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Apply In-Person:

  1. The first step is to Contact the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries office to apply for Fish Angling License or Fishing rod License for fishing a particular fishery.You can visit their website on the following link
  2. Before the Applicant is permitted , the Authority shall satisfy that the applicant meets the requirements necessary to carry out the Fish Angling activity.
  3. An application to undertake Fish Angling License shall be in a prescribed Form set out in the Schedule of the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  4. The application shall be accompanied by the fee specified in the Fourth Schedule to the Regulations.
  5. The applicant shall, in addition to the fee referred to above , shall make sure that Angling waters are available in the Local Area for fishing.
    • The applicant can also find out which waters have been reserved and what sort of fishing is allowed by the Authority for fishing. You can contact the nearest fisheries department office for a preliminary advise on the facility.
    • Where areas of non-compliance are identified from the Fisheries department , improvements should be undertaken so that everything is up to par.
  6. If everything is in order, you can now move on to the next step and submit your application for Fish Angling permit/ license through the Fisheries Department in the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.
  7. Once payment is made the Fish Angling license will be processed within seven days.
  8. The license has a validity period of one year and the applicant can start operations immediately.
  9. Pay all dues and levy as and where applicable. Other conditions of issuance of the license should be observed (Non-compliance can lead to suspension of permit)
  • The applicant should apply for fish angling license in person by visiting the ministry of Agriculture animal industry and fisheries offices at every end of the year before 31 December.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Fish rod license is one of the document required to acquire a fish angling license and should be attached on the form.
  • Copy of ID card/ Passport is required and should be attached on the application form for proper identification.
  • Proof of payment to show that you have paid for the License should also be attached.
  • Application form fully filled ready for submission should be well checked.
  • Specific Angling waters available in the Local Area for the applicant to use for fishing.
  • List of a sort of fishing that is allowed by the Authority for fishing

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries - Head Office,
Entebbe Plot 16-18,Lugard Avenue,
Entebbe Uganda.
P.O Box 102,
Entebbe Uganda.
Tel: 041 4320004
Email: [email protected],


  • Any person who wishes to undertake fishing for pleasure with a single rod, reel or line is eligible for angling permit/ License in accordance with regulations made for that purpose.


  • License fees:The applicant should pay USh.371, 907 for fish Angling License fees.


  • The Valid period for this License is usually 1 year

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

  • Maximum processing time of 2 days is required to process this permit.

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications. 
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sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
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e.g In the following url '' Video ID is 'Y0US7oR_t3M'.


  • All persons engaging in fish Angling are required to have a valid specific license.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of applicant (individual or firm)
  • Physical and postal address of applicant.
  • Telephone number
  • Personal Email
  • ID/ Passport Number
  • Business name
  • Certificate number
  • Business physical address and postal address
  • Physical and postal address of business
  • Email address of business
  • Type of fishing pleasure
  • Area of fishing

Need for the Document[edit]

  • In order to protect the public from misuse of fishing for pleasure from dangers arising from unscrupulous fishing, where any fish caught are not intended for sale or barter. The ministry of Agriculture animal industries and Fisheries requires that anybody who intends to set up a angling fishing facility apply for a license.

Information which might help[edit]

  • “Angling” refers to fishing for pleasure with a single rod, reel or line where any fish caught are not intended for sale or barter.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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