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Police certificates indicating whether the person has a police record are obtainable in person from the Superintendent, Criminal Record Office, Royal Bahamas Police in Nassau, upon presentation of the applicant's passport. This office issues police certificates for all islands of The Bahamas.

The Criminal Records Office (CRO) in New Providence is the only location where records are computerized. Additionally, hand-written police certificates are issued at several satellite offices in New Providence and in a few of the family islands once the appropriate information is faxed to CRO for clearance. Satellite stations include Cable Beach, Quakoo Street, and the Carmichael and Elizabeth Estates Police Stations. Police certificates may also be obtained from police stations on Andros, Eleuthera, Long Island, Abaco, and Grand Bahama Islands. In addition to the officer's signature, a wet seal bearing the issue date, the words "Royal Bahamas Police Force", and the name of the issuing office is placed on the certificate.

Records are purged periodically by CRO (no stipulated time). Records of deceased individuals are destroyed. Expunged records are archived, as are records of any case where an appeal of a conviction is upheld (this only applies to cases where prior arrests or convictions exist). Records or convictions overturned on appeal, where there are no prior arrests or convictions, are destroyed. Law does not permit those records to be retained by CRO.

Identification numbers are assigned to individuals for all arrests. An additional identification is assigned for all convictions. These numbers are automatically assigned by computer once a new case is entered. This is done chronologically each year. Once a number has been assigned, it remains with the individual. Records can therefore be retrieved by the identification number or the individual's name.

A passport is required for Bahamians and non-Bahamians requesting a police certificate. A police certificate may be issued to non-Bahamian residents regardless of the length of time residing in the Bahamas. Former residents of the Bahamas (Bahamian/non-Bahamian) also may be issued police certificates. A copy of the biographical data page(s) is required if application is made outside of the Bahamas. Former residents of the Bahamas and those not residing in Nassau may address an individual request for such certificates to Superintendent, CID, Criminal Records Office, Royal Bahamas Police, P.O. Box N-3020. Nassau. Request should include the full name, date and place of birth, nationality, and period resided in the Bahamas, and must be accompanied by fingerprint charts.

You should apply with passport details, place of residence in Bahamas, one photograph and a certified set of fingerprints, and pay the applicable fees. Requests should be made at the local police station or to:

Officer in Charge, Criminal Records Office
P.O. Box N 458
Nassau, Bahamas

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Bahamian applicant must be in possession of a passport, drivers licence or voters card to apply for a character certificate.
  • Non-Bahamian applicant must be in possession of a valid passport to apply for a character certificate.
  • Permanent residents who are in possession of a copy of their recent expired character certificate and permanent residence permit/certificate at the time of application, the 14 days requirement does not apply.
  • Applicants who require fingerprint checks should apply in person at the Criminal Records Office, Thompson Boulevard so that their fingerprint can be scanned on application, and certificate can be ready on the pick-up date. A passport, drivers licence or voters card must be submitted for identification before fingerprints are checked.
  • Applicants who applied for their certificates at a particular station will collect them from the same station where they applied except where fingerprint check is required. The certificate will be collected from the Criminal Records Office, Thompson Boulevard.
  • Online overseas applicant in addition to the information submitted, must forward a set of fingerprint and copies of the first four pages of a valid passport with a fee of $3.00 US/Bahamian currency for Bahamians and $5.00 US/Bahamian currency for foreign applicants plus mailing cost before the certificate can be issued. Cheques and international money orders must be made payable to the Bahamas Public Treasury.
  • Person's collecting Character Certificates on behalf of an applicant must present a valid identification (Passport, Drivers License, or voters Card) for that person and their own valid identification before the Certificate can be issued.
  • Use the HTML icon if you wish to submit application online. Use the PDF icon to print a form that you will fill and take to the Criminal Records Office.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Royal Bahamas Police Force Headquarters
East Street North
PO Box N-458
Nassau, Bahamas
Telephone: 242-322-4444
Fax: 242-328-2688

Officer in Charge,
Criminal Records Office
East Street North
PO Box N-458
Phone: 242 322 4444
Website: Royal Bahamas Police Force

Contact Royal Bahamas Police Force

Embassies and Consulates of Bahamas

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Relevant document: Police Character Certificate.

Residents and non-residents: Apply in person or by post to the address below.

Provide: citizens - a passport, drivers license or voters card; resident non-citizens - a valid passport; online overseas applicants - fingerprints and copies of the first four pages of your passport.

Fee: payable (plus postage costs).

Note: if you need fingerprint checks, you will need to apply in person at the Criminal Records Office, Thompson Boulevard, so that your fingerprints can be scanned on the application, and the certificate can be ready on the pick-up date. A passport, drivers license or voters card must be submitted for identification before fingerprints are checked.

You will need to collect your certificate from the same station at which you applied for it. The exception is where a fingerprint check is required. In this case, the certificate will be collected from the Criminal Records Office, Thompson Boulevard.

If someone is collecting the certificate on behalf on your behalf, they must present a valid identification for both themselves and you before the certificate can be issued. (This can include passport, drivers license or voters card).


  • $3.00 for Bahamian applicants
  • $5.00 for foreign applicants


Explain the time until which the certificate/document is valid.
e.g. Birth Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use[edit]

Request for Character Certificate online

Application From

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • A Bahamian character certificate will be ready for pick up the day after application, except in summer months when it will take 2 working days.
  • Non-Bahamian applicant character certificate takes 14 working days to process; unless otherwise specified as in the case of permanent residence in possession of recent expired certificate.

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This certificate, to be obtained from the applicant's home district or last place of residence, should cover the last ten years. A certificate should be submitted in respect of each accompanying dependant over the age of 16 years. Conditions and Instructions:

  • All compulsory fields should be filled in.
  • Make sure all entered information is correct.
  • Make sure all required documents are provided

Required Information[edit]

  • Police Station
  • Purpose
  • Title
  • Last Name
  • Maiden Name: If not applicable, specify N/A
  • First Name
  • Middle Name: If not applicable, specify N/A
  • Date of Birth
  • Country of Citizenship
  • Father's Name
  • Father's Last Name
  • Father's First Name
  • Mother's Name
  • Mother's Last Name
  • Mother's Maiden Name, or N/A, if not applicable
  • Mother's First Name
  • Occupation
  • Indicate if Student
  • Passport Number: If no passport, specify NONE
  • Issue Date
  • Expiration Date
  • Issuing Country
  • Telephone (Home, Work and Mobile))
  • House/Apartment no.: If not available, specify N/A
  • Street
  • P.O. Box/Postal Code: If no P.O. Box, specify NONE
  • City/Town/Settlement
  • Island/Region
  • Country
  • Sender's Name
  • Sender's Last Name
  • Sender's First Name
  • Sender's Email

Need for the Document[edit]

A police clearance certificate states that you don't have any criminal record against you for a certain period of time which is mentioned in the certificate.

A Police Character Certificate is a copy of your criminal record or a declaration of the absence of any criminal record. Police clearance certificates are different in each country and territory and may be called police certificates, good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, pcc, etc. They are issued by police authorities or government departments and used by Citizenship and Immigration to prevent individuals who possess a risk to Country's security from entering the country.

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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