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Each ship registered under the Bulgarian flag must be registered in the Ships Registry Books in one of the Bulgarian ports. The Registry Books are kept by the regional offices of the Executive Agency Maritime Administration. The entry in the register of ships shall be executed:

  • upon written application by the owner or bareboat charterer of the ship to the Executive Director of the Maritime Administration or the Director of the relevant Directorate of Maritime Administration in Burgas, Varna, Ruse and Lom;
  • after technical examination from the Maritime Administration for compliance of the ship with the technical requirements of national and international standards for safety and environmental protection and the requirements of international treaties to which the Republic of Bulgaria is a party .The examination must complete with positive result.

In the application the boat owner indicates the chosen from him name the boat that is subject to official inspection "exclusivity of the name."

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Required Documents[edit]

  • application form to register a ship
  • Document establishing the reason for the acquisition of the vessel (contract of sale with notarized signatures, payment documents etc.)
  • document certifying the class of ship if any
  • document (original) stating that the ship had left the register of ships of the country under whose flag was floating, and a document (original) stating the presence or absence of sea mortgages and other restrictions
  • document (original) stating that the ship is not registered with the state in which it was acquired or a notarized statement from the applicant stating that the ship is not registered in a foreign register - for ships to be recorded in the registers of small vessels;
  • documents (copies) for Continues Synopsis Record (CSR)
  • Declaration of conformity or copy according to the Ordinance of the essential requirements and conformity for assessment of recreational craft.
  • bareboat charter contract (For entry of a vessel chartered under bareboat charter) and written agreement (original) the ship to sail under the Bulgarian flag

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

In the link below can be found the addresses and contact information of Maritime Administration where the ship registration is performed:

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In Bulgaria can be registered any ship that is entitled to fly under the flag of the Republic of Bulgaria. Entitled to fly under the Bulgarian flag is a ship that:

  • is owned by the state
  • is owned by Bulgarian individual or legal person
  • more than half of which is owned by Bulgarian individual or legal person;
  • is leased under a bareboat charter for the duration of the contract;
  • is owned by a person or legal person from a State-member of the European Union but only if for the implementation of technical, administrative and other requirements of the Bulgarian legislation regarding vessels are authorized Bulgarian individuals or legal persons ,or individuals or legal persons from countries - members of European Union, established in Bulgaria.


  • For entry in the Register of Ships of the Republic of Bulgaria must be collected the following fees:
    • on ships of up to 40 GT and small ships floating inland waters of Europe - 100 levs;
    • sea ships larger than 40 GT and other ships sailing inland waters of Europe - 300 Levs
  • For entry in the Register of Ships of the Republic of Bulgaria of changes in technical and other data of ship are collected the following fees:
    • on ships of up to 40 GT and small ships floating inland waters of Europe-50 lvs
    • sea ships larger than 40 GT and other ships sailing inland waters of Europe-100 lvs
    • For entering or deletion of boats, in the Register of the Republic of Bulgaria, that have a mortgage or other financial burden the fee is 100 Levs. The fee is collected from the boat-owner.
  • For issuing a document in connection with the entry or removal of entry in registers of ships in Bulgarian ports are collected the following fees:
    • on ships of up to 40 GT and small ships floating inland waters of Europe-20 levs
    • sea ships larger than 40 GT and other ships sailing inland waters of Europe-75 levs


The registration of ships is valid forever.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Entry in the register of ships shall be made within 7 working days after the technical examination of the boat and when valid documents are submitted.

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Competent administrative authority for ship registration is Directorate "Inspection Activity" in Maritime Administration Sofia and departments Examination, Certification and Registration of Ships "in Directorates" Maritime Administration "- Varna, Bourgas, Lom and Ruse.

Required Information[edit]

In the register of ships is entered the following data:

  • port of registry
  • serial number in the register and the date of registration;
  • type, name or number of ship, including Latin transcription;
  • the year and place where the ship was built
  • the material from which the hull of the ship was built
  • main dimensions of the ship
  • technical and operational characteristics of the ship
  • the name, domicile and nationality of the ship owner
  • reason for the acquisition of the vessel name, number and date of issue of the relevant document, the publisher of the document
  • marine mortgages, financial burdens and other established restrictions on the disposition of the vessel
  • date and reason for registering the ship

Need for the Document[edit]

The national classification organization of the Republic of Bulgaria - Bulgarian Register of Ships is guided in its activities by the goals and moral values set up in the Code of Ethics and is dedicated to ensure the safety of life and property at sea. Bulgarian Register of Ships successfully achieves these goals through the years to this day because of its continuous efforts to be at the level of international standards by improving the quality of services.

Information which might help[edit]

  • The grounds and the limits of the liability of the ship-owner are regulated by the law of the country flag depending on where the ship is registered (law of the flag). Bulgarian legislation is applicable in cases of damages and loss as a result of tort committed by ships (or ship crew in the course of their work) in the internal sea waters, the territorial sea or the inland waterways of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • For entry of a ship under construction to the application shall be attached:
    • Contract to build a ship, or a declaration when construction is with own forces and resources containing information on where the construction of the ship is located.
    • Project documentation with a description of the vessel and details of hull, machinery, equipment and dimensions of the ship, signaling and navigation equipment, loading equipment, etc.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

  • After the entry of the vessel into Bulgarian Register of Shipping all prior registrations in foreign registers are not valid anymore.
  • Registers of ships are public. Those who are interested can obtain extracts.

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