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A specific form identifying the goods, in which the authority or body empowered to issue it, certifies expressly that the goods to which the certificate relates originate in a specific country. This certificate may also include a declaration by the manufacturer, producer, supplier, exporter or other competent person.


Provide eligibility criteria's for going through this procedure.

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The Certificate of Origin comprises a three part set as follows:

  • The Original Certificate (white coloured sheet printed in green)
  • The Copy Certificate (green coloured)
  • The Certificate Application (blue coloured) for retention by the Chamber

Required Information

  • Name of the consignor
  • Name of the consignee
  • Method of transport
  • Consignor’s ref
  • Place of origin
  • Remarks
  • Marks and numbers
  • Quantity and the kind of package
  • Description of goods
  • Weight
  • Place and date of issue
  • Issuing authority


The following conditions should be met when submitting invoices for certification/legalization:

  • The invoice should be an original. Any copies required should be submitted at the same time.
  • Two extra copies are required to act as the control and application copies (photocopies are acceptable)
  • The full name and address of the Arab consignee at the final destination should appear on the invoice
  • In all cases, the signature of the applicant on the document must meet the requirements of the country of final destination. (N.B. In case of doubt, a hand-written original signature is recommended)
  • When invoices are not presented with a Certificate of Origin form, the country of origin and full name and address of the manufacturer are required
  • Where an agent signs an invoice, the signature must be followed by the full name of the signatory, their status as agent and the address of the agent.

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Required Documents

  • All documents must be originals
  • As with Certificates of Origin and invoices, two extra copies are required to act as the control and application copies (photocopies are acceptable)
  • All documents must show the country of final destination
  • The document for certification/legalisation must bear the original signature of an authorised signatory of the company which originated the document and must be currently dated
  • Where an agent signs an invoice, the signature must be followed by the full name of the signatory, their status as agent and the address of the agent
  • Documents originating from a foreign source must show the name and address of the UK agent or representative. These must be signed by an authorised signatory of the UK agent or representative and be currently dated
  • If the document relates to a particular consignment, it should be submitted with the related Certificate of Origin and/or invoice
  • Invoice


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


Explain the time until which the certificate/document is valid.
e.g. Birth Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents


Processing Time

Please explain processing time taken in obtaining the document/certificate.

Office Locations & Contacts

  • Regional Directorate of Algiers Exterior

14, rue Dar el Beida amar ali Algiers
Phone: 0021321 508475
Fax: 0021321 508360

  • Regional Directorate of Algiers Port

Street Béziers-Algiers Algeria
Phone: 0021321 754350
Fax: 0021321 744469

  • Regional Directorate of Annaba

Port before Annaba Algeria
Phone: 0021338865231
Fax: 0021338865351

  • Regional Directorate of Bechar

Shelf sea Niger Bechar Algeria
Phone: 002134981 7735
Fax: 002134981 6074

  • Regional Directorate of Setif

Financial District 600 housing Setif
Phone: 002133691 01 75/77
Fax: 0021336918071

  • Regional Directorate of Tamanrasset

BP 87 Tamanrasset Algérie
Phone: 00213344438

  • Regional Directorate of Oran

Barki Oran Algeria
Phone: 0021341 394952/54
Fax: 0021341 392666

  • Regional Directorate Tébessa

Road Tébessa Constantine Algeria
Phone: 0021337491448
Fax: 0021337494664

  • Regional Directorate of Tlemcen

Boulevard Akid Lotfi Tlemcen Algeria
Phone: 0021343261900
Fax: 0021343261342

  • Regional Directorate of Ouargla

Industrial area Ouargla Algeria
Phone: 0021329714441
Fax: 0021329718790

  • Regional Directorate of Constantine

18, rue Belmeliek eg pine street get onstantine Algeria
Phone: 0021331 91 1709
Fax: 0021331 91 1930

  • Regional Directorate Illizi

Route Ain el Kourse Illizi Algeria
Phone: 0021329421706
Fax: 0021329421202

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Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
Attach videos using the following tag <&video type="website">video ID|width|height<&/video&> from external websites.
Please remove the "&" inside the tags during implementation.
Website = allocine, blip, dailymotion, facebook, gametrailers, googlevideo, html5, metacafe, myspace, revver, 
sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
width = 560, height = 340, Video ID = Can be obtained from the URL of webpage where the video is displayed.
e.g In the following url "" Video ID is "Y0US7oR_t3M". 

Information which might help

It is strongly recommended that copies are submitted with the original set of Arab-British Certificate of Origin forms, this will ensure a reduced fee.
In the event of copies being submitted subsequently for certification, then the original document fee will be payable. The original Certificate of Origin form, or a photocopy of it showing the A-BCC stamp, is required as a back up and the serial number of the original Certificate of Origin must be entered on copies.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

The Certificate of Origin is required for the following reasons:

  • It is a legislative requirement of the importing country.
  • It may be required by a Letter of Credit.
  • The importer may want the goods to be of a certain origin
  • The Customs authorities may require proof of origin.

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In some agreements, only the competent authorities are allowed to issue or authenticate a proof of origin, which is normally a certificate of origin in a prescribed format.
Photocopies of the Certificate of Origin cannot be certified.

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