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Any foreign organization wishing to support civil society in Nigeria shall register with the Foreign Organizations Registry at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

In order to register an organization,the following conditions shall be fulfilled:

The organization shall be duly registered under the laws of its country of origin. A translation of its Articles of Association endorsed by the Nigerian Embassy or Mission in the concerned country shall be presented. A complete file containing information about its activities,areas of work biographical information about its Chairman and members of its Board of Directors, its contact information,and its website shall be presented. The organization shall submit an application stating the types of activities it desires to pursue in Nigeria, its plan of work and programs, and the time period required for completion of these programs.

The origin or the headquarters of the organization shall not be located in a country in a state of war with Nigeria or in a country boycotted by Nigeria.

The organization shall submit a proof of its financial and technical capacities to implement its planned activities in Nigeria and shall state the sources of these resources.

The organization shall undertake to implement its programs in cooperation with at least one national organization.

The organization shall submit a quarterly report to the Center about its activities in Nigeria.

The organization shall maintain records of accounts showing its revenues and expenditures following sound accounting principles.

The organization shall undertake not to provide any cash grants to local organizations. Any potential support[to local organizations]shall be restricted to specific projects according to the controls set out.

Below are the steps to follow in registering a Non government Organisation in Nigeria.

Step 1
Draft an Application letter.

The Applicant should draft an application letter and addressed it to the The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) which is vested with responsibility for non-profit organizations registration in Nigeria.

A formal letter of Application to the CAC director General stating the reasons why you want to form the NGO and should be signed by either the Chairman, Secretary or the Applicants Solicitor.

Step 2
Fill the forms correctly.

The applicant is expected to fill in the Form prescribed by the CAC.

Submission of the duly completed Typed Application form which should be accompanied by the following:

  • Name of the proposed corporate body, which must contain the words Incorporated Trustees of.The selected name of the Association should be unique.

It is very Important to select a Name that is unique and it must end with either the words Foundation, Trust, Organization, Association, Network, Initiative etc (Bottom line it must confirm with the practice that is common with Non-governmental organisation (NGOs) in Nigeria.

  • The aims and objects of the association which must be for the advancement of any religious, educational, literary, scientific, social development, cultural,sporting or charitable purpose, and must be lawful.

The name, address and occupation of the secretary of the association, if any (s.591(1)(a-c))

The Applicant must attach the following to the application
  • Two printed copies of the Constitution of the association;
  • Duly signed copies of the minutes of the meeting appointing the trustees and authorizing the application, showing the people present and the votes scored;
Step 3
verification of the statements and particulars in the application.

The Cooperate Affairs Commission may require a supplementary declaration or other evidence in verification of the statements and particulars in the application, and other information and evidence as it may think fit According to section (s.591(4)). Look for all supporting document to attach them to the Application letter including referees signature and letters.

Step 4
Advertise the Name in the Local Media

After the verification exercise by CAC then you are required to Advertise the name of the NGO and objects of the NGO in 2 National Dailies and One local Newspaper circulating in an Area of the chosen Registered Office where the Association is going to be based.

You can use one of the two media for Advertisement e.g Guardian Papers and Punch Newpapers (National Newspapers) Ikeja Report or Abuja Chronicle (Local Newspaper)

The Advert will Clearly state the name of the Association and Trustees and calling for Objections from the Public to the registration of the proposed Association and its trustees.

Step 5
pay all the filling fees at the registry.

The payment for the Trustee Declaration form should be done and the receipt be attached on the Application Form before submission.

Step 6
Submit your Application letter to Foreign Organizations Registry at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

The Application form should be accompanied by the following:

1. Availability of name Search Report

2. verification of the statements and the proposed common seal

3. Copies and Proof of the Original Newspaper Publications

4. 2 Copies of the Applicants CONSTITUTION (This is the real wahala drafting a constitution).

5. Minutes of the Meeting where the Trustees were appointed having the list of Members Present and Absent and showing the voting pattern, signed by the Chairman and Secretary of the Board.

  • The Minutes must be on the letter headed Paper of the Association

6.Minutes of the meeting where the SPECIAL CLAUSE rules was adopted into the constitution of the Association, signed by the Secretary and Chairman showing the list of Members in attendance.

7. All Trustees Must attach 2 Passport sized Photographs and one of the passport must be attached to a declaration Form sworn to at the High court by each trustee. This form replaces the State Government Security Clearance)

8. Attach the copy of the court registry payment for the Trustee Declaration form

9. Trustees should sign against their names on the application forms, state their permanent residential addresses and state their occupations

10. Pay all the filing fees at once

The application must be signed by the person submit it according to Act(s.591(3))


If any person knowingly makes any false statement or gives any false information for the purpose of incorporating trustees under laws of Nigeria, he/she shall be guilty of an offense and liable on conviction to imprisonment for one year or to a fine of N100

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Required Documents[edit]

1. Identification documents of members

2.Copy of bye laws of the organization

3.Schedule of shares;

4.Passport photographs

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Ministry of Interior

Address: Block F, Abuja,

Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria

Old Secretariat Area l Garki

Abuja FCT Abuja +234 Nigeria

Tel 1: +234-9-671-3526

Phone: 09-6713526


New Fed. Secretariat Complex

10th Floor, Federal Secretariat, Wing lB (1001-1099),

Block One, Shehu Shagari Way, Abuja

Tel: 09-5235194.


Sokode Crescent by Michael

Okpara Street, Zone 5,

Wuse, Abuja

Tel: 09-5230667-9

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In order to be eligible, a Non Government Organization must have a sole aim of providing assistance to the society with no aim of making profits.


It Basically costs above N150,000 to register an NGO.


Valid for 10 years

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

The process take 3 months

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The Non Government Organization that wishes to obtain certificate should be offering activities that are not available in the proposed area of operation;

2.Ensure that the Non Government Organization that wishes to obtain a certificate is a non-profit organization;

3.Ensure that the Non Government Organization seeking to obtain the registration certificate meets the number of members required;

4.The registrar of titles may for any genuine reasons cancel registration of an organization;

Required Information[edit]

1. Name of the Board to be incorporated

2.Name and address of Non Government Organization

3.Details of the organizations registered office

4.Description of the Trustees,

5.The method and date of appointment of the trustees

6.The proposed device of the common seal

7.The object of charity

8.Proposed activities

9.Details of property that belongs to organization

10.Organizations bye laws

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Need for the Document[edit]

A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens' group which is organized on a local, national or international level. All NGOs are registered by NGO coordination Board under the Corporate Affairs Commission coordination Act.

The incorporation of non-profit bodies in Nigeria is governed by the Companies and Allied Matters Act, 2004 (the Act).

The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) has branches in most State capitals of the Federation and its headquarter is based in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory. Before applying to the CAC for incorporation of a non-profit body, one must check that the name of the new entity is not already in use.This can be done by purchasing an Availability Form,which costs very little.

According to the Non Governmental Organization Registration Act all NGOs are required to apply for permits before they can be allowed to operate in Nigeria.

  • In order for a Non Government Organization to be registered in Nigeria,the application should be submitted through the Charitable Trusts Act to the Registrar of Titles in Nigeria.

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