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How to Buy

  1. You should first locate the land you wish to purchase; you can do this on your own or through the assistance of a registered real estate agent or broker
  2. Then conduct due diligence on the land before you sign any documents or agreement. Investigate the following issues to future problems:
    • Deed and ownership history by conducting a land search to ascertain the ownership of the land
    • Make sure that the property taxes are paid up to date.
    • Confirm Existing zoning and any potential zoning issues.
    • Visit the land in person to observe the Physical characteristics e.g., hillside, flood-prone, etc.
    • Confirm the usage restrictions and building code requirements of the land
    • Check for availability of utilities like access to electricity, water, communication lines, etc.
  3. Then hire a surveyor to survey the land and prepare the plot’s map, the surveyor will also place pegs to make the boundaries of the land. Note that a land survey and title search should be done to make sure that no other claim or conflicting interests are registered against the land.
  4. Once your due diligence is complete and you are satisfied with the results, accept the offer of the seller or make your offer.
  5. Negotiate with the seller on the best price for the land and upon reaching an agreement, the seller and his attorney will prepare an agreement for sale document
  6. Then both you and the seller will sign the agreement for sale in the presence of a witness
  7. Upon signing the agreement, you will pay a certain percent of the total buying price of the land. Note the once the agreement is signed, it becomes legally binding to both parties
  8. The signed agreement for sale should then be taken to the stamp office within thirty days of signing for payments of the transfer tax and stamp duty fee. The seller will pay the transfer tax while the stamp duty fee will be paid by both you and the seller in equal portions i.e., 50/50, and the payment of the transfer tax and stamp duty will be noted on the document and signed by the Stamp Commissioner and you will be issued a certificate by the stamp commissioner verifying the payment
  9. Then the seller will then apply for the registration of title considering the time limits for the registration i.e., If the land was previously unregistered (common law title), the prescribed time limit is two months, failing which the transfer becomes void and if the land was registered, it is recommended that the transfer is registered within the priority period of 30 days. Failing to do so, could result in the buyer losing his priority in favor of another application.
  10. Then the land title division will investigate to determine if the process of buying the land is correct and everything is up to the required standard
  11. If the land title is satisfied with their investigation, you will be issued with an official copy of the certificate of title


Required Documents[edit]

  • Land Title
  • Prove of Tax payments
  • Sales Agreement
  • Tax Registration Number
  • Identification documents

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

The National Land Agency
Land Titles Division
Address: 93 Hanover Street, Kingston
Tel: 876-750-5263/946-5263
Fax: (876) 922-3858
Email: [email protected]
Contact details: Link
Mon – Thurs: 8:00 am - 3:30 pm
Friday: 8:00 am - 3:00 pm



  • Individuals who wish to buy private land in Jamaica


  • Fees depend on the market value of the land


  • Once you buy the land, it will belong to you forever unless you sell it

Documents to Use[edit]

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Sample Documents[edit]

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Processing Time[edit]

  • Within 30 and 90 days depending on the buy mode, i.e., cash sale or mortgage

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  • The process of buying land can be complicated and involves a lot of legalities you will need to seek the help of a registered lawyer to assist you with the process
  • During a land sale transaction, once the Agreement for Sale has been prepared, and both parties have signed, the sale becomes binding and official.

Required Information[edit]

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1. Date of Birth.
2. City or Country of Birth.


Need for the Document[edit]

  • Obtain a certified land title that proves that you are the owner of the purchased land

Information which might help[edit]

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Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

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External Links[edit]

  • National Land Agency: Link


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