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Uganda - How to Apply for a Secondary School Certificate

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  • In Uganda, students receive the Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) when they finish the four year lower secondary school. It is comparable to GCE O-Levelin the UK. UCE is also called "O-Level" by the people in Uganda. The UCE examinations are administered by the Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB)

Apply In-person

  1. Schools and officers-in-charge of Examination centers should buy entry forms from the Board offices and issue the forms to each candidate who are eligible to sit for the exam to fill accurately
  2. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that their entries are in order and that their names are recorded correctly on the entry forms, as they would like them to appear on their certificates
  3. Entries must be accompanied by an album of black and white passport size photographs and a typed list of candidates showing all the particulars of each candidate as instructed in the circular on entries issued from time to time.
  4. The completed forms and the examination fees must be delivered to the Board by the date specified in the circular issued every year at the start of the registration exercise. Late entries will attract a special fee per candidate. They will not be accepted after the date specified.
  5. After the entries have been received and recorded, computer print outs of the entries will be issued to the centers for verification and should be promptly be returned to the Board.
  6. The registered candidate’s will sit for their exams and on completion of the examination period, each candidate’s examination papers will bemarked accurately and verified .the board will then process each candidate result slip
  7. The ministry of education will then announce to the public through adverting media that the result are out and that each candidate should collect their result slip from their school or examination centres where their sat for the exam
  8. The original certificate will then be collected by the school head teacher or officers-in-charge of Examination centers at the examination board Centre, the candidate should came with their result slip so as to be able to collect their original certificate

Online verification
Registered Candidate can verify their registration statues or exam results by entering their index number to the UNEB Website portal


Via mobile SMS

  • Registered Candidate can verify their registration status or exam results from a mobile phone by sending their index number tocode number 6600 at a cost of UGX 500 per SMS

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Required Documents[edit]

  1. Accurately filled application form (entries)
  2. Examination application fee
  3. Passport photograph
  4. Index number of the candidate
  5. Exams Result slip

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Uganda National Education Board (UNEB)
Address: Plot 35 Martyrs Way Martyrs' Way, Kampala
P.O.BOX 7066, KAMPALA, Uganda
Phone: +256 41 4286635

Ministry of Education and Sports
P. O. BOX 7063 Kampala, Uganda
Email: (Communication Information Management)
Email: (BTVET)
Email: (Statistics)
Tel: 0414259338 (PRO)
Tel: 0414 257 038 (Permanent Secretary)
Tel: 0414 230 241 (Human Resource Management)
Tel: 0414 233 357 (Statistics Monitoring and Evaluation)
Tel: 0414 671680/1 (Teacher Management Information System - Helpline)

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  • All registered candidate by the Uganda national education board (UNEB)


Explain the fees structure which is required for obtaining the certificate/document.


  • Secondary school Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • The ministry of education will announce when the examination result are out, through the advertising media (TV, radio and newspaper)

Related Videos[edit]

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  • Examinations for the Uganda Certificate of Education conducted by UNEB shall be conducted once a year in October/November. The printed time table will be collected from the Board offices by officers-in-charge of examination centres who will inform candidates in due course when they are to sit for the examinations.
  • Entry Codes:
  • The different entry codes to be shown in the appropriate column ofthe UCE Entry Form against each candidate are as follows:-
  1. Code 1: for School Candidates sitting for the first time;
  2. Code 2: for School Candidates repeating the examination;
  3. Code 3: for private Candidates sitting for the first time.
  4. Code 4: for private Candidates repeating the examination:
  5. Code 0: for visually challenged Candidates sitting for the first time or as repeaters.
  • Centre Supervisors should ensure that the correct Entry Codes are used during registration.

Required Information[edit]

  1. Full name of the candidate (as to appear on the certificate)
  2. Subject to be taken by the candidate
  3. Index number of the candidate
  4. Entry code (private , public ,special school)
  5. Passport photograph

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Need for the Document[edit]

  • The certificate proves that a person has attain secondary school education in Uganda

Information which might help[edit]


  1. The attention of all the candidates is drawn to the Directions and Caution issued before each examination and set out in the timetable for examinations. All the candidates will be required to attend a briefing session on Directions and Caution to be conducted by the Supervisor of the Centre at the time and on the date specified on the timetable.
  2. If the Board is satisfied that a candidate has been involved in any breach of such directions or caution or in any other malpractice, irregularities, misconduct or dishonesty whatever in connection with the examination or any of the papers, the Board, may at its sole discretion, expel the candidate from the UNEB examination and refuse him/her further ad mission thereto, cancel the entire candidate’s results, and refuse him/her entry as a candidate in the subsequent examinations.
  3. If the Board is satisfied that breaches of such Directions or Caution or any malpractice, irregularity, misconduct, or dishonesty whatever in connection with the examination have been widespread at any Centre, or that the circumstances in which the examination is held at any Centre are unsatisfactory, the Board may, at its sole discretion, cancel the en tire examination atthe Centrein relation to all the candidates at the Centre, and may withdraw the entire Centre.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

The secondary school certificate is required when one is apply for the following

  1. Entry to a Higher education institute
  2. Job application
  3. Applying for a ID card

External Links[edit]

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  • Under Protest Entries.
  • In order to correct an apparent error in the entry shown on the Register (the official print out of the entries) a subject or paper of a subject not recorded may be taken or sat for “Under Protest” under the following conditions:
  1. That an explanation is given in writing by the candidate or school head and is delivered to the Board not later than 31st August of the year of examination.
  2. That an “Under Protest” fee is paid for each candidate for each paper taken “Under Protest”,
  3. That the question papers for the subject are available at the Centre.
  4. The script of a candidate who has sat a paper Under Protest should be clearly marked by the Chief Invigilator: “UNDER PROTEST CASE”, and enclosed in the same envelope with the script of other candidates from the Centre. At the back of the script envelope the candidate’s index number should be writtenas “OUUNDER PROTEST CASE”.

Note: Use of the Under Protest procedure may lead to missing results or a delay in the issue of results of such candidates. The use of Under Protest procedure is therefore, discouraged.

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