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  1. Ornamental Fish permit can be obtained from Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries.
  2. Submit a written request for an ornamental permit to the Fisheries resource manager at the directorate of fisheries Ministry of Agriculture animal and Fisheries.
  3. The applicant who engages in the selling or possessing of ornamental fish, shall apply for an ornamental fish permit at MAAIF.
    • A person, who engages in the selling or possessing of ornamental fish, shall apply for an ornamental fish permit at a fee prescribed by the Council.
  4. Fish Species must not be listed as endangered and must meet council’s requirements (where applicable). This must be indicated in the written application request.
  5. Fill up the appropriate application form as described by the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industries and Fisheries.
  6. After filling the form proceed to pay the prescribed fee and attach all documents required.
  7. Submit the dully filled in form attached with pay slip and other relevant documents for approval at the directorate of fisheries Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries.
  8. Obtain approval from the directorate of fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and Fisheries. for ornamental species such as goldfish, Japanese Higoi and Carp a special permit is required from the Fisheries department.
    • Some ornamental fish species have been listed as prohibited or notifiable in Uganda, while other species are listed as prohibited for importation into Uganda.
  9. Collect your Ornamental fish permit certificate from where your application was submitted within 7 days from the date the application was received at ministry of Agriculture Animal industry and fisheries if there is no rejection.
  10. Any person who sells or possesses ornamental fish without a valid permit commits an offence.
  11. Any person who cultivates ornamental fish with a view to sale in a facility that holds 10,000 litres or more must hold an aquaculture permit.

Required Documents[edit]

  • A National Identification Card.
  • Fishing licence
  • Ornament Fish details
  • Special pass for ornament Fish
  • Good details of the fish processing

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources - Head Office,
Directorate of Fisheries,
Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries
Entebbe Plot 16-18,Lugard Avenue,
Entebbe Uganda.
P.O Box 102,
Entebbe Uganda.
Tel: 041 4320004
Email: [email protected],


To be Eligible,one has to possession an ornament fish production unit (factory) that is designed and approved for fish and fish product processing in Uganda


Issuance of ornamental fish permit is contingent upon the payment of a fee. Criteria to determine the amount of fees to be paid to the licensing authorities vary.


A licence issued under this Act is valid for one year and expire on 31 December every year.

Documents to Use[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

Maximum processing time 2 days.

Related Videos[edit]

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  • A person shall not fish using any chemicals or toxic substances in waters in the Council’s jurisdiction.
  • A person who contravenes ornament fish permit section commits an offence.

Required Information[edit]

  • Provide information such as ornamental species.
  • Intended use of ornamental fish
  • State of health of ornamental fish
  • Information on Quarantine measure
  • Information on quarantines in case the specie do not occur in watershed.
  • Information on ornamental fish production Facility ponds,
  • Information on types of ornamental fish species
  • Evidence of adherence to all the quarantines,
  • Number of species
  • Original species
  • Final destination
  • Number of species
  • Purpose for which the ornamental fish is required
  • The Fishing licence,
  • The ornamental Fish equipment
  • The transports during the ornamental Fish transfer period,

Need for the Document[edit]

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Information which might help[edit]

  • According to the Fish Act,there is a list of fish species declared as Prohibited in Uganda.
  • It is illegal to possess, buy, sell or move any fish listed as Prohibited Matter in Uganda.
  • Heavy penalties apply for non-compliance. In addition, Directorate of Fisheries department has the power to seize and require the destruction of these pests.
  • Under Fish Act ordinance Regulations there is a further list of pest fish species that are notifiable and are illegal to possess, buy, sell or move in Uganda.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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