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West Bengal - Apply for Particular Contract Carriage Permit

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Apply In-Person

  1. To apply for Particular Contract Carriage Permit in West Bengal the applicant has to approach the RTO office to which your area belongs to. Following link can provide you information related to the list of RTO office : Contacts Link
  2. Link for online application forms : Forms online
  3. Application for permit : Link for form
  4. Make sure you have all the necessary documents
  5. The applicant should make sure they are eligible for the process
  6. Application forms can be obtained from the appropriate RTO offices that should be completed and presented along with documents and appropriate fees.
  7. Officials would start processing your application.
  8. Important verification’s for the permit includes Vehicle condition, Body built, seating arrangements etc.. will be carried by authorities.
  9. After checking the vehicle for its correctness and other appropriate requirements the application will be processed further.

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Link for online application forms : Forms online
  • Application for permit : Link for form
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
  • Fitness Certificate.
  • Proof of payment of tax for the current Quarter.
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Payment of green tax wherever applicable.
  • Passport size photo-2
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • Aadhaar Card

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Public Vehicles Department
38, Beltala Road, Kolkata – 700020.
Contacts: +(91)-2474-9263 / 33-24751621 / 24751622.
Fax: 2486-0222

West Bengal State - Transport Department Contacts: Link for contact

List of all RTO Office in West Bengal

Note: There are 18 motor vehicle offices that can be found within the premises of the respective offices of the District Magistrates. There are also 7 sub-divisional motor vehicle offices located in the premises of the offices of the concerned Sub Divisional Officers.

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You should be the owner of the vehicle.


Fees related information can be obtained from the following link : Fees Link


Permit is valid for 5 Years

Documents to Use[edit]

Application forms can be obtained from the following link : Application Forms

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents which would help other people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Processing Time[edit]

It takes 5 working days to get permit

Related Videos[edit]

West Bengal - Apply For Particular Contract Carriage Permit

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The applicant may approach the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (S/A) / Chairman (STA), who is in charge of issuing the permit.

Following are the general conditions of every permit
  • Vehicle have to carry valid certificate of fitness and is at all times to be maintained in such condition so as to comply with the requirements of motor vehicle act and the rules made there under;
  • Vehicle should not be driven at a speed exceeding the speed permitted under motor vehicle act.
  • Fares or freight fixed by notification made under MVAS 67 are required to be observed.
  • Vehicle should not be driven in contravention of the provisions of MVAS 5 or 113;
  • Limiting the hours of work of drivers are required to be observed.
  • Vehicle have to carry valid certificate of insurance.
  • Name and address of the owner have to be painted on every vehicle to which the permit relates on the exterior of the body of that vehicle on both sides.
Additional conditions in respect of Contract Carriage permits
  • A permit in respect of a contract-carriage have to be issued subject to one or more of the following conditions, namely.
    • The vehicle should not be driven in a public place except by the permit holder or a licensed driver holding an authorisation to drive a public service vehicle.
    • The number of persons to be carried in the vehicle should not exceed the sitting capacity.
    • No advertising device, figure or writing should be exhibited on the vehicle.
  • The permit holder have to make provision, for the conveyance of passenger's luggage.

Required Information[edit]

  • Full Name of applicant
  • Name of father(in the case of an individual)
  • Address
  • Area for which required
  • Type of vehicle
  • Approximate seating capacity
  • Particulars of service to be performed by the contract carriages (not necessary in case of a motor cab), and the manner in which it is claimed that the public convenience will be served
  • Particulars of any stage carriage or contract carriage permit (or similar authorization under the Indian Motor Vehicles Act, 1914) valid in the province held by the applicant

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Need for the Document[edit]

  • Particular Contract Carriage Permit is the most common type of permit. The permit grants the holder the right to operate under a contract with his client for a specific destination, he cannot pick passengers other than those mentioned in the permit.
  • “contract carriage” means a motor vehicle which carries a passenger or passengers for hire and is engaged under a contract on a fixed or an agreed rate or sum –
    • On a time basis with reference to any route or distance
    • From one point to another

Information which might help[edit]

  • This permit does not entitle the holder to use the vehicle herein described as a stage carriage or as a goods carriage.
  • FC (for clearance) is a process meant for reviewing the condition of the vehicle by the RTO authorities

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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