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  1. Any person intending to engage in the business of exporting coffee in Uganda is required to obtain an international coffee organization (ICO) certificate, shall make a written application to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority requesting for a Certificate of origin for each consignment.
  2. The Uganda Coffee Development Authority may stipulate such conditions as the Authority may think fit to Cary out a feasibility study to check the coffee to be exported and company condition and ascertain if they can meet the International coffee requirements.
  3. Then Fill the form and return the same to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority head office. It is important to give information that will satisfy the Authority that the applicant can meet the relevant Certificate conditions and has the technical and financial capability to comply with the terms and conditions of the international coffee standards.
  4. Before an application is accepted it must fulfill certain requirements specified by the Uganda Coffee Development Authority and the application should be duly stamped and signed by the applicant, the requirements must be attached on the application form.
  5. The next step for the applicant is to attach the necessary documents on the application form and on this stage they need to furnish the Uganda Coffee Development Authority with sufficient information to enable the Authority to make a full assessment of the suitability of the Applicant to hold the ICO Certificate.
    • The application for a ICO certificate shall, in addition to the required fee, be accompanied by─
      • the full name and address of the applicant;
      • in the case of a company is limited by shares,the applicant should provide the names and full addresses of its directors, the number of shareholders and their respective share holdings;
      • a Performance Bond as determined by the Authority;
      • evidence of access to a coffee reprocessing factory capable of producing export grades.
      • technical and economic description of the coffee export business;
      • the planned time of commencement of the coffee export business;
      • the impact of the Coffee export business on environment and possible mitigation;
      • the results and reports of assessments, including environmental impact assessments, and any other studies carried out ; including other rights holders; and all relevant consents and permits required under any other law.
  6. The applicant must send a final application to Uganda Coffee Development Authority, and another copy to Ministry of Trade, industry and cooperatives accompanied by such fee as may be prescribed under Uganda Coffee Development Act Cap (235) Coffee Law, 2017.
    • Any person intending to Export coffee shall duly comply with conditions and requirements laid down by the Authority of exporting good coffee quality that meets the international standard requirements.
  7. Then submit a completed application form along with the relevant documents and the processing fees to the Uganda Coffee Development Authority indicating clearly that the primary requirement is to apply for ICO certificate.
  8. If the Authority is satisfied that the applicant has fulfilled all the requirements necessary for the grant of the coffee ICO certificate and upon payment of the prescribed fee, the Authority may grant him the certificate. Otherwise it may refuse to grant the certificate and the Authority shall in either case notify the applicant of its decision.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Quality Certificate.
  • Application letter to register sales contract
  • Application form for pre-shipment inspection.
  • Uganda Coffee Development Authority sales contract
  • National identity card
  • Environmental impact assessments report
  • Performance Bond
  • Export licence
  • Evidence report of access to a coffee reprocessing factory.
  • Clearance from Uganda Coffee development Authority and Ministry of trade industries and cooperatives.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Uganda Coffee Development Authority - Head Office ,
Coffee House,
Plot 35 Jinja Road,
P.O.Box 7267,
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: (+256)-414-256940 / 312-260470
Fax: +256-414-256994
Email: [email protected]
Website: Link

Ministry of Trade, Industry & Cooperatives -Head Office,
Plot 6/8, Parliamentary Avenue
Kampala, Uganda
P.O. Box 7103
Kampala , Uganda
Tel: +256-312 324 000 | +256 312 324 268
Email: [email protected]
Website: Link


  • Any person of 18 years and above carrying out coffee export business in Uganda within the jurisdiction are eligible.
  • Except those who are exempted under Uganda Coffee Development Act Cap 235 of Coffee Law 2017 Coffee export License Act are eligible to obtain a certificate of International Coffee organization.


Certificate fees: 25,000 Ugshs


Validity: Once for a specific project.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Maximum Processing Time: 1 Day

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No person shall export coffee except a certificate of international coffee organization has been issued to him or her by the Uganda coffee development Authority.

Required Information[edit]

  • The full name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant;
  • In the case of a company limited by shares,the article and memorandum of association are required.
  • The names and full addresses of company directors and the number of shareholders and their respective share holdings;
  • Date and signature of the applicant.
  • seal or stamp of the applicant on the application form.

Need for the Document[edit]

Purpose of permit is to regulate trade and obtaining statistics relating to the trade.

Information which might help[edit]

  • The Authority may, in issuing a certificate of registration to any person as a coffee exporter, limit the amount of coffee that may be exported by the exporter in line with the demands of international obligations.
  • Where an application for a certificate of registration under the Authority Regulations is received by the Authority at a time when the coffee year is in an advance stage, the certificate may be issued in respect of the current coffee year, notwithstanding the fact that part of the coffee year has already expired; in which case the expired part of the year shall not affect the fee prescribed.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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