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Guntur - Temporary Vehicle Registration

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This procedure explains various ways to Temporary Vehicle Registration in Guntur .

Apply In-Person

  1. To make temporary registration of a vehicle in Guntur the applicant has to approach the RTO office to which his area belongs to. Following link can provide you information related to the list of RTO office : Contacts Link
  2. Make sure you have completed respective application form
  3. Application forms can be obtained from following link : Forms Link
  4. Application in Form-20 Form 20 Link
  5. Copy of Sales certificate in Form 21.: Link for Form 21
  6. Copy of Road worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers ( Form 22A from the Body builder).: Form 22
  7. Also make sure you have all the necessary documents to process the application
  8. Application forms can also be obtained from the appropriate RTO offices that should be completed and presented with appropriate fees.
  9. Present the completed application forms along with documents in one of the counter and pay the appropriate fee where the officials would start processing your application.
  10. Pencil tracing of engine chassis number is the activity to record the chassis number against the registration number in the RTO register
Note: Availability of slot for RTO process can be searched with the help of the following link
( Booking can be done at the time of actual online processing) : Slot Link

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Required Documents[edit]

  • Application forms can be obtained from following link : Forms Link
  • Application in Form-20 Link for Form 20
  • Copy of Sales certificate in Form 21.: Link for Form 21
  • Copy of Road worthiness certificate in Form 22 from the manufacturers ( Form 22A from the Body builder).: Form 22 link
  • Copy of Valid Insurance Certificate
  • Pollution Under control Certificate.
  • Copy of Proof of Address(Ration Card, Electricity Bill,.....).
  • Copy of Design approval copy of STA in case Trailer or Semi Trailer.
  • Copy of Original Sales Certificate from the concerned Authorities in Form 21 in the case of Ex_Army Vehicle.
  • Aadhaar card
  • Passport size photos 3 copies.
  • Copy of Customs Clearance Certificate in the case of Imported Vehicles.
  • Unless exempted, the Fee payable to the Temporary Registration or for its extension shall be Rs.15/-(as per Rule 89 of APMV Rules).
  • Appropriate Fee as specified in Rule 81 of CMV Rules..
  • Tax as per APMVT(Andhra Pradesh Motor Vehicle Taxation) Act.
  • Chassis Number is the primary detail for applying
  • Pan card or GIR or Form-60/61 of I.T. Department
  • Proof of address (any one of the following): Ration Card / Electoral Roll / LIC Policy / Affidavit sworn by the applicant before an Executive or First Class Judicial
  • Life Time Tax for Non Transport Vehicle.
  • Tax as per APMVT Act.
    • Non-Transport Vehicles
    • Transport Vehicles
(Form21,Form 22,Form 22A will be given by Manufacturer/Dealer along with Invoice)

Office Locations & Contacts[edit]

Regional Transport Office
JKC College Rd, Swarnabharathi Nagar,
Guntur, Andhra Pradesh 522006
Phone: 0863 235 5194
Location in map

Deputy Transport Commissioner
Bengaluru-Chennai Bypass Road (NH-4),
Kalagatur, Chittoor,
Andhra Pradesh 517002
Phone: 099085 77129
Location in Map

Office Of Deputy Transport Commissioner & Secretary Regional Transport Authorty
Chodimella, West Godavari, SH-43,
Gangaram Chintalapudi Road, Eluru,
Andhra Pradesh 534005
Phone: 099911 21421
Location in Map

Official Website

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  • Owner of vehicle.
  • Dealer can apply on behalf of the owner of the vehicle.
NOTE: If already registered temporarily, the owner should apply for permanent registration.


For Fees Detail follow the link Fees Link


Temporary registration is valid for one month.

Documents to Use[edit]

Application forms that can be used: Application forms

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Sample Documents[edit]

Please attach sample completed documents which would help other people who would like to follow this procedure.    

Processing Time[edit]

Maximum of 3 days.

Related Videos[edit]

Andhra Pradesh - Temporary Vehicle Registration

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No person shall drive any Motor Vehicle and no owner of Motor Vehicle shall cause or permit the vehicle to be driven in any public place or any other place, unless the vehicle is Registered in accordance with Chapter 4 of IMV Act 1988.

Required Information[edit]

To register a new, private, non-commercial vehicle, you need to apply in the prescribed form (either available online or with the concerned local authorities) to the RTO (Regional Transport Officer)/Transport Department of the area of your residence. You will be required to produce the sale certificate issued by the vehicle dealer, the road-worthiness certificate issued by the manufacturer, an attested copy of a valid vehicle insurance policy, documents as proof of address, a print of the chassis number and such other papers as may be needed. In addition, you will be asked to submit one-time road tax and the required registration fee. The vehicle will be physically inspected by the Inspecting Authority and a unique Registration Mark assigned to the vehicle for display thereon.

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Need for the Document[edit]

  • All the vehicles need to be registered as per the Motor Vehicle Act,1988 . The vehicles are provided with unique registration number. Once the vehicle is registered, a certificate is issued to the owner. The registration certificate is used as a proof for authorized owner of the vehicle.
  • Vehicle registration's purpose is to establish clear ownership and to tax motorist or vehicle owners. It is a requirement by the state.
  • Since the registration process is long therefore on buying the new vehicle the owner is provided with temporary registration number due to his expectations ( Auspicious day, festival, Body fabrication etc…)which is valid for one month from date of sale and during the said period the owner himself should get his vehicle permanently registered with RTO concerned.
  • When a bike owned by a individual sold to another person – the name transfer has to be made with the authorities concerned

Information which might help[edit]

  • One who wishes to sell his or her vehicle should make sure that the proper name transfer in RC is carried out.
  • Temporary registration shall be valid only for a month and it shall not be renewable.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate[edit]

Please explain what are other uses of obtaining this document/certificate.
e.g. Birth Certificate can be used as proof of identity.

External Links[edit]
More information can be obtained from this link

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