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Foreigners who wish to reside in Bulgaria on a long-term basis should apply for and obtain a residence permit. There are two types of residence permits:

  • Long-term residence permit- up to one year
  • Permanent residence permit- for an indefinite period of time


Long-term resident status is granted to a foreigner who resided legally and continuously on the territory of the Republic Bulgaria for 5 years before the application for permitting long-term residence.

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Services for administrative control of foreigners in the Capital Police Directorate and the District Police Directorate and the diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Bulgaria in the relevant countries are authorized to accept requests and documents for long -term residence. The services for administrative control send the documents for consideration and decision to the Director of "Migration" after obtaining the opinion of the State Agency "National Security".

Required Information

  • Name
  • Reason for applying
  • Address
  • Bank information
  • Company information if any
  • Names of spouse ,children
  • Date and place of birth


The application for obtaining a long-term residence permit must be filed before the Migration Directorate not later than 3 months prior to the expiration of the term of the long-stay visa. Applications are considered and reviewed within 7 working days of their submission and the decision of the Migration Directorate is then presented in writing to the applicant.

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Required Documents

The documents required for issuance of a long-term residence permit are as follows:

  • copy of a regular travel document with the pages of the photo and personal data; to check the authenticity of the copy shall be provided and the original travel document
  • evidence that the applicant has been provided with a place to live during his/her stay in Bulgaria (e.g. rental contracts);
  • standard application form
  • evidence of payment of the relevant state fees
  • evidence that the applicant has sufficient financial means to meet the costs of his/her stay in Bulgaria for a period not less than one year, without the help of the social assistance system
  • compulsory medical insurance valid in Bulgaria when the person is not insured under Health Insurance Act (HIA)


  • For the requested service-10 lvs
  • Upon receipt-1000 lvs
  • when the ground is marriage to a Bulgarian citizen-150 lvs


The long-term residence of person shall be issued for a period of one year and shall be renewed upon the existence of grounds for re-issue.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

The processing time for an application for permanent residence is up to 3 months.

Office Locations & Contacts

The offices of Directorate “Migration” with their contact information can be found in the link below:

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Information which might help

  • The long-term residence permit can be renewed if the grounds for its issuance still exist at the time of the renewal.
  • An extension of the long term residence permit can be refused if it is established that the foreign citizen has not stayed on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria for at least 6 months and one day during the preceding calendar year.
  • Foreigners who have been granted long-term or permanent residence in the Republic of Bulgaria and the family members of a foreigner who has been granted residence permit can take up employment in the manner provided for Bulgarian citizens

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Foreign citizens who have obtained a long term residence permit have all the rights and obligations granted to or imposed on the Bulgarian citizens. For example, they can be employed by Bulgarian employers, receive social security compensations, health care insurance, etc. Long-term residence status for a foreign citizen is usually evidenced by the issuance of a Bulgarian ID card for the foreign national.

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