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Citizenship refers to being a national / residency of a given country. A Cameroon citizen is a national or resident of Cameroon.

In Cameroon, citizenship is obtained if someone is born in the country, born of Cameroon parent(s), a female marrying a Cameroon citizen or if someone has been living / working in Cameroon for at least five consecutive years.


  • Applicants must be twenty one (21) years and above.

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1. Before applying, a foreigner must ensure that he /she has been staying in Cameroon on a valid visa;

2. Be ready to abide by the laws, rules and regulations of Cameroon;

3. Be ready to defend Cameroon if need arises;

4. All documents submitted must be true certified copies;

5. Always ensure that you obtain the right forms that suit the situation of applicant;

6. Ensure that at the time of filing application, the main interests are in Cameroon;

7. Must be of good character;

8. Must be of sound body and mind

Required Information

1. Applicant’s details (name and address)

2. Country of birth / residence of applicant

3. Original Nationality

4. Age, sex and marital sex

5. Parents details (name, address, occupation, nationality, country of residence)

6. Dates of Birth (applicant and parents)

7. Details of dependants / children (below twenty one (1) years and not married) included on application


  • Before applying for citizenship, an applicant must familiarize himself / herself with the nation of Cameroon.
  • After the above, the applicant must find out if he / she qualify to be a citizen of Cameroon.
    • Eligible applicants must be in either of the following categories born in Cameroon, female married to a Cameroonian or a child born abroad to (a) Cameroonian(s).
    • Foreigners who have lived or worked in Cameroon for quite some may also qualify for Cameroonian citizenship after meeting some requirement.
  • After being proved eligible to obtain Cameroon citizenship, an applicant then goes to any authorized immigration office to inform the officer handling issues citizenship about his her desire to acquire Cameroon citizenship.
    • An applicant outside Cameroon in this case visits the office of the representative of the nation of Cameroon in his / her country of residence about obtaining citizenship rights.
    • The office of the representative can either be the Embassy / Consulate office or High commission of the Nation of Cameroon.
  • Obtain application forms form any immigration office in Cameroon and completed them.
  • The immigration office after analyzing application then decides to either accept or reject it.

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Required Documents

1. Photo identification;

2. Birth certificate;

3. Police clearance certificate;

4. Consent of both parents; and

5. Proof of residence. .


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Citizen is valid as long as a person does not denounce it. But it can be lost if:-

1.authority realizes citizenship was given wrongly; or

2.An applicant submitted false documents at the time of applying; among others

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

The process may take four (4) to five (5) days. However if application is incomplete, it may take longer

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of External Relations

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Phone: +237 222 03026

Fax: +237 222 00133

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Information which might help

1.It is important to note that Cameroon as a country has no provision for filling and submitting citizenship application forms online or outside the Cameroon borders.

2. When someone obtains Cameroon nationality it automatically extends to the minor unmarried children / dependants.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1.Citizenship introduces a new formal member of the Cameroonian community.

2.Acquiring Cameroon citizenship means commitment to the country and all that it stands for.

3.It gives a right to the holder to vote and participate in state elections.

4.It authorizes a person to work in any sector of the country

5.Citizenship allows one to hold the country’s travel documents i.e. passport

6.It gives freedom of movement;

7.The holder is entitled to assistance from Cameroon officials while overseas

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