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1.Mobilize at least a minimum of at least thirty (30) people with a common goal;

2.After members have been mobilized, elect a lead committee of the society i.e. elect a chairman, treasurer, secretary and two or more committee members.

  • The society may decide elect more than the mentioned but ensure that the committee has at least five (5) members and the mentioned should not be left out.

3.There after recruit employees that shall help in the day today running of the cooperation;

4.Then visiting the registrars office at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives to find out what is require in order to register a cooperative society in Uganda;

5.The applicant, after finding out what is required must assess the society they wish to register to see if it meets the formalities of a recognized society;

6.If yes, at the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, obtain a registration application form and complete it according.

  • The registration application form can also be obtained from all offices of District Commercial Officer (DCO) across the country.

7.After fill the application form, ensure that it is signed by the right person for instance for application to register as:

  • a primary society application should be signed by at least thirty (30) persons qualified for membership of the society;
  • a secondary, tertiary or apex society, application should be signed by an authorized member for that purpose by each registered society.

8.Also obtain a model set of byelaws from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives or District Commercial Officer (DCO) offices.

9.Attach all other required documents and forward application District Commercial Officer (DCO).

10.At the District Commercial Officer (DCO), applicants should prepare financial statements of the proposed cooperative and a recommendation must be written to the registrar.

11.The application, together with financial statements and recommendation through the District Commercial Officer (DCO) are forwarded to the registrar.

12.when the registrar receives the application, he / she looks into it to find if the society apply for registration has complied with this Act and regulations of cooperatives and also to find out if its proposed bye laws are not contrary the act of the country.

13.When the registrar finds it necessary, he or she registers the society and its bye laws.

  • The registered company shall operate on probation for a given period, not exceeding twenty-four (24) months.

14.When the probation period expires and the registrar is satisfied with the performance of the society, he or she then registers the society permanently.

  • However in cases where the registrar is not satisfied after the probation period, registration may be cancelled or probation may be extended for some time not more than twelve (12) months.

15.After registration a certificate of registration signed by the registrar is issued to the registered cooperative.

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Required Documents[edit]

1.Bye laws of the cooperative

2.Interim operation report;

3.Schedule of paid up membership fees,

4.Schedule of shares;

5.Schedule of savings if any;

6.Cooperatives financial statements;

7.Recommendation from District Commercial Officer (DCO)

8.Passport photographs (in cases of opening up a bank account)

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

The Registrar of cooperative societies

Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives,

Room 608, Floor 6, Farmers House,

Parliament Avenue,

Po Box 7103 Kampala,


Telephone: +256414314000; +256414?230916

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  • In order to be eligible, a society must have a sole aim of promoting economic and social interests of its members in accordance with cooperative principles and should be capable of promoting those interests.


1.Registration Ushs. 50,000/=

2.Model byelaws UShs. 10,000/=

3.Model byelaws for SACCOs Ushs 15,000/= in case of any


The document is Valid for a period of 3 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

processing takes 30 working days

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1.Members should be twelve (12) years and above;

2.Ensure that all members pay membership fees and deposit their share capital before applying for registration;

3.The membership fees and share capital to be contributed should be determined basing on the members of the society intending to register;

4.Before applying for registration, know the type of society you would like to register.

5.Ensure that the society meets the minimum numbers required for registration;

6.Must be ready to join the Uganda Cooperative Alliance Ltd as it is the apex body for all registered cooperative societies;

7.Ensure that the cooperative society to be registered function under specified principles of societies in Uganda;

8.Recommendations by the District Commercial Officer (DCO) are based on interim operation reports of cooperatives;

9.Cooperative members are advised to open up a bank account for the cooperative during the process of registration;

10.A bank account must have at least three (3) signatories;

Required Information[edit]

1.Names of Applicants / members of the cooperative society to be registered

2.Contact addresses of Applicants / members of the cooperative society to be registered;

3.Nationality, sex, age and marital status of each member;

4.Proposed name of society;

5.Proposed activities of society;

6.Office location and contact address of society;

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Need for the Document[edit]

A society is an independent association of persons who unite voluntarily with a common goal of meeting their economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly?owned and democratically controlled enterprise. Among societies are primary, secondary, tertiary and apex societies.

  • A primary society must consists of at least thirty (30) qualified members of a society
  • Secondary societies have at least two (2) registered primary societies among its members;
  • A tertiary and an apex society have at least two (2) registered secondary societies among its members.
  • Registration of societies in Uganda is done by the Registrar of cooperative societies in the registry office under the ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives (MTIC).

Information which might help[edit]

1.If need arises, the registrar may decided to cancel registration of a society at any period of time and the cancellation is published in at least one of the English newspapers in Uganda.

2.If a certificate is lost or destroyed, an application for a duplicate certificate must be sent to the registrar.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

1.A cooperative is officially recognized by the government;

2.Creation of job opportunities to the people in the society;

3.The cooperative is safe guarded by local government if registered, for instance no one can use the cooperatives name;

4.A registered cooperative has some legal liability protection. Thus, it may be easier to obtain business insurance, or attract investors.

5.A registered cooperation has benefit of continuity for instance even when the founders pass away it can still operate.

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