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The Uganda Communications commission(UCC)is mandated to license all broadcasting service providers in accordance with the Uganda Communications Act,2013.
Apply in person

  1. The application for a community radio licence is done on the prescribed Application Form for Community Broadcasting Licence and in line with the guidelines for application of community broadcasting services issued by the Commission.This application form and guidelines are available on the Commission’s Website for free download.
  2. After downloading the Application Form, fill it and submit to the Authority the completed licence application form and requisite supporting documents as stipulated on the application form.The receiving officer shall check for completeness of the form to ensure it meets the licensing requirements and register your application as received.
  3. The receiving officer will then issue you with a Payment Instruction Form, which the cashier will use to receive payment of the requisite application fees.Once payment is done,the Register with details of the application shall be updated with your application information.
  4. The receiving officer will the forward the application and supporting documents to the next level officer for further scrutiny and confirmation that the application complies with all the requirements.
  5. The Evaluation team will prepare a report of their evaluation and present a summary to the Communications Licensing Committee (CLC) for further consideration.
  6. The Communications Licensing Committee(CLC)shall deliberate on the application based on the evaluation report and recommend /not recommend the application for award of a licence.
  7. Following the outcome of the CLC,the Commission shall in accordance with the CLC decision perform the following tasks:
    • where the application is not recommended for award of a licence,official communication shall be prepared informing the Applicant of the reasons the application was not successful and the requirements for the applications to be processed further, if applicable; and
    • where the application is recommended for award of a licence, the process of gazetting the application shall be initiated
    • where CLC directs that the application be subjected to further processes prior to being recommended for licence award,the applicant shall be accordingly updated if necessary.
  8. For an approved application,the Commission shall prepare a notification for publication the intent to licence in the Uganda Gazette.The notice shall run for a statutory period of 30 days and the Commission shall communicate officially to the successful applicant notifying the applicant regarding the publication in the Uganda Gazette and the expiry date of the Gazette notice.
  9. The Commission shall monitor the application on the Uganda Gazette for any representations/objections and also shall address any representations or objections.A copy of the representation(if any)shall be forwarded to the applicant for information and/or to provide clarifications on issues.
  10. At the end of the gazette period,the Commission shall submit the license applications for consideration by the Board.
  11. Following the Board outcome,the Commission shall in accordance with the Board directive initiate official communication informing the Applicant of the Board decision and:
    • Where the application is approved,prepare official communication regarding licence offer informing the Applicant of the conditions of offer including the prerequisite fee(s)and the offer validity period; and
    • Where the application is rejected,prepare official communication informing the Applicant of the reasons as to why the application was not successful and the requirements for the applications to be processed further,where applicable;
  12. Once the applicant makes payment for the licence within the validity period of licence offer,the Commission shall prepare a draft licence stipulating the terms and conditions of the licence.The applicant shall be required to accept the offer before the next stage can proceed.
  13. The Commission shall issue a construction authorization permit valid for a specified period(6-12 months)during which the licensee shall be expected to put up the relevant infrastructure for the approved broadcasting service and carry out the necessary tests.
  14. Once the licensee notifies the Commission regarding completion of the set-up of the station,the Commission shall carry out an inspection of the facility as well as witness test transmissions and if satisfied,recommend issuance of the licence to the applicant.If dissatisfied with the construction,the Commission shall recommend to the applicant the specific issues that need to be addressed and the time frame of revisiting the matter.In case the applicant fails to address the shortcomings within the specified time frame,the licence offer shall be withdrawn and the applicant shall be duly informed.
  15. The Commission shall issue the broadcasting license following successful inspection by the Commission.
  16. The community radio license must be kept in force by annual payment of the prescribed licence fees.
  17. The details of the Applicant and licence shall be recorded and maintained in a Register of Licensees.


Required Documents[edit]

  1. A covering letter,signed by the applicant,addressed to the Executive Director(see address below)on Applicant’s letter head.
  2. For Uganda Government Entities,the Application letter should be by Institution’s Chief Executive Officer
  3. Original form(Certificate of Incorporation)or its equivalent from the Registrar of Companies/ relevant ministry listing the directors and shareholders of the organization/entity and details of their nationality and shareholding – ( should not be older than two (2) months from the date of issue) and (Note: Uganda Government Agencies are exempted from this requirement)
  4. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation/Business Name/Registration Certificates or equivalent and for other shareholder companies where there is chain ownership in the applicant (Note: Uganda Government Agencies are exempted from this requirement)
  5. Copy of the relevant documents as listed below:
    • Cooperative Society’s By-Laws, Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions, Minutes of its AGM authorizing venture in the service for which the licence is sought; and details of appointed directors or
    • Partnership Deed for business name; or
    • Constitution of the Society Membership Agreement Terms and Conditions and Minutes of its AGM authorizing venture into the service for which the licence is sought; and details of appointed directors
  6. Ugandan National Identity Cards(ID)or valid Ugandan passports for all Directors and Shareholders of the Applicant.Both sides of ID should be copied on the same side of an A4 size paper. Copies of passport should include pages showing the nationality, date of issue and expiry,name and photograph of the holder. (Note:Uganda Government Agencies are exempted from this requirement)
  7. Valid Tax Compliance Certificate/Tax Exemption Certificate for applying entity from Uganda Revenue Authority.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Uganda Communications Commission - Head Office,
Plot 42 - 44, Spring road, Bugolobi
Kampala, Uganda
P.O. Box 7376
Kampala, Uganda
Tel: + 256 414 339000/ 312 339000
Fax: + 256 414 348832
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: Link


  • Any person(s) or company, society,and partnerships registered in Uganda can apply for a licence. However,political parties, movements and human right activists are not eligible for a broadcasting licence.
  • Any person within Uganda,engaged in community communication or transmission of energy by radio;
  • Any transmission of energy,community communication or signal by radio or any radio emission or communication originating or received within Uganda,or intended to be used in Uganda.
  • All unlicensed and unregulated devices and equipment whose operation is capable of emitting radio frequency energy by radiation,conduction or other means as to cause interference to Community radio communication are eligible for this type of Licence.


Initial entry fee/change in ownership (One off fee)

  • 33,000,000(National commercial Radio–Tier 1)
  • 25,000,000(Commercial Regional Stations Radio-Tier 2)
  • 20,000,000(for commercial Radio Tier 3)
  • 15,000,000(for commercial Radio Tier 4)
  • (200,000)Community/Non Commercial Radios

For More information on the charges Visit this Link: Fees charges Link 1


A licence issued under this Act is valid for one year and expire on 31 December every year.

Documents to Use[edit]

Application Form

Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

Maximum processing Time 2 Months.

Related Videos[edit]

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  1. Purpose of this License is to regulate the Community radio communication.
  2. The objective of these Regulations is generally to establish a framework for the efficient use and management of radio spectrum resources without causing harmful interference through set measures.

The Commission shall have the power

  • to exercise exclusive control over all Community radio communication and radio.
  • to suspend a licence of any operator upon sufficient proof which satisfies the Commission that the licensee:
    • violated, caused, aided, or abetted the violation of the Act, any regulations made under the Act or terms of a licence issued under the Act;
    • failed to carry out a lawful order of the Commission;
    • wilfully damaged or permitted radio apparatus or installations to be damaged;
    • transmitted superfluous Community radio communications or signals or knowingly transmitted false or deceptive signals, communication, a call signal or letter which was not assigned by the Commission, to the station he or she is operating;
    • wilfully or maliciously interfered with any other radio communication or signal; or
    • obtained or attempted to obtain,or assisted another operator to obtain or to attempt to obtain an operator’s licence by fraudulent means.
  • to inspect all radio installations associated with stations required to be licensed, or which the Commission authorises to operate without a licence and to ascertain whether in construction, installation, and operation the community radio installations conform to the requirements of these Regulations or the Act;
  • to monitor radio communications and frequency use in Uganda;
  • to authorise the operation of Community radio stations without licences in respect of emergency or war disaster situations;
  • to grant a temporary authorisation where delay in the grant of a licence would seriously prejudice the public interest or where there are extraordinary circumstances requiring temporary authorisation in the public interest before the completion of the procedures for the grant of a licence authorised to be issued;and
  • to prescribe the manner in which parts of the radio frequency spectrum may be made available for experimentation.

Required Information[edit]

  1. Name of Station
  2. Name of Applicant
  3. Frequency
  4. Maximum power output of transmitter
  5. Transmitter Location
  6. Studio Location
  7. District of operation
  8. Postal Address
  9. Number of years in operation
  10. Date of expiry of broadcast licence
  11. Name(s) and Nationalities of Directors
  12. Copy of valid license certificate issued by UCC;
  13. Instruction service manuals to enable technical personnel carry out the necessary installation, operation and maintenance of transmitter and other equipment;
  14. Operational and maintenance log book that includes operational performance, maintenance works and changes made to the transmission equipment during maintenance or re-installations;
  15. Copy of Type approval certificates issued by UCC for FM broadcast transmitter,STL equipment(as applicable) and band pass filter; and
  16. Copy of an electrical installation clearance certificate from UMEME Ltd/ other electricity distribution licensed by Electricity Regulatory Authority(ERA) for the station premises and transmission facility.

Need for the Document[edit]

  • The Uganda Communications Commission is mandated to license all broadcasting service providers in accordance with the Uganda Communications(Amendment)Act, 2013.
  • In accordance with provisions of the Act, 2013, it is illegal to provide any form of broadcasting service in Uganda without a license.

Information which might help[edit]

A person shall not, without a licence issued by the Commission

  • establish or use any radio station or provide radio communication services;
  • sell,let,hire or otherwise dispose of any radio communications apparatus; as stated in Act 1 Uganda Communications Act 2013.
  • manufacture,possess,install,connect or operate any radio communications apparatus or interference-causing apparatus.

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) is mandated under Section 5 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 to,among others:

  • monitor,inspect,licence,supervise,control and regulate communication services(which includes FM radio broadcasting services).
  • allocate,license,standardize and manage the use of the radio frequency spectrum resources in a manner that ensures widest variety of programming and optimal utilization of spectrum resources;
  • set national standards and ensure compliance with national and international standards and obligations laid down by international communication agreements and treaties to which Uganda is a party;
  • set standards,monitoring and enforce compliance relating to content.
  • In furtherance of the above,UCC has developed guidelines on the establishment and operation of an FM radio station in Uganda.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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