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Stage 1

To remove an aircraft from the Kenya Register a written request from the registered owner(s) is required. The request must include the complete description of the aircraft, registration marks, make, model, serial number. The Kenya Aviation Authority may only accept a request for cancellation of an aircraft from the Register of Civil Aircraft in Kenya:to allow re-registration abroad the registered owner of an aircraft should return the current Certificate of Registration to the Aircraft Registration Section completed and signed at the relevant section on the reverse. Both sides of this document can be faxed to the Aircraft Registration Section if the request for de-registration is urgent. If the Certificate of Registration is not available please use the sale notification form.

Stage 2

Providing the aircraft is clear of registered mortgages entered on the Kenya Register of Aircraft Mortgages, see check for aircraft mortgages, or the lenders giving their consent to the aircraft being de-registered, the aircraft can usually then be removed from the Kenya Register of Civil Aircraft. Once de-registration has occurred you will be fax confirmation to the new state of registry. Written confirmation is also sent to the registered owner in accordance with our Service Standards of Kenya Civil Aviation Authority.

Stage 3

Please note that if you are obtaining an export Certificate of Airworthiness for the aircraft that this should be issued before the aircraft is de-registered as the registration process is separate from the requirements to gain an Export Certificate of Airworthiness. For information on Certificates of Airworthiness or Permits to Fly please contact the Applications and Approvals Department in Kenya.

stage 4

Once an aircraft has been sold the request for de-registration should be made immediately. Particularly if the new owner is "unqualified" to hold Kenya Registration, "unqualified" generally means where the aircraft is owned by a person or company outside of Kenya, the East Africa Community, or the British Commonwealth. Once an aircraft has been sold to an unqualified person the registration becomes automatically void, whether the KCAA is aware of the sale or not.

where such a request is received from the registered owner of the aircraft, Article 18(c) of the Kenya Aviation Authority (Nationality and Registration of Aircraft) Order, S.I6. 394 of 1979 refers, or

To deregister (and export) an aircraft the following are required:

a). Formal request in writing requesting for deregistration of an Aircraft giving details mentioned above. This letter must be signed
b). If registered owner is an individual - individual signs the request
c). If registered owner is more than 1 individual - all individuals must sign (or send separate letters)
d). If registered owner is a company - letter must be signed by a current director of the company or the current company secretary (as per current CRO print-out).
e). Proof that the aircrafts nameplate / fireproof plate has been removed
f). Proof that the registration marks have been removed from the aircraft
g). Proof that the aircrafts Kenyan Mode US code has been negated (if applicable)
h). Proof that the aircrafts Kenyan ELT code has been negated (if applicable)
g). If the aircraft is on an Kenyan AOC, it must be removed from the AOC prior to deregistration
h). All fees outstanding must be paid in full for the aircraft

Once the aircraft is removed from the Kenya Register it can no longer fly displaying its Kenya nationality and registration marks. Also, the Kenya assigned Transponder Mode Address must be removed from the aircraft at the time of de-registration. Failure to do so could result in an unsafe condition occurring on future flights the aircraft might make under its new registration.the name of the foreign state to which the aircraft is being exported is also required. Where an Export Certificate of Airworthiness is required, the applicant should submit the applicable forms with prescribed fee to the Authority, at least 20 working days in advance of required export date.

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Required Documents[edit]

section A - Aircraft
i).Aircraft Number
ii).Serial number
iii).Year of manufacture
vi).Aircraft type
viii).Date aircraft entered Kenya
ix).Date aircraft was purchased
x).Where the aircraft is usually based

Section B - Ownership
iii).Day phone
iv).E-mail address
v).Type of owner

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

Head Office

KAA Complex, Jomo Kenyatta

International Airport, Nairobi

Tel. +254 020 827470-75

Mobile: +254 728 606 570,

+254 728 606 586 (safaricom)

+254 734 000 491, +254 734 000492 (airtel)

Fax. + 254 020 822300

P.O. Box 30163 -00100 Nairobi



Visit this link for various offices across Kenya-

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The following are the full eligibility requirements stated in Regulation 1979 of the Kenya Civil Aviation Regulations for the de-registering of an Aircraft in Kenya.

An aircraft is eligible for De-registration if it is
i). Sold to a foreigner or another country out side Kenya.
ii). if the contract has come to an end.
iii). when the aircraft went missing or destroyed or lost for good.
iv). when the aircraft has out leaved its usefulness and becomes a scrap
v). When the aircraft cannot become airworthy any more.


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valid for ever

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Processing Time[edit]

Processing takes 90 working days

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  • The cancellation form should be completed and signed by the registration holder of an aircraft.
  • The registration holder must sign on the Declaration form. If the registration holder is is changing ownership.

A person registered as the owner of an aircraft registered in Kenya shall notify to the Authority of:-

i). Any change in the particulars which were furnished to the Authority upon application being made for the deregistration of the aircraft;
ii). The destruction of the aircraft or its permanent withdrawal from use; and
iii). In the case of an aircraft registered under the rules, the termination of the lease, charter or hire-purchase agreement.

An owner bringing in an aircraft from out of Kenya must be the one to submit the deregistration application form. Once the aircraft is removed from the Kenya Register it can no longer fly displaying its Kenya nationality and registration marks.

Required Information[edit]

The following information is required in order to deregister an aircraft in Kenya
i). Application form for de-registration
ii). A Certificate or notice of de-registration from the previous state of registry
iii). A letter from the state of manufacture ,
iv). The de-registration letter from state registry in case it from state to state.
iii). Document(s) to prove the aircraft ownership, (e.g. Bill of Sale, e.t.c.);
iv). A government issued Identity Card (ID) or Passport if owned by an individual,
v). A certified copy of the Certificate of incorporation if owned by a company;

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Need for the Document[edit]

To deregister an aircraft in Kenya ,the registered owners are required to put this request in writing and also return the original Certificate of Registration to Kenya civil Aviation Authority with the relevant section duly completed and signed.

This written request must include the complete description of the aircraft:registration marks, make, model, serial number.

It is the responsibility of the registration holder to ensure that the aircraft is not and will not be operating under Kenyan registration once the de-registration request is lodged in,and to return the certificate of registration within 14 days after cancellation.

You must be aware that the certificate of airworthiness ceases to be in effect when the aircraft registration is cancelled.

De-register of aircraft must be done in a form and manner acceptable to the KCAA.To request the cancellation of registration of an aircraft that is registered under KCCA.

a). The Kenya civil Aviation Authority may de-register or cancel the registration of an aircraft under the following circumstances-

i). upon application by the registered owner for purposes of registering the aircraft in another state or for any other purpose; or
ii). Upon the destruction of the aircraft or its permanent withdrawal from use.

b). The Authority shall, before de-registering an aircraft in accordance with the Kenya Aircraft rules, require the registered owner of the aircraft to:

i). return the certificate of registration of the aircraft to the Authority
ii). settle any liens or encumbrances attached to the aircraft;
iii). remove all nationality and registration marks assigned to the aircraft; and
iv). comply with any other conditions the Authority may specify.
v). settle any liens or encumbrances attached to the aircraft;
vi). remove all nationality and registration marks assigned to the aircraft; and
vii).comply with any other conditions the Authority may specify.
It is required that

If an aircraft has been permanently withdrawn from use or destroyed then the registered owner must confirm this in writing by completing and signing the relevant part of the Certificate of Registration for the aircraft .

The Authority will verify the signature of the owner or the legal representative. It may be necessary to submit legal documents of consent and authorization.

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