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'''Apply Online''' - [ Haryana Obtain a Domicile or Residence Certificate Online with Images]
'''Apply Online''' - [ Haryana Obtain a Domicile or Residence Certificate Online with Images]
# To apply for residence or domicile certificate online, visit the following link: [  Apply Online]<br>
#Use the following link to reach online portal. Link: [  e-Disha]
# Please click “New user ? Register here” option to register into the portal and apply for the services.
#Applicant/user can use the option from the page to know the status or to verity the certificate.
# Enter the mandatory details and click “Validate” button
# You will get the popup box displaying the message as OTP has been to the registered mobile number and Email ID. Click “Ok” tab.
# Now enter the OTP in the appropriate textbox and click “Submit” tab.
# In this page you can find some general instructions. Please go back to the login page to continue the process of applying.<br>
# Now enter the Login ID and Password under “SIGN IN HERE” section. Enter the verification text and click “SUBMIT” tab
# Now select “View all available services” under “Apply for services” section
# Now type the service name in the search box at the right side of the page and click on the appropriate service.
# Now complete the application form with valid details.<br>
# Now complete the location and certificate details section. Select applicable options from the dropdown menu.<br>
# Now click the checkbox, enter the verification text in the textbox and click “Submit” tab.
# Submit tab appears only when CIDR ID is entered.<br>
#Now application will be processed by respective department. <br>
#Applicant gets update of the application status in his mobile through SMS. <br>
#Applicant shall use the application number/id to track the application through online portal. <br>
#Please follow the page prompt to acquire the certificate as notified. <br><br>
==Required Documents==
==Required Documents==

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