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Agricultural producer or farmer means an individual or legal entity that carries out agricultural activity for the production of plants and plant products.


Legal entities, sole proprietors and individuals over18 years of age that cultivate agricultural land and / or carry out agricultural production can register as agricultural producers. Tobacco producers can also be registered.

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Individuals and legal entities that process agricultural land over five acres must be registered as agricultural producers.

Required Information

  • Personal identification number for individuals
  • BULSTAD number for companies/sole traders
  • Number of employees
  • Full name/name of the manager for legal entities/sole traders
  • Location/s of the agricultural land/s
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Type of machinery used
  • Sorts of plants/vegetables/fruits grown.
  • Breed ,race, stock for animals


Farmers shall submit completed questionnaires along with a questionnaire form in the Municipal Office for Agriculture and Forestry. Registration is done in the Regional Directorate "Agriculture and Forestry" at the permanent address of the person or the domicile of the legal person or sole trader. In the questionnaire form must be entered the type and number of animals and the quantity of animal products per year. The sown areas of crops and yield of these also must be indicated. If you cultivate land the questionnaire form must be first stamped in the Land Commission of the municipality where the land is located. If you own agricultural machinery, you must apply issued by the Technical Control registration documents for it. A registration card is then issued. The cards are certified each year in the regional offices upon presentation of relevant information for the activity.

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Required Documents

For legal entities:

  • Questionnaire form
  • Certificate for actual standing of court registration which is valid for 6 months
  • Identification card from BULSTAD register

For individuals:

  • Questionnaire form
  • Identity document;
  • Identification card BULSTAD register for farmers who do re-registration

If farmed animals:

  • Inventory of the ear tag numbers certified by an official veterinarian

If people cultivate land:

  • Documents proving the legal basis for land use
  • If the land is private – deed
  • lease contracts

If wine vine varieties are grown farmers must submit a copy of current status of vineyard certified by the respective territorial unit.


The questionnaire and survey form are available free of charge at the municipal office of “Agriculture and Forestry”.


  • If you stop your work as a farmer, you will be deleted from the register.
  • The registration card issued is valid until March 25 of each year, as every year up to that date the farmer submits a new questionnaire form.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

The procedure for certification of questionnaire form and issuance of registration card to the farmer can be completed for a day because the person who wishes to register only moves questionnaires in different instances and the certification does not take long.

Office Locations & Contacts

You can contact the Ministry of “Agriculture and Forestry” at the info in the link:
The regional directorates of state fund “Agriculture” where you can get more information on how to register as an agricultural producer can be found in the link below:

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Information which might help

  • Registered agricultural producers are required within seven days of issuance of the registration card to obtain from the Registry Agency identification card BULSTAD.
  • Registered farmers - individuals cannot receive unemployment benefits.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • Only registered farmers can apply for financial support from the State Fund "Agriculture" and other sources, including subsidies from the state budget, and financial assistance under the pre-EU programs in the field of agriculture and rural development-SAPARD program.
  • Only registered farmers can receive free advice, information, analyzes and forecasts from the National advisory system and integrated information system in agriculture.

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