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Hoarding is a temporary solid structure of solid construction, put up around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorized access.

  1. To put scaffolding or hoardings on, or next to, a highway you must apply in person to the director physical planning at the Local Authority offices located in the District, municipality or town council boards.
  2. To apply for a scaffolding or hoarding Permit You must apply for this permit at least three working days before you want to put up scaffolding or hoarding.
  3. Pick and fill the form as required by the Authority.
  4. Attach all the necessary documents before submitting to the Director physical planning.
  5. On the document a sketch must include footway and carriageway widths and details of any highway features which may be affected such as road markings, junctions and traffic lights.
  6. Show the proof of payments as indicated on the application form remember that the costs for each scaffolding or hoarding permit depends on how long the scaffolding or hoarding will be up: payments must be strict paid in the Bank and submit the pay slips from the Bank.
  7. You must wait for less than 2 days before a permit is released to you.


  • If you put up scaffolding without a Permit, you have to pay penalty for every month you didn’t have the Licence.
  • If you want to put up hoarding, you'll also need to pay for a site inspection.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Application letter to the Director Physical Planning.
  • document showing that Hoarding shall be painted green and 150mm white strips each corner
  • document showing that Hoarding Shall be painted with dull colours preferably dark green, maroon or deep blue.
  • Authority to be indemnified from all damages and /or losses to property and lives and the contractor/client shall individually and collectively be responsible for any such occurrence.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Kampala Capital City Authority - (KCCA),
City Hall, Plot 1-3, Apollo Kaggwa Road
Kampala - Uganda,
PO BOX 7010
Kampala - Uganda,
Tel: 0312 90 00 00
SMS code: 7010
Toll free line: 0800 29 90 00
Email: [email protected],
Website: Link,


Any person, company or individual intending to construct a solid construction, and he /she is to put up a perimeter structure around the construction sites to shield public from view and prevent unauthorized access is Eligible for this permit.


  • License Fee: Inspection fee - 118,000/= Ugx (Inclusive of 18,000/= VAT) Fees Charge


Validity: Lasts for construction period

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

Application Form

Processing Time[edit]

Maximum Processing Time: 2 Days

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  • To prevent encroachment on public foot ways and ensure public safety. The Authority to Allows for erection of an enclosure to secure a construction site for public safety.
  • The purpose of this permit is regulatory and the process of obtaining it is stipulated under the law.

Required Information[edit]

  • Applicant’s name:
  • Applicant’s physical address:
  • Telephone contact
  • Date
  • General description of proposed hoarding; corrugated (pre-painted) coloured iron sheets on treated poles.
  • Period of time required for hoarding in months
  • Length of hoarding in meters.
  • Projection over public footpath in Width of footpath curb to plot boundary
  • Height of hoarding in Material of hoarding
  • Corrugated coloured iron sheet
  • Description of supports
  • Treated poles on concrete base

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