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  1. All goods imported into Uganda have to pass through the procedure of customs for proper examination, appraisal during or before the arrival of imported shipments.This is done as part of the customs clearance procedure, it is then tendered to the Customs department.
  2. Once you file for the Custom bill of entry, a commissioner for Customs shall inspect your goods. .
  3. After this, the importer of these goods is supposed to pay for the necessary customs duty and compensation in order to clear the goods.
  4. The importer can then assert a claim on ITC and payment, however not for the standard customs duty.
  5. It's submitted to the Customs department as a part of the customs clearance procedure.Once this is done, the importer will be able to claim ITC on the goods.
  6. The importer is allowed to assert a claim of ITC on the shipments to complete the customs clearance process.
  7. The CBOE (Custom Bill of Entry) can then be issued for bond clearance or home consumption.


Required Documents

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (for Imports by Sea)
  • Airway Bill (for imports by air)
  • Railway consignment note (for imports by rail)
  • Freight Invoice/Road Consignment Note
  • Insurance certificate (if goods were insured)
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Packing Lists
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Inspection Certificate
  • Permits (if necessary)
  • Original and translated certificates of cancellation or permanent export for motor vehicles
  • Road transit Customs Document (Commonly known as C63) prepared at seaport and entry port in Uganda.
  • URA Form1 for Motor vehicles

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Office Locations & Contacts

Uganda Revenue Authority Headquarters:
Plot M193/M194, Nakawa Industrial Area,
P.O. Box 7279, Kampala, Uganda.
Phone: +256 414744000, 0800117000 (toll free)
Email: [email protected]
Website:Uganda Revenue Authority

Other offices: Kampala South located at Old Kampala Mosque,
Kampala North located in Bwaise (Mulago Kalerwe Round about).

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Crested Towers (Tall Tower)
Tel: 041-7443000, 041-7443134

Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Nakawa (HQRS)
Tel: 041-7440000, 041-7442042



  • If you are an exporter
  • If you are an importer
  • If you own firms(s) that acquire goods from Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and sell them within Uganda
  • If you own firm(s) that import products from other countries.


  • free of charge


  • Valid for a particular transaction.

Documents to Use

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Sample Documents

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Processing Time

  • processing instant

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Please provide other instructions related to the certificate/documents.
e.g. The state office holds birth records since january 1908.

Required Information

  • The Customs’ agent code
  • The importer’s name.
  • Residential address
  • Import/ Export Code
  • importer’s address.
  • The license number
  • Tax Identification Number
  • The container’s name
  • The destination shipment port
  • The country of origin and the country code
  • Country of shipment along with its code
  • The bill of lading
  • Information concerning the shipped goods and their value
  • Details regarding the commodities and their assessment
  • The serial number
  • unit code of the goods

Need for the Document

  • A Custom Bill of Entry (CBOE) is a legal document that is filed by customs clearance agents or importers on or before the arrival of the imported goods.
  • The custom authorities determine the amount of import duty on the basis of Customs bill of Entry. So It is important to fill up a Customs bill'of entry so that the goods can be cleared from the customs office along with other necessary measures.

Information which might help

  • It is essential for the importer to hand over the bill of entry along with bill of lading and port trust dues receipt after paying the import duty to the shipping company for release of the goods.
  • Certain documents are send to the importer by the exporter along with bill of exchange drawn on him with particular instructions that importer can get the documents back when he either accepts the bill of exchange or pays it. The arrangement is called documents against payment, if documents are released against payment.
  • Importer in this case pays immediately or within a short span of time because after he makes the payment, he can get the ownership of goods.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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