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  • Check and reserve the name of the business (limited liability Company)
    • Reservation of the new company name is compulsory for online registration of business.
    • Checking of the name is free of charge, and reservation costs LTL 56.
  • Register at the Company Register, including registration with State Tax Inspectorate (the Lithuanian Revenue Authority) for corporate tax, VAT, and State Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA)
  • According to 36(1) article of the Resolution No. 1407 of the 12 November 2003 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania "On setting up of register of legal entities and approval of regulations of register of legal entities" documents may be submitted electronically directly to the Register Administrator.
  • To register at the Company Register, including registration for corporate tax and social security insurance, the company must file the following documents:
    • Application for company registration;
    • Articles of association of the Founder (shareholder);
    • License, if applicable;
    • Minutes of the statutory meeting;
    • Articles of association of a company;
    • Founding act / Founding agreement;
    • List of shareholders;
    • Corporate decisions on the appointment of members of bodies of a company;
    • Document regarding payment of state duty.
  • The statutory meeting may be not held if the members of a company's body elected by the general meeting of shareholders (the members of the Supervisory Board, the Management Board or the Managing Director) are indicated in the founding act / founding agreement of the company (Article 10(1) of the Law on Companies).
  • Moreover, please note that according to the amendments of the Regulations of the Register of Legal Entities, approved on 12 November, 2003, No 1407, registration certificates of companies are not issued any more. Instead of this the access key to the electronic certified register extract is issued. The legal entity can use this access key itself or provide it to other concerned parties.
Get secure e-token with electronic signature embedded:
Provided and issued by Centre of Registers (RCSC).
Price of the certificate: 9.21 LTL. Duration: 10 minutes to 1 day.
  • Complete VAT registration
    • The company is obligated register as a VAT payer if its national turnover exceeds LTL 155,000 (about EUR 44,900), Article 71(2) of the Law on Value Added Tax of the Republic of Lithuania (No IX-751, dated 5 March 2002, last amended 20 December 2012, applicable as from 1 March 2013). In order to register as a VAT payer, the company has to submit an application to the State Tax Inspectorate. If all necessary documents are provided and the State Tax Inspectorate has no doubts about the company, the company should be registered as a VAT payer within 10 days (1st January 2012 amendments).
    • However, during a term of 2 days the State Tax Inspectorate may require the company to provide additional documents, setting a term of 3 days, therefore in certain cases the process of registration as a VAT payer can take up to 5 days longer.
  • Obtain the official seal of the company

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Application for company registration
  • Articles of association of the Founder (shareholder)
  • License, if applicable
  • Minutes of the statutory meeting
  • Articles of association of a company
  • Founding act / Founding agreement
  • List of shareholders
  • Corporate decisions on the appointment of members of bodies of a company
  • Document regarding payment of state duty

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

vej? g. 14A, 09310 Vilnius
Tel: +370 604 30006

A. Juozapaviciaus 9A, LT-09311 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: + 370 5 2409509
Mobile Phone: + 370 6 1861886
Fax: + 370 5 2409509
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JSC "Verslo sukurys"
The code of the company: 300058024
The VAT code of the company: LT100002250215
Registration address: Nidos st. 1, Kaunas, Lithuania
Office address: Statybininku st. 7-303, Kaunas, Lithuania
Phone at work time: +370 37 711611; mobile phone: +370 673 83872
Manager Povilas Pozecka (Paul): +370 698 34992
Fax at any time: +370 37 711611
The maps of Lithuania, Kaunas city, JSC "Verslo sukurys"

State Social Insurance Fund Board
Under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour,
Konstitucijos Ave. 12 LT-09308 Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone: (+370 5) Visa Sodros informacija telefonu
Fax: (+370 5)

Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania
Gedimino ave. 38, LT-01104 Vilnius
Phone: 8 706 64 845 / 8 706 64 868
Fax: 8 706 64 762


State Institutions

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Forms of business organization

Investors may establish the following forms of business in Lithuania:

  • An enterprise;
  • A representative office;
  • A branch;
  • A permanent establishment.


  • Checking of the name is free of charge, and reservation costs LTL 56.
  • Register at the Company Register - LTL 198
  • Obtain the official seal of the company - LTL 30-90


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Documents to Use[edit]

EU documents

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Sample Documents[edit]

Establishing Business In Lithuania

How to start business in Lithuania

Processing Time[edit]

  • Obtain the official seal of the company - 2 days
  • Complete VAT registration - 3 days
  • Register at the Company Register - 1 day
  • Checking of the name - Less than one day (online procedure)

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Laws of the Republic of Lithuania provide incorporation of the following legal forms of businesses:

  • The individual enterprise;
  • Partnerships;
  • Public limited liability (AB) and private limited liability companies (UAB);
  • Cooperative societies;
  • Agricultural company;
  • EU entities.

All enterprises are divided into limited liability and unlimited liability undertakings:

  • Unlimited liability enterprises are the individual enterprises and partnerships;
  • Limited liability enterprises are public limited and private limited liability companies, cooperative societies and agricultural companies.

The limited liability enterprise is liable for the obligations solely by the enterprises property and the unlimited liability enterprise is liable for the obligations to the extent of the enterprise assets and if the latter is not sufficient to cover the obligations the owner of the enterprise is liable for the obligations of the enterprise by way of all his property.

Required Information[edit]

For establishment of a business the following data is necessary:

  • the data on the founders (shareholders) (name, surname, personal code, address of the place of residence declared);
  • if the founders are legal entities the name, code, address of the domicile of the company, name, surname, personal code and address of the
  • place of residence of the manager representing the company, bylaws, registration certificate of the company;
  • the data on the manager of UAB (name, surname, personal code and address of the place of residence);
  • the name of UAB;
  • the address of the domicile of UAB.
  • One of the following types of consent of the owner to provide the premises for the domicile of UAB is required:
    • if the owner is an individual entity a consent verified by a notary;
    • if the owner is a legal entity a consent signed by the manager and sealed;
    • if the premises are pledged a consent of the bank to which the premises are pledged;
    • if UAB is to be registered in the premises which are beneficially owned by one of the founders, presentation of a personal document is sufficient for notarial verification of the establishment documents;
  • information regarding the shareholding structure;
  • information regarding specific economical and commercial activities to be conducted by UAB;
  • information regarding the envisaged management organs of UAB (single-person, i.e. the manager and / or collegial, i.e. the board);
  • the amount of the authorised capital of UAB (at least 10 000 LTL (2 897 EUR));
  • the nominal value of the shares.

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Need for the Document[edit]

If you decide to begin business activity in Lithuania, first of all, you have to decide, what legal form of the company is the most suitable for your business. You should evaluate the size of your business, the initial capital, necessary to start your business and other aspects that may affect your future business success in Lithuanian market.

The most important principles of the company law ensuring in Lithuania are the following:

  • The principle of freedom to engage in economic activity with or without incorporating a company;
  • The principle of freedom of companies to establish branches and representative offices;
  • The principle of freedom to enter in associations.

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