order to export goods related to flora and fauna an exporter must get authorization. For example: - monkeys, lemur, pandas elephants, crane, rhinoceros, parrots, marine turtle, snakes Big cheetah, tigers and leopards among others.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

  • Source of new market to local people;
  • Exportation allows maximum exploitation of resources
  • Strengthens relationships with different countries

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