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Apply In-Person

  1. To apply for a certificate of approval of weighing and measuring (Pattern Approval),the applicant has to submit an application in to the Executive Director,Department of Weights & Measures for approval in such manner as the prescribed. Application forms are available at the weights and measures offices.
  2. The applicant has to fill the application form and submit it with all the required documents. A list of all required documents can be found in the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  3. The applicant also has to pay the appropriate application fees and submit it together with the required documents and application form to the Executive Director , Department of Weights & Measures
  4. The Executive Director, on payment by the applicant of the prescribed fees, will authorize examination on the weighing or measuring instrument in the manner as he thinks fit for the suitability for use for trade of instruments of that pattern, regarding in particular to the principle, materials and methods used or proposed to be used in its construction.
  5. If the Executive Director is satisfied that weighing or measuring instrument is suitable for use for trade then he issues a certificate of approval of that pattern and may from time to time thereafter authorize modifications as he may think fit.
  6. Where a person submits a pattern of a weighing or measuring instrument to the Executive Director as mentioned above, the Director may require the person to deposit with him the weighing or measuring instrument or parts of that pattern or model of such weighing or measuring instrument together with drawings of such weighing or measuring instrument or parts thereof.
  7. The certificate of approval granted is granted subject to conditions as the Executive Director may specify in the certificate of approval; and if any person, knowing that such a condition has been imposed with respect to any weighing or measuring instrument, uses or causes or permits any other person to use the same in contravention of that condition he shall be guilty of an offense, and the weighing or measuring instrument shall be liable to be forfeited.

Required Documents[edit]

  • Application letter addressed to the Executive Director and indicating the model number of the equipment being submitted
  • If the equipment is imported, certificate of approval/conformity of the equipment from the country of origin issued by the manufacturer of the equipment.
  • Original technical user/operation manuals/brochures of the equipment being submitted for approval.
  • Appropriate approval fees in banker’s cheque payable to Executive Director, weights and measures.

Any other document that the approving authority may reasonably request.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Uganda National Bureau of Standards - Headquarters,
Plot 2-12, Bypass Link,Industrial & Business park,
P.O Box 6329 Kampala,Uganda
Tel: 0417333250
TOLL FREE: 0800133133
Email: [email protected]


  • The applicant own a Weighing and measuring instrument.


  • Application Fee:Ugshs. 350,000
  • Electronic Ugshs. 200,000
  • Mechanic License Fee: Free of charge.

The fees are stipulated by Rule 217 of weights and measures Rules made under section 18 and 22 of the weights and measures Act. cap 103, Laws of Uganda.

    (a) weight not exceeding 2kg Uganda Shs 200
    (b) weight exceeding 2kg but not exceeding 20kg Uganda Shs 400
    (c) weight exceeding 20kg but not exceeding 100kg Uganda Shs 2.000
    (d) weight exceeding 100kg Uganda Shs 4,000
    (a) measure not exceeding 1 meter Uganda Shs 500
    (b) measure exceeding 1 meter but not exceeding 5 meters Uganda Shs1,000
    (c) measure exceeding 5 meters but not exceeding 30 meters Uganda Shs1.500
    (d) measure exceeding 30 meters Uganda Shs3,000
    (a) measure not exceeding 500ml Uganda Shs1,500
    (b) measure exceeding 500ml but not exceeding 5 litres Uganda Shs2,000
    (c) measure exceeding 5 liters but not exceeding 20 litres Uganda Shs3,000
    (d) measure exceeding 20 liters but not exceeding 100 litres Uganda Shs8,000
    (e) measure exceeding 100 liters but not exceeding 500 litres Uganda Shs10,000
    (f) measure exceeding 500 litres, for every 500 litres Uganda Shs8,000
    (g) testing of a dip stick Uganda Shs40,000
    (a) weighing unit not exceeding 2kg Uganda Shs5,000
    (b) weighing unit exceeding 2kg but not exceeding 10kg Uganda Shs7,000
    (c) weighing unit exceeding 10kg but not exceeding 100kg Uganda Shs20,000
    (d) weighing unit exceeding 100kg Uganda Shs40,00.

for more information on Fees visit the following link:Fees Charge


  • 5 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • Depends on nature and type of instrument

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  • A person who submits weighing or measuring equipment for verification shall incur the costs related to labour,storage, attendance, materials used and any other costs incurred as a result of verification of the equipment.
  • Application for the approval of any pattern of equipment shall be made in English to the Inspector, in writing.
  • Any person who causes or engages in production or sale of weight, measure or equipment whose pattern has not been approved by the Inspector, or where a certificate of approval has been revoked in accordance with these Rules, commits an offense and, on conviction, pays a fine of not more than five thousand shillings in respect of each weight, measure or equipment made or sold, or imprisonment of not more than three months or both fine and imprisonment.
  • Any equipment with a Pattern Approval Certificate from any EAC member state shall be subjected to initial verification before placing the equipment on the market or into service.
  • Where the pattern has been approved by another EAC pattern member state, the application shall be accompanied by documents relevant to the approvals already granted. (Upon proper authentication of the documents, the person delegated by the Minister may direct that the equipment under goes initial verification)

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of the applicant
  • Weighing or measuring instrument submitted
  • Maximum capacity
  • Minimum capacity
  • Verification scale interval
  • Software identification used.
  • Description of the metrologically relevant functions.

Need for the Document[edit]

  • The Certificate of Approval of Weighing and Measuring officially agrees or accepts as satisfactory the use of a weighing or measuring instrument in the Republic of Uganda.
  • Measuring instrument: includes every instrument for the measurement of length, area, volume, capacity and gauge.
  • Weighing instrument: includes all instruments constructed to calculate and indicate prices, compute wages, count or grade articles by use of weighing principles, together with all weights and counterpoises belonging thereto.
  • Weighing or measuring equipment: includes a weight, measure or a weighing or measuring instrument.

Information which might help[edit]

  • In Pattern/Type approval,one equipment of the same pattern is subjected to vigorous tests with the object of ensuring that the instrument will be able to maintain its accuracy and other metrological qualities and characteristics such as sensitivity, repeatability, durability, etc. for a prolonged period, and under varied conditions, of use. It also ensures that such equipment conform to the general specifications laid down in the Weights and Measures Act and that it is not of a type which could be easily manipulated or altered to permit fraudulent use.
  • Initial verification means the verification of a new weighing or measuring equipment before it is sold or brought into trade use. Under the law, every such equipment is required to be duly verified and stamped before being released for sale.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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