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Natrampalli - Register a Death and Obtain Cerificate

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This procedure explains various ways to Register a Death and Obtain Cerificate in Natrampalli.

  • Register the death of your beloved one with Town Panchayat officers by filling up the form prescribed by the Registrar. If you report orally, the registrar will enter the information in the appropriate reporting form and get your signature or thumb impression. You may have to furnish receipt from crematorium or burial ground.
    • A death can be reported and registered by the head of the family, in case it occurs in a house; by the medical in-charge if it occurs in a hospital; by the jail in-charge if it occurs in a jail; and by the headman of the village or the in-charge of the local police station in case the body is found deserted in that area.
  • After proper verification Death Certificate is issued to the applicant.

    Apply through e-Service centers or Common Service Centers (CSC)
  1. You can also approach the e-service centers or the CSC centers for availing this service.
  2. You can find the e-service centers in the municipality office or teshil office in your area.
  3. You can also find the e-service centers by providing appropriate information under the following link : E-Service Centers Link


Required Documents[edit]

  • Proof of birth of the deceased
  • An affidavit specifying the date and time of death
  • A copy of the ration card,
  • Aadhaar Card

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

E-Service Centers
Following link provides you list of e-service centers in an area : E-Service Centers Link

Zonal offices contact details

Zonal Officer- Zone I(Thiruvottriyur)
No.947,Thiruvotriyur High Road,Chennai 600019.
Phone:94451 90001/25993494

Zonal Officer- Zone II (Manali) No.112,
Dr. Ambedkar Street, Manali,
Chennai 600068
Phone: 94451 90002/ 044-25941079

Zonal Officer- Zone III (Madhavaram),
No.1,Thattankulam Street,Bazaar Road,
Madhavaram, Chennai600060
Phone: 94451 90003/ 044-25530427

Zonal Officer- Zone IV (Tondiarpet)
No.266,Thiruvotriyur High Road,Chennai 600021.
Phone: 94451 90004/ 044-25951083 / 25961199

Zonal Officer- Zone V (Royapuram)
No.62,Basin Bridge Road,
Old Washermenpet, Chennai 600021.
Phone: 94451 90005/ 044-25206655 / 25209269

Zonal Officer- Zone VI (Thiru-Vi-Ka Nagar)
No.5,Anderson Road,
Ayanavaram, Chennai 600023.
Phone:94451 90006/044-26749990/26741802

Zonal Officer- Zone VII (Ambattur)
Thiruvallur High Road, Opp Dunlop, Chennai 600053.
Phone: 94451 90007/ 26253331 / 26250231

Zonal Officer- Zone VIII (Anna Nagar)
No.273,Poonamallee High Road,Chennai 600010.
Phone: 94451 90008/ 26412646 / 26415372

Zonal Officer- Zone IX(Teynampet)
No.4,4th Cross Street,Lakeview Road,Chennai 600034.
Phone: 94451 90009/ 044-28170738 / 28174775

Zonal Officer- Zone X (Kodampakkam)
No.64,NSK Salai, Kodambakkam, Chennai 600024.
Phone: 94451 90010/ 044-24838968 /24801959

Zonal Officer- Zone XI (Valasarvakkam)
No.33, Arcot Road, Valasaravakkam,Chennai 600087.
Phone: 94451 90011/044-24867725

Zonal Officer- Zone XII (Alandur)
No.1,New Street, Near GST Road, Alandur, Chennai 600016
Phone: 94451 90012/ 044-22342355

Zonal Officer- Zone XIII (Adyar)
No.115,Dr.Muthulakshmi Salai, Chennai 600020.
Phone:94451 90013/044-24425961 /24425963

Zonal Officer- Zone XIV (Perunkudi)
No.6/64,Puzhuthiwakkam Main Road,Chennai 600091.
Phone: 94451 90014/ 044-22420600

Zonal Officer- Zone XV (Sozhinganallur)
No.120, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, (Old Mahabalipuram Road) Sholinganallur,Chennai 600119.
Phone: 94451 90015/ 044-24500923

'Below are the list of corporation in urban areas and their contact details.


Commissioner ,
Corporation of Chennai, Ripon Building, EVR salai, Chennai 600003
Phone: 044-25381330/ 25619200


Tmt. G.Latha I.A.S,Office:
Corporation of Coimbatore, Coimbatore 641 001, Tamil Nadu.
Phone : 91 422 2390261, 23



As per rules, deaths will have to be registered within 21 days at the place of occurrence.


  • Death Certificate: Rs.25.00 per copy(Conditions apply)
  • If date of Death is not known or unspecified, Search Fee for every year: Rs.25.00 per copy (Conditions apply)
  • Belated Death Registration
    • Below one month: without penalty
    • Above one month & below one year: Rs.25.00 per copy **
    • Above one year with the order of Magistrate: Rs.50.00
  • A Court fee stamp of Rs.2/- shall be fixed in the application form.


Death Certificate Valid Forever

Documents to Use[edit]

The forms can be obtained from Town/ Municipal Office..


Sample Documents[edit]


............................ Town Panchayat Here affix Court fee Stamp for Rs.2/-





The Executive Officer,

......................Town Panchayat


Sub:- Application for death certificate

I request that ..... copy/copies of Death Certificate, the details of which are given below, may be issued.

  1. Name of the deceased
  2. Age of deceased and sex (Male/Female)
  3. Name of the Father/Husband of the deceased
  4. Place of death, Hospital/House (with details)
  5. Date of death
  6. Purpose for which this Certificate is required
  7. Relationship of the applicant with the deceased
  8. Particulars of remittance of fees:

Amount Rs. Receipt No..... Date...



Signature of Applicant


The application for death certificate from Thiru................... has been received on ......... in thisoffice. He is informed to contact the Executive Officer regarding this application on .......... (after 10 days). His application has been registered as Sl.No..... in the register maintained for this purpose.

Executive Officer, .............. Town Panchayat.

Sample Image of Death Certificate

Processing Time[edit]

An extract of Death Register will be given to the applicant, who has furnished full information within 3 days.

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  • In Municipalities, Corporations and Special Village Panchayats (Town Panchayats), the concerned local bodies undertake the registration of deaths.
  • In Village Panchayats, the responsibility for registration of deaths is with the Revenue Department and the Village Administrative Officers in the Village Panchayats are the Registrars of Deaths.
  • Deaths taking place in a medical institution will be intimated for registration by the institution directly to the registering authority.
  • When death has taken place in the house, the head of the family or the nearest relative of the family will have to register in the prescribed format along with a medical certificate.
  • Beyond the prescribed time limit, if a registration is done, it is accepted with a payment of penalty upto a period of one year. If a registration is to be done beyond the period of one year, it will be registered only on receipt of a judicial order from a Magistrate and with penalty.
Registration of Death
  • Death registration is to be done at the place of occurrence. For example, if your relative was residing in Chennai but he/she died in Coimbatore, then you have to register the death in Coimbatore.
  • The death registrars in the local bodies are as follows:

Area Death Registrars Village Panchayats Village Administrative Officers Town Panchayats Sanitary Inspectors / Executive Officers Corporation / Municipal Areas Sanitary Inspectors of the Division Plantations / Estates Estate Manger / Plantation Manager

Delayed Registration
  • After expiry of 21 days of occurrence but within 30 days
    • Registered on payment of a late-fee of Rs.2/- (Rupees two only)
  • After thirty days of occurrence, but within one year
    • Registered only with the written permission of the Officer prescribed in this behalf and on payment of late-fee Rs.5/- (Rupees five only).
  • Not been reported within one year of its occurrance
    • Registered only on orders of the First Class Judicial Magistrate and on payment of a late-fee of Rs.10/- (Rupees ten only)
Application for death certificate
  • If you report the death within 21 days of occurence, you can obtain free copy of the death certificate/extract after verification.
  • If you require a death certificate at a later date, you have to apply in the prescribed form. You have to furnish details like name of the person, age, date of death, place of death, residential address at the time of death. Submit the filled form and obtain the acknowledgement.
  • In rural areas, on has to apply for the Death Certificate in the Taluk Office, within two years of death and thereafter it has to be applied in the Sub-Registrars office
  • In Town/ Municipal areas, one has to apply in the respective Town/ Municipal Office.
  • You has to fix a court fee stamp of Rs 2 in the application form.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of the deceased
  • Age of deceased and sex (Male/Female)
  • Name of the Father/Husband of the deceased
  • Place of death, Hospital/House (with details)
  • Date of death
  • Purpose for which this Certificate is required
  • Relationship of the applicant with the deceased


Need for the Document[edit]

A Death Certificate is a document issued by the Government to the nearest relatives of the deceased, stating the date, fact and cause of death. It is essential to register death to prove the time and date of death, to establish the fact of death for relieving the individual from social, legal and official obligations, to enable settlement of property inheritance, and to authorities the family to collect insurance and other benefits.

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

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