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Apply In-Person

  1. The application for Goldsmith’s License should be made to the Commissioner in the form prescribed.
    • The Act states that no person shall manufacture any article from any precious mineral or from any substance containing any precious mineral unless such person has obtained a Goldsmith’s License.
  2. Visit the office and obtain an application for exploration license from the concerned department.Visit their website on the following Link Link
  3. Inquire from the officials at the office about the documents to be attached with the completed application form. Complete the application form as required with relevant information and details.
  4. After completing the application form with respect to the need, attach the required documents with the completed form.
  5. Also pay the prompted fees as required. After that, your application form and documents attached will be forwarded further for various processes of verification and validation.
  6. The Commissioner grants the goldsmith’s License according to Section 73(2). According to The Mining Regulations, 2004, Section 75(1), the grant of a goldsmith’s license shall be in the Form XV as indicated in the Regulations.
  7. Once all the processes are done and documents are found in order, your application will be approved and Goldsmith’s license will be issued with prior notification.
  8. After payment of USh.2,598,536 the Goldsmith License shall be issued to the applicant through the office of Directorate of Geological survey and mines upon completing all the process mentioned above.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Accurately filled application form
  • A certified copy of company registration certificate or certificate of incorporation
  • Letter of appointment from the applicant (consultant)
  • Prospecting report approved by Department of Geological Surveys or a copy of prospecting waiver.
  • Surveyed coordinates with sketch plan and total area applying for.
  • Archaeological clearance certificate from Department of National Museum, Monuments and Art Gallery.
  • Clearance from Department of Wildlife and National Parks, if the area is within the game reserve or national park
  • Detailed Feasibility report containing

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Directorate of Geological Survey and Mines
Plot 21 - 29, Johnstone Road
P.O. Box 9, Entebbe, Uganda
Phone:+256 414 320656, +256 312 262902
Email:[email protected]
Operating Hours:Moday to Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm (excluding weekends and public holidays)

Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
Amber House,Plot 29/33, Kampala Road
P.O.B Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256 414 344 414
Fax 1:+256 414 234 732
Fax 2:+256 414 230 220
E-mail: [email protected]

Atomic Energy Council:
Plot 40,Bukoto Street,
P.O. Box 7044, Kampala- Uganda.
Phone:+256-414-696-333/5(toll free)
Email: [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Website: link


  • Any applicant mining any precious mineral or from any substance containing any precious mineral is eligible for goldsmith’s license.


  • The License Fee required for Goldsmith License is USh. 2,598,536


  • The Goldsmith License Valid for a period of 2 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • The Maximum processing time required for the Goldsmith License is 5 days

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  • All applicants who wish to engage in Goldsmith business must register with Atomic Energy Council , and be familiar with the rules relating to mineral mining in Uganda.

Required Information[edit]

  • Applicant particulars
  • Consultant particulars
  • Mining company particulars
  • Mining site detail (size, location)
  • The intended mineral to be mined

Need for the Document[edit]

  • No person can manufacture any item from any precious mineral or from any substance containing any precious mineral unless such person has obtained a Goldsmith’s License.

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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