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In Bulgaria the banks open current accounts for individual clients to enable them to execute daily bank transactions and payments. A current account maintained with the banks in one currency can be used as a multi-currency account, for executing outgoing transfers and/or cash withdrawals in currencies other than the original currency of the account.


Banks accounts in Bulgaria are available to both residents and non-residents and can be held in levs or euros.

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When you need continuous access to your savings and you need to make payments at home and abroad, then the current account is your solution.From a personal current account you may in any office of the bank to perform the following operations:

  • to deposit and withdraw money;
  • to make interbank transfers and payments;
  • to make transfers and payments to other banks in levs and foreign currency;

Required Information

  • Full name
  • Permanent address
  • Personal identification number
  • Copy of signature
  • Identity card/residence permit/passport number


First of all you need to find a bank that best suits your financial needs. A person who wishes to open a bank account in his name or on behalf of a third party shall submit in the chosen bank application to open an account. When opening an account the Bank shall put a number to the account. A contract between the bank and the applicant must be signed. The contract is bilateral, as obligations arising under it are for both sides.

Apply Online

You cannot open a current account online but you can use various bank services with online banking.

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Required Documents

To open your current account you will need the following documents:

  • Identity card for Bulgarian citizens;
  • Passport - for foreign citizens;
  • Residence permit issued by the Ministry of Interior - for foreign citizens with permanent or long-term stay in Bulgaria


In some banks opening a personal current account is free of charge while in others a small fee (2 lv) may be applied.


There is no time limit for your current account.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

It takes very short period of time to open a current account normally it should take less than half hour.

Office Locations & Contacts

Please follow the link below to find a licensed bank in Bulgaria:

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Information which might help

Current account is closed by order of the Customer, authorized person, his legal representative, his heirs or the person that opened the account in his favor.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • The Utility Bill Payment Service of most banks in Bulgaria gives you the opportunity to pay automatically your household utility bills, as well as your personal expenses.
  • You can receive your salary on this account;
  • To use overdraft
  • To get an international debit card

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