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  1. Go to a post office in Montenegro to pay for registration fees.
  2. Obtain registration documents and notarize it at any authorized notary office.
  3. Register as an entrepreneur at the Central Registry of Commercial Entities.
  4. Create entrepreneur's seal at any seals making shop. In order to create an entrepreneur's seal, do the following:
    1. Submit a request for entrepreneur's seal.
    2. Obtain the entrepreneur's seal.
  5. Set up entrepreneur's bank account at any commercial bank.
  6. Register the business within municipality - the Secretariat for labor, youth and social welfare branch.
  7. Obtain tax, health and social security certificate at the Tax office's regional unit.


Required Documents[edit]

  • Payment slip: registration fee
  • Proof of payment: register within municipality fee
  • Signature notarization form
  • Signed authorization form
  • Business registration application-Entrepreneur
  • Photocopy of the ID card
  • VAT registration form
  • ID Card
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Tax ID registration certificate
  • Application form for bank account
  • Crafts registration form
  • JPR form
  • Annex B- Natural person
  • Company's seal
  • Employment contract
  • Education diploma

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]




Anyone in Montenegro having the capacity to build and handle a crafts business.


  • Cost of the procedure EUR 16.38
  • EUR 10 - Tax on company registration.
  • EUR 3 - Administrative tax for registering within municipality
  • EUR 0.4 - Fee for postal services.
  • EUR 2.98 - The cost of signature notarization is EUR 2.5 per signature, plus VAT of 19%.


The estimated total time is minimum of 2 days and maximum of 9 days.

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  • According to Montenegrin Law on crafts, crafts are divided into two main categories: simple and complex crafts. There is no difference in the registration process, however, in order for one to operate a complex crafts business, a vocational high school diploma is required.
  • The following agencies will help in the registration process of a crafts business:
    • any post office in Montenegro
    • any authorized notary in Montenegro
    • Central Registry of Commercial entities
    • any seals making shop
    • any commercial bank in Montenegro
    • the secretariat for labor, youth and social welfare branch
    • tax office's regional unit

Required Information[edit]

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1. Date of Birth.
2. City or County of Birth.


Need for the Document[edit]

The Central Register of the Commercial Court is in charge of business registration. It has an electronic database of registered business entities, contracts on financial leasing and pledges. The following provides information on how to register a crafts business in Montenegro.

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