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A Persons wanting to guide others in their pursuit of the hunting game and feral animals in Kenya must obtain a professional Hunters Permit from the KWS. A professional hunter must be licensed in order to engage in their calling, the license is issued for one year and is renewable without limitation.

In addition, one has to undertake a test and attain a pass to qualify. The test is administered twice a year: third Wednesdays of March and November. The test is composed of two parts as follows;

The first is a written test, the candidate has to attempt one out of seven papers on wildlife law and one out of five papers on game bird biology. The papers are randomly selected randomly by the candidate. The examination materials are supplied to the candidate to assist the applicant study and understand the scope of the test.

In the second part, the candidate is tested on gun discipline, which include safety of the visitors and the public and general gun discipline during sport hunting the candidate is tested on his/ her ability and competence in guiding visitors shooting birds. Here safety of the visitor and the public is of importance and one has to demonstrate that he has good control of the shooting party.


Required Documents[edit]

Your application must contain:

  • a completed and signed KWS application form
  • a hunter accreditation form (given to you by your facilitator)
  • proof of your membership with an APHO
  • payment - proof of payment, cheque or money order.

Applications that may not containing all the required information shall be returned to the applicant.

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Tourism Regulatory Authority - Head Office,
Utalii House,5th Floor,
Utalii Lane, off Uhuru Highway.
P.O. Box 25357-00100,
Nairobi, KENYA
Telephone:+254 0701-444777
Email: [email protected]


There are three requirements that must be met before you can apply for the professional Hunters licence. Applicants must:

  • Be over 18 years of age and a citizen of Kenya
  • Be a member of an Approved Professional Hunting Organisation (APHO), and KWS
  • Before qualifying for a professional Hunters licence, you must become a member of an Approved Professional Hunting Organization.


Professional Hunters Licence (Birds) KSh 10,000.00 p.a.

Professional hunters (birds) license test K Sh 500,00


Valid for 1 year

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Processing Time[edit]

Processing takes 7 days

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  • maintain a current membership with KWS
  • hold a current Firearms Licence and carry a firearm on all guided hunts for the purposes of animal welfare.
  • Ensure that relevant sections of the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 and its associated Regulation of 2012 are understood before undertaking any hunting or guiding under licence.This includes adhering to a strict Code of Practice and abiding by related legislation
  • Ensure that all clients comply with the relevant legislation and hold a current KWS Restricted game hunting licence

Required Information[edit]

  • The hunter license,
  • The hunter equipment
  • Information on special safari vehicles,
  • The deluxe tents,
  • Information on foods and drinks while in Hunting
  • The transports and transfers during the hunting period,
  • Information on reception services at arrival and departure at the Nairobi Airport as well as all taxes for the Government explorers.
  • packing and shipment of the trophies.

Need for the Document[edit]

A professional hunter" means a person who conducts a hunt, or offers or agrees to escort or accompany a hunting client in order to enable such hunting client to hunt a wild animal. If you want to guide others in their pursuit of game and feral animals on public land in Kenya, you need to apply for a guide license or professional Hunter's Licence.

  • Any person who intends to operate as a professional hunter, hunting outfitter or trainer must first register and apply for a professional Hunters Licence, and then obtain a permit from Kenya wildlife services (KWS) that authorizes him/ her to operate as professional hunter, hunting outfitter.
  • Registration in terms of these regulations, without having obtained a permit contemplated in sub regulation (2), does not authorize a person to operate as professional hunter, hunting outfitter or trainer.
  • A person may not operate as professional hunter, hunting outfitter or trainer, unless such person is registered in terms of the hunting regulations.
  • The Minister is the issuing authority for registration certificates relating to professional hunters,hunting outfitters and trainers and must be submitted to the provincial conservation authority of the province where the applicant intends to operate as professional hunter, hunting outfitter or trainer for evaluation, unless the Minister directs otherwise.

A person who applies for a professional hunter license in terms of these Regulations must submit to the relevant provincial conservation authority- the following Documents

(a)a completed application form and any other documents required by the relevant provincial conservation authority in order to support the application;
(b) proof that he/ she is either a citizen of the Republic of Kenya or has a valid permanent residency permit;
(c)proof that he/ she is of the minimum age of 18;
(d)proof that he/ she has obtained the necessary knowledge, ability, skill and experience required to act as a professional hunter, by having attended and passed the professional hunting course;
(e)proof of payment of a prescribed application fee as set out in Annexure 4 to these Regulations.

A person applying for a professional hunter license to accompany a hunting client on the hunt of dangerous game, must, in addition to the requirements contemplated in sub regulation.

(1), submit to the relevant provincial conservation authority the following documents:-

(a)a summary of information on dangerous game hunted on extensive wildlife systems, either locally or in other African countries; and
(b)written evidence in the form of certified copies of the professional hunting registers, sworn affidavits and declarations by the hunting outfitter, professional hunter, hunting clients or owners of extensive wildlife systems involved, indicating that the applicant has either personally hunted, or hunted as a back-up professional hunter under the supervision of a registered dangerous game professional hunter, for a minimum period of sixty (60) hunting days, and at least three (3) of the six (6)dangerous game species; or
(c)proof of having attended a course on the hunting of dangerous game, as approved by the relevant provincial conservation authority.

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