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West Bengal - Print Completed Driver License Application Form

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Step 1: To print a completed application form, please access the following link that is displayed : Print Application Form.
Step 2: Please make the selections as mentioned in the following image.
West Bengal - Apply for Driver License 1.gif


Step 3: In the new page, please select “West Bengal” in drop down as displayed in the image listed below.
West Bengal - Apply for Driver License 2.gif

Step 4: In the next page, please select option “Download Forms” and click “Print Application Form” as displayed in below images.
West Bengal PrintApplication1.gif


West Bengal PrintApplication2.gif

Step 5: In the next screen, please enter the textboxes highlighted in “RED” and click button submit highlighted in “yellow” as displayed in the below image.
West Bengal PrintApplication3.gif
Step 6: Now follow the instructions in the screen to print the application form.