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Asylum is a form of protection to people running away from fear of insecurity or persecution in their home country by a foreign government. To apply for an asylum visa means seeking to enter a foreign country because of foreign fear of insecurity or persecution in home country. The Government of Cameroon has partner with world organization to provide protection to people of concern; and this is done through the allocation of land for refugee camps and provision of health and education facilities.


An applicant must have a well founded fear of either war or persecution by either government or wild group which cannot be controlled by government; where war / persecution is as a result of differences in either race, religion, nationality, ethnic or tribal reasons.

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1. Ensure that there is a well founded fear for you to run away from home country;

2. Have identification documents before applying (prepare as many as you can);

3. Persecution must not be after committing a serious crime against humanity shall not be granted asylum;

4. Be ready to abide by the laws and regulations of the country if application is approved;

5. Should not be in war with home country or any other country;

6. Must not engage in activities against any other country while in Cameroon;

7. When in the country applicants must ensure that they do not engage in any activities that may harmful to the interest of Cameroon or else will be taken as criminals who shall answer to the laws of the country;

8. Register immediately upon arrival in the country;

9. Always renew refugee card one (1) month before expiry date;

10. The issuance and renewal of the refugee card are exempt from stamp duty;

Required Information

1. Full name of applicant

2. Sex, Age and marital status

3. Nationality

4. Details of cause of fear

5. Details of spouse (if married)

6. Details of children / dependants that you are travelling with (if any)


1.Upon arrival in Cameroon, an asylum seeker must go to the nearest local town or district authority and report his / her arrival into the country;

2.After registering with the local authorities, the applicant should also register at the nearest camp authorities. In this case, an applicant goes required documents and files an application for refugee status. An authorized office shall go through the documents and verify if documents are valid; in the process, an interview is also carried out to prove correctness of documents.

3.After application is approved, an applicant is issued with a refugee card. The refugee card is issued as an identification document to prove that one is legally authorized to stay in the country and enjoy asylum.

4.After getting the refugee card the applicant must proceed to a nearby office of the partnering organization (United Nations’ office) to obtain an Identity Card; and

5.Then to the Ministry of External Relations for a Certificate of Refugee.

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Required Documents

  • Identification documents
  • Proof of nationality
  • Proof of age
  • Marriage certificate (in case of a spouse)
  • Proof of relationship with dependants (if any)


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


A refugee card is valid for two (2) years and is renewable

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

One (1) month and above

Office Locations & Contacts

1.Ministry of External Relations

Yaoundé, Cameroon

Phone: +237 222 03026

Fax: +237 222 00133

2.Ministry of Women Empowerment and Family

Bongo Square, Clerks Quarters

Buea, Cameroon

Opposite the Grand Stand

3.The Ministry of Social Affairs City of Yaounde

Telephone: (237) 22 22 29 58 / 22 23 11 07

Fax: (237) 22 23 11 62

Top of Form


4.Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization

PO Box 1000 Yaounde

Telephone: (+237) 22 23 10 56

Fax: (+237) 22 22 63 32

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Information which might help

1. Cameroon has always kept its borders open to asylum-seekers, and is signatory to all major international and regional legal instruments on refugees.

2. Renewal of a refugee card must be one (1) month before the expiry date and to renew the card, an applicant must come with the following documents:

3. The former refugee certificate

4. The filing of a record first application

5. After renewal of a refugee card the applicant is issued with a receipt signed by the head of department for the emi-immigration and is valid until the completion of said backrest.

6. If you wish to ask for family support submit application to the diplomatic mission or consular post

7. To apply for re-uniting with family submit application to the emi-immigration.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

1. Provides security for foreign nationals of insecure countries.

2. Refugee visa card give the holder a right to stay in the country and enjoy social benefits.

3. It permits free entry of spouse and children / dependants after meeting requirements.

4. There is free education and medical services provided to successful applicants.

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