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Spain - Online Police Clearance Certificate (Criminal Record Certificate)

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Step 1 : First one has to make sure that all the required documents are in hand to apply online. If you would like to know about the documents that are required for this procedure, please visit the following link : Required Documents for Police Clearance Certificate
Step 2 : Please use the following link to apply online : Apply Online.
Step 3 : In the given page please select “Processing on-line with [email protected]” option under “Application for the digital Criminal Records certificate” to reach next page. Refer the below image where the option is highlighted in Yellow.

Spain PCC 1.gif


Step 4 : Please select the identification method as appropriate for you. Please select applicable option to complete the preliminary process for getting the online application page. For instance select “Access” under “eldentifier” option. Refer the below image where the options are highlighted appropriately.

Spain PCC 2.gif

Step 5 : In the given online application page, please fill in the prompted details for applicant information, address, communication etc. Complete the other page prompts and follow the tab as applicable to complete the online application process.
Step 6 : Applicant can find the manual as per the link here useful to get details of online process. : link
Step 7 : After the certificate is ready, it will be sent via e-mail ID as provided by applicant while applying and can be downloaded.
Step 8 : If for some reason it is not possible to issue the certificate electronically you will be notified.