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Tripura - Online Obtain Electricity Connection

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Step 1 :First one has to make sure that all the required documents are in hand to apply online. Please visit the following link to get the required documents list for this procedure Link for electricity connection Required Documents page

Step 2 :Please use the following link to apply online Link for online portal.

Step 3 : User will reach a new screen as shown below. Please click “Apply for New Connection” option on the right part of the screen under “My Account” section. Please follow the below image where it’s highlighted in “Red”.

Note: The fields marked with "*" are mandatory.

Tripura - Obtain Electricity Connection 01.gif


Step 4 : A a new page will open on a new window as shown below. Please complete the prompts as appropriate and upload applicable document at prompted space. Finally click “Validate” button. Please follow the below image where it’s highlighted in “Red”.

Tripura - Obtain Electricity Connection 02.gif

Step 5 : Please follow the resulting screen and complete submitting the form online.

Step 6 : This submitted application will be processed by the respective department. Applicant gets notification from the department on their registered mobile or on their email id.

Step 7 : Please follow the notification and guidelines of the department to obtain electricity connection.