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  1. To apply for Tourist Vehicle (Class A) Licence in Uganda the applicant has to approach the Transport Licensing Board office at the Ministry of Works and Transport. Following link can provide you information related to TLB office:
  2. Application forms can be obtained from the appropriate TLB offices that should be completed and presented along with documents and appropriate fees. Application forms can be obtained from Transport Licensing Board.
  3. Make sure you have all the necessary documents.
  4. submit the application along with necessary documents then Official would start processing your application.
  5. Important verification’s for the permit includes Vehicle condition, Body built, seating arrangements etc. will be carried by authorities.
  6. After checking the vehicle for its correctness and other appropriate requirements the application will be processed further.

Apply Online:

  1. Download and fill in application form TR. V Form 7 from this link check at end of this Document or pick them from any TLB offices in Kampala, Mbarara, Fort Portal or Mbale.
  2. Present vehicle for inspection at SGS Motor Vehicle Inspection Centres in Kawanda (Luwero Road), Nabingo (Masaka Road), Namulanda (Entebbe Road), and Namanve (Jinja Road), upcountryCentres in Mbarara, Mbale and Gulu and any mobile station located in different places from time to time.
  3. If vehicle passes the test and is fit for use as a Tourist Vehicle, an inspection report is issued.
  4. Go to the URA Portal ( go to the TLB offices for tax assessment forms.
  5. Pay in the bank and obtain a receipt of payment.
  6. Go to Transport Licensing Board with:
    • Log Book.
    • Bank payment receipts for Rental Taxi Licence fees and Advance Income Tax (where no Tax Clearance Certificate has been issued by URA).
    • Inspection report from SGS
    • Third Party Insurance certificate
    • Tour Operator License for the Company from Ministry of Tourism
  7. Your Licence will be processed and issued.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Application forms
  • Registration Certificate of the vehicle.
  • Fitness Certificate of the vehicle.
  • Proof of payment of tax for the current quarter.
  • Insurance Certificate.
  • Payment of green tax wherever applicable.
  • Passport size photo-2
  • Pollution under control certificate
  • National identification Card
  • Certificate of fitness.
  • Letter of authorization to act as a tour agent from Ministry of Tourism.
  • Motor third party insurance certificate.
  • Vehicle registration book.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Works and Transport
Transport Licensing Board,
Head Office Address
Off Jinja Road/ Old Port Bell Rd,
P.O. Box 7174, Kampala, Uganda
Tel phone: +256 414-320135/0414-321364
Fax: 0414236369
Email: [email protected]
Website : Ministry of Works



Any registered owner of a Tourist Vehicle and who wishes to carry tourist business can apply for this Licence in Uganda.


Licence fees:

  • Up to 7 passengers 200,000Ugshs.
  • Up to 20 passengers 300,000Ugshs.
  • Above 20 passengers 500,000Ugshs.


Validity: 1 Year

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Processing Time[edit]

Maximum Processing Time: 2 Hours.

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Required Information[edit]

  • Names, Physical and Postal Address of Applicant
  • Legal Status of the Applicant
  • Certificate of Registration,
  • Certificate of Incorporation,
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association,
  • Information if the Applicant has ever been convicted of acriminal offence in Uganda or in any other country.
  • Information if you have ever acquired a Licence and state the nature of the Licence, date issued and the Licence number.

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