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Apply In-Person:

  1. The applicant shall approach their concerned district social welfare office within the jurisdiction where the government hostel is situated. The applicant shall also visit the concerned wardens/matrons of the respective government hostel where the admission is sought.
  2. Link for contact details link
  3. Go to the respective office and consult with the concerned officer about the application procedure for admission in the hostel. As advised, please meet the designated authority and collect the application form or write on a plain A4 sheet as advised. Printed application forms are also available with the wardens/matrons of the respective government hostels
  4. Complete the application form. Write a covering letter. Attach all the required documents as per the “Required Documents” section of this page and submit it to the designated receiving authority in two sets.
  5. After receiving the application, authorities will check the submitted application and documents. If all are in place, the application will be accepted. Please pay the application fees/charges as applicable and don’t forget to take the receipt. The applicant shall refer our “Fees” section for more details on fees related details.
  6. Authority will sign and seal one set (photo copy of the original) of the application and return it to the applicant. This signed application set will be useful for future reference. Please keep it safe.
  7. Authorities will make entries about this application in the manual record or electronically using the computer.
  8. Applicant will be informed of the probable date of getting approval for the request.
  9. ”SMS” triggered update on application status will be sent to the applicant’s mobile or applicant gets a call from the department about the application status.
  10. The application will be processed further. Concerned authorities will verify the applicant’s details and documents.
  11. Once verified, this application will be forwarded to the respective hostel management committee or to the concerned authority for the allotment of accommodation. Based on the favourable conditions for allotment of accommodation and if the applicant's profile are appropriate, the application gets short-listed.
  12. The short-listed applicant will receive a letter (or phone call) from the office and will have to attend a face-to-face interview (at his/her own expense).
  13. On a scheduled date, the applicant shall make himself/herself available for the interview before the concerned hostel management committee or the concerned authority, along with the originals of his/her credentials and documents that he/she submitted while applying.
  14. Based on the outcome of the interview, the offer of allotment of accommodation will be made considering the accommodation available at that period of time and also depending on the family income.
  15. The applicant may be given an admit card or a memo to occupy the room.
  16. The candidate shall make necessary payment at the respective office by producing the admit card/memo as advised and get the receipt. The candidate shall occupy the room within the scheduled period of time.

Apply Online through “Tribal Development Department” portal

  1. Use the following link to reach the online portal. link
  2. In the home page, please enter the login credentials as appropriate. Enter the captcha at the prompted space and click “Login” button to log in.
  3. If you are a new user, then use the “Registration” option at the bottom of the login section to reach the “Registration” page.
  4. Please enter applicant’s valid aadhaar number at the prompted space. Click the checkbox for “Aadhaar Based Registration” to receive an “OTP” to the aadhaar connected mobile. Please enter the received “OTP” at the prompted space as applicable. If the “OTP” matches, student details like name as per aadhaar, date of birth and gender will directly come from aadhaar server and student will be authenticated students has to put his own mobile number and password so that updates are received.
  5. If the “Aadhaar Based Registration” option is not selectd, then please use complete the prompts as appropriate and click the “Save” button to get registration completed successfully pop-up message. Please click “OK” button to close the pop-up and login using the login credentials.
  6. Once login, the applicant will reach the dashboard. Here, please select the “Application” option on the left part of the screen to get a new page. Please select the “New”, “Hostel Admission” options and complete the other prompts as appropriate. Finally click “Proceed” button to reach the “Hostel Admission for ….” Page.
  7. Applicant shall process the “Applicant Details”, “Correspondence Address Details”, “Parent’s Address”, “Contact Details”, “Caste Details”, “Other Details”, “Specially Abled Details”, “Current Admission Details”, “Hostel Details”, “Last Examination Details”, “SSC Board Details”, “Previous Hostel Details” and Bank Account Details” sections one by one with mandatory details.
  8. Please click the checkbox for “Do you want…” and “I Agree” disclaimers. Please click the “Save” button to get a pop-up message. Please save the application ID provided on the pop-up and click “OK” button to close the pop-up.
  9. Now, applicant will reach the dashboard page with details of the submitted application.
  10. Please click the “Upload Documents” button under “Action” at the end of the column.
  11. In the resulting page, please click the checkbox for the respective documents that need to be uploaded from applicant’s end. Once the checkbox is clicked, the applicant shall make use of the “Choose File” option to upload the documents as appropriate.
  12. Once the required documents are uploaded, please hit the “Upload Documents” button at the bottom to get a “Documents Uploaded Successfully” message pop-up. Please click the “OK” button to close the pop-up.
  13. The applicant will now reach the dashboard. Please select the “View Form” button at the end of the column under “Actions” to get the filled application form. Please go through the summary. If all are correct, then click the checkbox for “Do you want to avail…” option and click the “Print” button to take a printout of the application.
  14. With the application form, attach all the required documents as per the “Required Documents” section of this page and submit it to the hostel in charge or warden in two sets and follow their guidelines.
  15. This application submitted online and the printout submitted offline will be processed as per applicable norms for grant of admission in the respective hostel.

Apply Online through Aaplesarkar

  1. To apply online, the applicant shall follow the given aaple sarkar link: Link and click on the "New User? Register Here" tab.
  2. From the given options, select any one mode to create User ID and Password.
  3. Now verify UID or Create your own user profile using OTP verification on your mobile.
  4. A new page will open up where the applicant has to fill up all the personal detail(Name, D.O.B, Age, Gender, etc) in the portal.
  5. Now enter the address as per the document.
  6. After that provide mobile number and OTP, PAN No., UID No., and confirm password.
  7. Now upload a photograph between 5kB to 20kB in JPEG format.
  8. Now choose from the drop now menu any one of the Proof of Identity.
  9. Finally provide a Proof of Address by clicking from the menu on screen.
  10. Click on the declaration box and then click the "Register" tab.
  11. Now login with the user credentials.
  12. After login, click Link and then click on “Apply”.
  13. The applicant will get an application displayed.
  14. Fill up the application form correctly and pay the requisite fee.
  15. On completion, the applicant will be notified.
  16. You can check the status of the application in the portal by signing in with User ID and password.

Apply through Mobile APP:

  1. To apply via app, the applicant shall download the app from the given link: Link
  2. Select the preferred language
  3. A list of options will be provided from which the applicant must choose the concerned department
  4. Now a list of services will be displayed from which the applicant must select the required service
  5. The applicant must also provide the nature of service verification and click on “Apply” to proceed to verification
  6. Once verified, the applicant will be informed about the further process.

Apply Through Centres:

  1. To apply for Government Hostel Admission through centres, the applicant has to visit the respective “CSC” centre/sewa kendra. Please tap on the following link to locate the centre according to the respective district: link.
  2. Make sure to have the documents that are listed under the “Required Documents” section of this page.
  3. An application form can be obtained through the kiosk operator upon visiting the centre.
  4. The applicant has to fill in all the necessary information in the application form.
  5. Submit the application form with “Required Documents” to the office. It is advised to take the documents in original to the kiosk for scanning purposes.
  6. The operator will process the application online.
  7. On successful submission, the applicant will receive an application number as acknowledgement. The applicant will also get a transaction number as a text message on their registered mobile number.
  8. Pay the fee as given in the “Fees” section of this page and collect the receipt.
  9. An ”SMS” triggered update on application status will be sent to the applicant’s mobile. Please keep track of the notification.
  10. Upon the satisfaction of the authorities, the permission will be granted according to the application.


Required Documents[edit]

  • Application form
  • Applicant’s proof of address (Ration card / Bank pass book / Telephone bill / Aadhaar card)
  • Applicant’s proof of identity (Voter ID / Passport / Aadhaar card / Driving licence)
  • Covering letter
  • Medical certificate
  • Affidavit regarding personal details
  • Latest mark-sheet
  • School leaving and/or college/university transfer certificate
  • Board certificate
  • Caste certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Conduct certificate
  • Caste verification certificate (if required)
  • Domicile certificate as per requirement
  • Institution identity card (School / College / University I-Card)
  • Age proof (mentioned in your school-leaving and/or college/university transfer certificate)
  • Student's bank account passbook
  • Two self-addressed envelopes (with postage stamps)
  • Letter from the parent / local guardian as the case may be (form attached) permitting the applicant to stay in the hostel and undertaking that he/she will vacate the room upon the cessation of his/her licence and will abide by the rules, regulations and instructions in force from time to time as well as nominating the local guardian.
  • ID proofs of parent, local guardian
  • Aadhaar card
  • Three passport size photograph for office use & one stamp size for identity card
  • The following documents may be required as per requirement
    • Letters of reference from two persons holding responsible positions, preferably from the place where the hostel is located
    • Local guardian’s letter agreeing to take away the resident from the hostel in times of illness and distress or as may be required by the management, on weekends / nights out and when the licence for stay is terminated

Note :

  • Copies of documents should be self-attested.
  • Please take above-mentioned documents in original and attested copies thereof (to be submitted) at the time of applying.
  • Requirements of some documents and procedure for submission of application may vary from State to State.
  • Apart from the above documents, authorities may ask for additional information or documents. Please provide them for processing.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Social Justice & Special Assistance Department
1st Floor, Annex Building,
Mantralay, Madam Cama Road,
Nariman Point, Mumbai - 400032
Office Ph : 022-22025251, 22028660
Email: [email protected]
Contact details link

Central social welfare board.
Dr. Durgabai Deshmukh Samaj Kalyan Bhawan,
B-12, Qutab Institutional area,
New Delhi – 110016.
Phone: 011-26865474, 011-26851336
Email: [email protected]
Contact link


  • Applicant should be a citizen of India.
  • Students belonging to schedule caste/schedule tribe/other backward classes and other classes as per state norms can apply.
  • The 10th / 11th / 12th / Graduation / Post Graduation students are eligible to apply.
  • Distance limit of 8 kilometres or the distance as decided by the respective state from residence (for Boy students) are eligible to apply (The more the distance, the more chances to get admission in hostel).
  • Parental annual income should not exceed the prescribed amount as per the respective state norms.


  • The applicant should pay the processing charge / amount as advised by authorities.
  • All non-refundable and one time fees as per requirement are to be paid at the time of admission.


  • The maximum period of stay in a hostel will be determined as per the period of completion of the academic course.

Documents to Use[edit]

Please attach documents that can be used by people. e.g. links

Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents that would help other people.

Processing Time[edit]

  • The time taken for the allotment of accommodation varies with respect to the availability of the accommodation.
  • If the accommodation is available and the candidate is eligible, then the processing time can be 15 days to 1 month from the receipt of the application.

Related Videos[edit]

Videos explaining the procedure or to fill the applications.
Attach videos using the following tag <&video type='website'>video ID|width|height<&/video&>
from external websites.
Please remove the '&' inside the tags during implementation.
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sevenload, viddler, vimeo, youku, youtube
width = 560, height = 340, Video ID = Can be obtained from the URL of webpage where the video is displayed.
e.g In the following url '' Video ID is 'Y0US7oR_t3M'.


  • Application forms received from any other source or incomplete application shall not be entertained and will be summarily rejected.
  • Do not submit fake documents as a proof to get accommodation.
  • Incomplete application will be rejected.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes while filling the application form.

Required Information[edit]

  • Name of the applicant
  • Permanent address
  • Native district name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Applicant’s parent / guardian name
  • Date of birth
  • Caste
  • Educational qualification
  • Income of parent
  • Institution name and address
  • Date of joining the hostel
  • The institution and the class last studied
  • Email ID
  • Aadhaar card number
  • Mobile number

Need for the Document[edit]

  • The availability of safe and conveniently located accommodation for students is provided by the respective state government for the welfare of the students from the backward class and minorities as per respective state norms.
  • To avail this facility, the eligible candidate shall apply for the accommodation.

Information which might help[edit]

  • Degree and polytechnic students are admitted in college hostels.
  • Separate hostels are maintained for boys and girls.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

External Links[edit]

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